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But Can You?

“You’re looking a little rough around the edges, Zathorin.”

That familiar voice that seemed to haunt Zathorin’s thoughts and dreams filled his head once more, this time it wasn’t just a memory. The Au ri was sitting at his desk enjoying a small glass of whiskey while reading over a small section of the Xaelen book. He was getting closer and closer to understanding very little parts of just the first page. Zathorin placed the book down with annoyance, turning his head slightly to where he heard the voice. 

“What are you doing here again? Didn’t I tell you that if you showed up again, I’d slit your throat where you stood?” 

The man turned standing up now, already with a knife in hand. By the fireplace he saw that hooded figure once again. It wasn’t long ago that this mysterious man stood in that exact spot. The hooded man merely smirked, letting out a small bit of laughter from his throat. 

“No, I don’t suppose you did say such a thing. But why kill a friend? All I merely said was that you are looking a bit rough these days. I can see it in your eyes. They’re…darker. I can tell you’ve been letting your frustration get the better of you. But there is one little thing that seems to be holding you back. Well, three little things. Two of them which, are given, the other? I couldn’t imagine why you’d let someone like that keep you calm.”

Without a second thought, Zathorin threw the knife at the hooded figures face. But to Zathorin’s surprise, the knife was caught mere inches away from the man’s face. Mephios held the knife still between his index and middle fingers, seeming calm with a sneer. Before Zathorin could react, Mephios seemed to disappear and reappear inches away from Zathorin. The Au ri was now held at the knife, the tip pushing gently against the underside of his jaw. Zathorin growled deeply, never truly feeling defenseless before. The anger the Au ri showed only amused Mephios, the hooded man let out a low chuckle.

“Does it anger you? To feel so defenseless by a mere knife at your throat? You could eliminate that feeling if you just..let it all go. You’re already slipping as it is. Just look at you.” 

Zathorin stood still, staring down at the man. He wanted so bad to just grab the man’s hand and twist the knife from his grasp, but clearly this person was a little beyond him some how. He did not wish to test whoever this was. 

“I don’t know what you are talking about. You keep telling me to give in, to let it go. What in the hells are you even talking about!?”

Mephios smiled once again. The knife the hooded man held to the Au ri’s throat began to glow a dim purplish black. 

“Do you see this, Zathorin? This…this is power. Power to protect. Power to slay any who stand against you. What is it?”

Mephios quickly threw the knife behind him, the tainted blade hitting the picture of a favored knight between the eyes. The picture began to catch fire, a purple flame burning away at the canvas. 

“It’s the abyss. Darkness. It can give you the power to protect those three. Or all of the ones you deem worthy of protecting. It would also give you the power, the avenge the fallen…”

The last words of the man caught Zathorin’s attention away from the knife. He looked down only to see that Mephios had moved back towards the fireplace.

“I won’t stoop so low as to let myself be consumed by the void. You think of me stupid? I can win battles without corrupting myself. I can do everything without letting you get into my head and changing me into whatever it is you’re trying to get me into!! I can protect my loved ones, I can avenge my teacher without any of it!!” 

Mephios simply turned his head to the side, showing off that sneer once again. A soft chuckle left his throat as his appearance began to fade from sight slowly. 

“We will see.”


Wordsworth Street in the picturesque village of Hawkshead, Cumbria, England.

The cottage on the left is Ann Tyson’s house, where the poet William Wordsworth stayed whilst attending the grammar school at Hawkshead

(Hawkshead by Robert Silverwood | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)

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A Xaela who knows nothing of his past, looking for answers while also trying to avenge the fallen. Pushing temptation away as best as possible.

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A mischievous Miqo’te who has issues with the Garlean Empire, doing everything in her power to make sure their life is less than pleasant. A genius mechanic, she can turn almost nothing into something. Especially if you add a little ceruleum to the mix.  

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Silverwood Smith Shop Open!

The Silverwood Smithy is now open for business once again. After a long move to a new location, the shop is once again open for business, new and improved!

Located in the Mist Ward 5, Plot 53

The shop is downstairs in the Red Rain Hotel in it’s own sealed off area. Enjoy a relaxing time while waiting to speak with the smith in the library located just outside the shop. You won’t even have to worry about any sort of loud noises from the shop, it’s sound proof!

If you’re in need of a room for the night and your armor or weapon repaired, stop by! 

Prices of repairs and or projects depend on length of time and metals and other materials needed for said project. All of which will be spoken about before the project is even started.

A new addition to the Silverwood Smithy - Magitek Augmentation!

If you have a magitek limb of some sort and need augmentations, repairs or anything involving such, it can now be done! Prices vary according to project as usual. 

If you have any questions, please stop by and ask! Thank you and we hope to see you soon!

[ OOC: If you have any questions, please feel free to message me on tumblr or in game Zathorin Silverwood.]


The Silverwood Armorsmith

Now open for business!

If you are in need of repairs for your armor or need something made, stop by the Silverwood Armorsmith. All that is needed what you want, how you want it, any special details and it will be done!

Prices on armor vary on:

  • The type of armor/materials
  • Labor it takes to make the piece(s)
  • Extra designs and such

Business hours vary so stop by any time and you will be helped in some form or fashion. At times, appointments may need to be made so times will not conflict with the smiths gathering of the materials.

Located in the 4th Ward of the Goblet, Plot 46, room 16 inside the Crescent Company building. And while you wait if someone is being helped, there is a waiting room with books to read or next door is the Silverwood Bakery, ran by Kessy Silverwood.



The Goblet 4th Ward, plot 46 room 16. If you wish to do any sort of IC interactions, please whisper Zathorin Silverwood for any details/times when I am available or add me! Appointments can be made and such if times are conflicting at times. Letters can be sent as well, just shoot me a message on tumblr of it. Thank you!