Suicide Squad Joker Lapel Pin ($9.95): Join up with the worst heroes ever with this Comic-Con exclusive lapel pin, featuring the Joker’s official logo from the hotly anticipated blockbuster, Suicide Squad.

Harley Quinn Daddy’s Lil Monster Necklace ($19.95): It’s a fashion statement from psychotic super-villain/hero Harley Quinn: QMx has taken the artwork from Harley’s smudged T-shirt seen in the upcoming movie Suicide Squad and created a gleaming necklace. The pendant is sterling silverplate. The 19-inch stainless steel chain necklace with lobster-claw clasp is plated with a nickel-free, hypo-allergenic coating. Our Daddy’s Lil Monster Necklace just might make you bubblier and more animated. And the Joker will just love you for it.

Do I keep the old silver cutlery that was my grandparents? (silverplated, beat up, but has my grandparent’s names on it in a couple places). Or the more durable steel stuff that has no sentimental value.

I think I answered the question in typing this. 

I have more glasses and plates than I need. since I have basically no company ever. I’m tempted to go down to three of each, even two, just to make moving easier.
Tea Tuesdays: Cold Weather, Gogol And The Rise Of The Russian Samovar
The giant, metal, hot-water urns are at the center of Russian tea culture — and national identity. How that came to be may have as much to do with Russian literature as common usage.

A Russian silver and enamel samovar from the late 19th century

via Wikimedia

A 19th-century samovar made from silverplate, from the private collection of Sheldon Luskin. On loan to The Museum of Russian Art, Minneapolis