silverware holder

Not really sure where this Silverware holder would be used for, but it sure is adorable! I cannot find the website for this and I really would love too!

someday I will strip my coat and gloves, 
pull the pins from my hair,
lay my troubles at the foot of the bed,
and crawl into the sheets
next to you.
i’ll burrow into your chest
and whine about shitty coworkers and deadlines,
all within twenty minutes
of leaving the office. 

someday we will revel in buying things
we never thought we’d need
at fancy stores
we’d never thought we’d be able to afford.
like bamboo placemats and napkin holders 
and silverware to set
once a year,
to fill the cabinet in the dining room
we never quite knew how to use.

someday we’ll hold hands for the very last time
as a you & me,
before we become
a licensed we.
and we’ll laugh because
even though we’ve changed in so many ways over the years,
our fingers still fit as perfectly as they did
on that pretty June day downtown
when you were so nervous I could feel it in waves
even though I hadn’t felt a thing 
in over eight years. 

someday we’ll spend 
the whole day in the bathroom
our bodies intertwined on the cold tile floor
taking turns
as we lay within the throes
of life’s most unforgiving moments
but at least we have each other
to be miserable beside
because that indian food
was totally worth it.

someday we might welcome another
all tiny fingers and toes
and impossibly small sweaters
and the baby kisses we jokingly give
will become a reality 
by tiny little lips made into perfect little o’s
so sweet and innocently perched
upon our cheeks
before they bend into sleepy, drooly mush
only to strike again in six to eight hours.

someday we’ll cry
snot and tears and violent gasps of pain
when the people who brought us here
kiss the earth one last time. 
and when we spend way too much money on a suit
you’ll never wear again,
you mention that maybe this week
black isn’t your favorite color anymore.
and until that moment I won’t realize
just how much you are hurting,
because half-assed humor
is your way of saying 
“I am very much not okay right now.”

someday we’ll look at each other
and wonder how so much time has passed
so many birthday parties and dance recitals
so many dinners cooked while dancing in the kitchen
so many disappointing days and petty fights
so much life lived inside the walls of our first home
so many bones brittled and coffee cups broken
so many days spent with so much love between our souls.
and somehow
it’ll still feel like only an hour has passed
since I changed my outfit six times,
opened the heavy door outside my first apartment,
and hopped off the steps
into your arms. 

-VRJ October, 2015