@silvernightingale {Red Shadows}

Living shadows darted in the corner of the Guardian’s vision, taunting him into false attacks. He’d never been up against so many Heartless, at least not in the Real World. He was exhausted and bloodied, his cloak tattered from the razor-sharp claws of the Heartless. Blood covered his face from where he’d wiped the rain from his brow, as it was pouring from the stormy clouds above. At this rate, he wouldn’t last another ten minutes.

A Shadow lunged at him from behind, raking his back with its sharp claws. Data screamed and spun around, Soul Eater slashing at the creature. The blade connected and the tiny creature exploded into a fine black mist, the remnants clinging to the edge of the blade before dissipating. The other Heartless backed off momentarily, giving Data enough time to conjure a Dark Firaga.

“S-stay back!” he shouted at the creatures, firing the spell at them to drive them away. They only kept their distance so long, before they drew close again. He wasn’t going to last much longer at this rate; he was exhausted, hurt and bleeding everywhere. He wasn’t used to having a real body, let alone one that was injured. He had come to Destiny Islands expecting it to be a safe haven, and was more than surprised when he appeared in a den of Heartless.

He knew a Thundaga might be enough to drive them off for good, but he was afraid of using that spell again. He didn’t want to risk it backfiring and hurting him again, considering how badly injured he was the last time. So, he was forced to merely stand his ground and hope they grew bored and left, or someone came to his aid.

“No. No, no, hell no, now is not the time!”


“No! I am done! One hundred percent done!”

“Oh, for pete’s sake…”

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“Erm… I apologize for the less than warm welcome, but we’re going through some…magical difficulties right now.”


“Hold still so I can take your picture. Anne has to see thi–NO PUT THE CHAIR DOWN!!”

“…We should be back to normal soon. Hopefully.”

Volatile times [Silvernightingale+beyondmyshadows]

Repliku swore softly, fumbling with his doorknob with trembling fingers. He heard Yuki squeaking over the pounding of his heart in his ears, but managed to shove the door open after a moment, stumbling into the hall. His feet pressed against the cold flooring of the hall as he blindly made his way to Riku’s door. 

He was used to the darkness, and was able to get it open within moments, slipping into his brother’s room and padding across the carpet. Without a word, the small teen lifted the blanket and crawled into bed with Riku- an admittedly childish thing to do but he couldn’t find it in himself to give a shit.

Repliku attempted to get his shallow breathing under control and curled into Riku’s side.

   Sora’s eyes drifted to his gold-plated once more. 
          5:30.. Maybe he got caught up in something.” 
   They had agreed to meet at Charlie’s Cafe an hour prior, but Riku was no where. It was unusual ; Riku must’ve had a good explanation. 
          “I hope he’s alright.” Whispered Sora as he glanced at the jazz group. A band of five played a soft tune that poured relaxation into the large establishment. 












“Um, wow, where’d all of you come from? Well this should be an exciting trip then.”

“If I could remember where I was at least…”