silvers rayleigh

  • Cat Viper and Dogstorm: Oh, i recognize that hat!
  • Luffy: WHAAAA YOU GUYS KNOW SHANKS?! Did you know Rayleigh too?!
  • Cat Viper and Dogstorm: Yeah, we also know Roger, Rayleigh, and Whitebeard!! We sailed with Whitebeard as apprentices, like Shanks and Buggy were to Roger, but then Lord Oden joined Roger.
  • Kinemon and Kanjuro: Yes, we met Roger and Whitebeard as well!! But only Lord Oden sailed with Roger.
  • Franky: Oh man, you guys knew Roger? you know, my Master Tom built his ship, the Oro Jackson!!
  • Cat Viper and Dogstorm: WHAAAA YOU'RE TOM'S APPRENTICE?!
  • Book: Oh, also, do you two know Crocus?
  • Cat Viper and Dogstorm: yeah! he was always looking for this one crew...
  • Brook: Ah, that was my crew! We died.
  • Cat Viper and Dogstorm: WHAAAAAAAA
  • Law: ...................
  • Law: ...................
  • Law: ...................
  • Law: *thinking to himself* how the fuck do these completely random group of people know so many big shots. what the fuck. how is this even possible. is this a coincidence? is this fate? how do they all know people related to the Pirate King? what the fuck? what the fuck. what the fu

Yesterday my brother asked me to draw Rayleigh with Dumbledore. I guess he was worried about not being able to tell them apart in the bar. Well I said just follow them and see if one of them go for butterbeer instead of normal beer lol. That would totally be Dumbledore. 


One Piece + Epithet (1/?)

One Piece Seniors as Teachers

• Is headmaster.
• Constant headache because of the students.
• Garp isn’t really helping.

• Disciplines the students by hitting them straight on the head.
• Doesn’t tolerate any rogue behaviour.
• At the same time still loves his students.

• That monster teacher who hates all the students.
• “5 pages essay due tomorrow.”
• Has a particular hatred toward Ace.

• Doesn’t really teach in class.
• Gives 1000 assignments and no lecture.
• When he actually teaches in class, everyone sleeps.

• That teacher no student actually hate, but don’t really have an affection toward either.
• Sometimes sleeps when he’s teaching.
• Rides a bike to school.

Old Man Whitebeard
• Everyone calls him pops.
• Laughs along with his students.
• “You’re stupid, but I still love you.”

• The cool teacher who actually teaches you something.
• Nice but scary when you piss him off.
• Supports his students very well.
• Drinks booze.

• Cares more of his student’s wellbeing than their grades.
• Teaches you valuable life lessons.
• That teacher all the student seem to love.

Doctor Kureha
• Ultimate disciplinarian.
• Old enough to be your grandma’s bff but still rides a Harley to school.
• A killer but secretly cares about her students.
• Got caught drinking booze by some of the students.

Hawkeye Mihawk
• Acts all high and mighty.
• Kinda useless teacher.
• Bores the shit out of his students.

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Now I kinda want to see the chaos that would happen when Eddy, Amerlin, and Rouge all go on an adventure together and due to Eddy they end up either in canon or in the past or just god knows where.

“You’re Gol D. Roger.” 

The child with suspiciously familiar grey eyes (so familiar that they’re a perfect copy of the captain’s, a thought- but no, Roger’s never been with a woman with red hair, never mind those intense looking eyes the youngest boy has) speaks carefully, no emotion in his voice whatsoever. 

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You guys I ran out of pencil lead and had so much fun OTL thank you for these <3

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