silverstoned you


Hmm…yeah, a little…You know you’re gorgeous, alright? And popular and uh…and…but, this is not why I come here! This is a good learning experience for me… 
You already said that.


-Listen, I’m sorry I stole your car! Believe me, I’m sorry. If I get a kidnapping rap pinned on me, I ain’t gonna be able to handle it.
-That’s not my problem.
-Can you just call your family? I’ll drive you there and you call your family and you tell ‘em you’re fine. 

What Capricorn thinks when they FINALLY fall in love and admit it and understand it.

…..and then if anyone less awesome than The One tries anything

This goes for ladies and gentlemen. Once you’ve loved a ‘10’ you’re just like “ick” to everything else. Not because of looks or because you can’t get over it, but I feel like Cappies would rather be alone than be with someone for the hell of it. It’s either true love or the highway, you know? We take this shit seriously!