Wearable tech project by Ylenia Gortana is a jacket that functions as an electronic music interface. The work is a collaboration with New York musician Birdmask:

In developping the concept of “Soundable Fashion” I started from the point of questioning myself to come up with alternative ways of presenting fashion other than on a common catwalk.

… The whole jacket is built with different layers of conductive e-textiles, which are arranged in a matrix of 52 handmade, square push sensors. The layers are basically a copperthread layer and a silverthread layer which are seperated through a velostatic foil which gives the sensors the ability to not only have an on/of position but also a whole range of signals to read in.

The sensors are connected with a lasercutted copperfabric circuit on the lowest layer of the jacket. The circuit ends in two Arduino Lilypad boards which are connected to a bluetooth signal board which in turn communicates with the computer. The bluetooth board (Bluesmirf)  sends the analoge data via firmata code through Arduino to the Pd programm where the data gets converted in Midi Signals.