- - I am certain if you walk with me, you will be too. - -

John came to visit Jennifer and the next day I brought him to our SilverSunday lunch. We are the only org open on Sunday, and the only org serving lunch (cause homeless people aren’t homeless or hungry on the weekends).

I introduced John to many people.

This picture was taken by Sarahound after John met Darlene, the woman in the foreground, he turned toward Hermon, the homeless man on the right who volunteers with us and I tapped John on the shoulder and said

“did you hear that John?”


“Darlene said the reason birds fly upside down in Texas is cause it ain’t even worth shiting on”

We build community with a handshakes, conversations, food, compassion, truth, kindness, no bullshit, no restrictions, and no judgment but also crass humor and laughter. Just like Jesus.

Alive OR I Live

Jennifer. Diet. Work. The kids. Things. Things are going more thank OK.

Silverbackks is chaotic and hitting its stride more than ever. The thing is, is that we are about to blow up in a great way and I feel as if traffic is whizzing by me in fast forward and I’m casually walking through it in slow motion.

Anticipation. Focus. All cylinders are firing and I feel so fucking alive.

A meeting tonight about passing out lunch to the homeless. Wednesday we should find out something crazy. Our Bra program is happening faster than we can coordinate.

The truth is that I don’t feel amazing cause I’m personally accomplishing things or that I’ll get some type of credit. I’m crazy excited cause people are helping people. Strangers. So many people who would want to help others and didn’t know how, are able to and with enthusiasm. Like the responses to this is stuff is shocking.

I want to spread this. There is now way this is unique to Topeka. There’s no way.


Great times. Great folks. #SilverSundays