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Hey do you have any favorite DP fics? I loved the series as a kid and recently I found some DP blogs and they reminded me of my love so I'm trying O get back into the fandom

Sure, I have lots of fics saved, both regular DP and crossovers.

DP fics 

Secrets Revealed by RedHeadsRock1010- A series of DP drabbles ranging in genre, all of which result in Danny’s secret getting out.

Dawning of a Sun by pearl84- Very very VERY long AU fic, probably my absolute favorite. Very worth the read.

Morality Recommended by frotesque- Future Gray Ghost fic, definitely one of my favorites.

Territory by  toothbrushattack- Short one-shot about Danny making Amity his lair, ft. cute box-ghost content.

feel the outside turning in by anthrop- horror/supernatural genre fic where Danny leaves his body instead of his magical girl transformation

Ectoplasm on a School Night by BeachCat- Short Lancer-Danny bonding fic

Phantom’s Sketchbook by AkoyaMizuno- Pretty much everyone has read this I think, one of my favs. Lancer-centric.

Phantom of Truth and Shadow of a Doubt by HaiJu- Very very angsty Maddie-Danny-centric fic and it’s sequel, I highly recommend reading these at least once!! 

Deathday Revelations by Angel Baby1- Short humor reveal fic, also one of my favs.

You Should Be Dead by SaphireDragon11- Angsty fic in which Dash and Kwan think they’ve killed Danny and are shocked when he comes to school the next day

Estrelas by Shimegami-chan- Amethyst Ocean AU where Danny is a ghost Sam meets in her grandmother’s attic

A Snapping Sound by Represent- Horror AU fic, Amethyst Ocean. 

Roughing It by HaiJu- Maddie-Phantom bonding fic

Treading Water by The Full Catastrophe- Mer!Danny AU fic


The Phantom by Hollow Mashiro- Crossover between DP and Code Geass 

Harry Potter and the Phantom King by SonicCrazyGal- Ghost king AU crossover with HP 

Danny Phantom x Marvel Drabbles by Triangle GoddessName is self explanatory, one of my personal favorite authors. DP and Marvel crossover drabbles.

Deeper, Darker by SilverMoonPhantom- Crossover between DP and Stranger Things, one of my personal favorite fics.

I Can Explain by scatterbrainz- DPxSupernatural crossover

Trigger Happy by Cabbit and the Weasel- One-shot DPxJustice League crossover 

Inspired by Vitaliciouscreations- A series of DPxSupernatural drabbles

Our Babysitter’s a Ghost by salvainterra- DPxGravity Falls crossover

The Cold Hard Tooth

“Dude, what is up with your teeth?”

The abrupt question, coming from his best friend, was enough to snap Danny out of his stretching yawn mid-movement. “My teeth? What’s wrong with my teeth?” Danny asked, more than a little confused as he blinked at Tucker.

Tucker in turn looked at Danny with incredulity, and a touch of wariness. “Have you looked in a mirror lately?” the other teen asked, a concerned look slowly emerging on his face. “You look like you’re trying out for some sort of vampire movie or something. That, or you’re getting ready for Halloween like… seven months early.”

That caught Danny’s attention, and he found himself running his tongue over his teeth. It didn’t really feel all that much different than it had the last few times he’d done it, but now that Tucker mentioned it, he was a little more aware of how his upper eyeteeth seemed to drop down just a little further than he remembered a long time ago, and seemed just a little bit sharper.

Panic flooding his system, he looked around for the nearest reflective surface. Surging to his feet, he rushed over to Tucker’s mirror, staring intently as bared his teeth at his reflection. And as if mocking him, the slightly elongated canines glinted cheerfully back at him through the mirror.

“Oh shit!” he swore, backing away from the truth in his reflected image, a hand clasping over his mouth. How had he not noticed!? Surely he would have felt something wrong with his mouth when they appeared! But as he thought about it, he realized that this hadn’t been a sudden thing. He remembered thinking there was something strange going on with his mouth a few weeks ago when he was brushing his teeth, but he hadn’t really noticed anything that out of the ordinary. And if they’d grown in a little at a time, then he wouldn’t have really felt the difference that much, would he?

Or maybe it had been that he hadn’t really wanted to see, and had ignored all evidence of this change until Tucker had brought it up. Even now, his best friend was climbing to his own feet, looking at Danny in concern. “H-hey! I’m sure it’s nothing!” the other boy tried to reassure Danny with a flimsy (totally normal human-looking) smile. “Maybe it’s just something all ghosts–”

“Don’t!” Danny said, removing his hand and scowling at the floor. “You know that isn’t true. There are plenty of ghosts who don’t… don’t have…”

“Fangs?” Tucker tried to supply helpfully, wincing and shrinking back a little at the glare Danny leveled at him when the Halfa finally looked up. “Dude, you gotta stop doing that. It makes you look kinda… um…”

That stopped Danny cold, his face paling at the realization. Tucker was actually afraid of him. Because of these… these fangs. Because of what they both knew it implied. Without another word, Danny suddenly transformed, going invisible and intangible and phasing through the ceiling of Tucker’s room, ignoring the startled shout from Tucker, as well as the call to come back. He didn’t know where he was going, just that he had to get away.

Was this it? Was this the sign that he had been right all along? That he was inevitably going to become some sort of cruel and uncaring monster? After all, there were only a small handful of ghosts who sported fangs of any type, and nearly every single one had been either monsters, or so evil they might as well have been one anyway.

A cold sensation that had absolutely nothing to do with Danny’s core filled the Halfa’s chest as he flew home with almost reckless abandon, only knowing the need to get away, to run from the truth that Tucker had exposed. But no matter how far he went, the truth would go with him, ever present in his own mouth.

Well… It wouldn’t be for much longer. Not if he had anything to say about it.

Core Babies

alright so somebody was talking to me about core munchkins like me and Silver’s precious son Danlet and I thought I would write up a post about my theories for ghost babbys. There are a bunch of theories that coincide with this so if you’re curious about those send me an ask  or a Skype request!

What a core is, in an incredibly un-detailed description:

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Hiya! I don't know if you'll know of any but I figured I'd ask since you're one of my fav DP blogs ;0; Could you recommend some good fanfics where Danny becomes something other than a Ghost/good AUs of that sort? I was reading a Mer!Danny fic today and now I want more of that type of AU. Thanks in advance! <3

oh boi u came to the right place

treading water is pretty popular right now

fathoms below, salt water, ocean’s end are all part of a series for a mer!phantom pitch pearl fic by @charliemcarthy (and theres amazing fanart as well)

Beyond the Depths is a mer!danny dannyxsam fic 

Captivity is a great dannyxsam mer!danny fic (content warning)

A World Unseen by @kimurasato is a supernatural creatres au (dannyxdash, graphic descriptions of violence, explicit themes, etc.) and def one of my favorites 

Aquarius is a alien!danny and alien!jazz fic (dannyxsam)

Bloodsucker doesn’t quite fit into this catagory but i gotta include it because its fucking hilarious

The Dark Chicken Rises also doesnt fit into this category but i love it so much

Blinding Flashlights is a model au

The Sound of a Whisper is where danny is Deaf/Hoh (sucide mentions, sexually explicate themes, slurs)

Anecdotal evidence by @silvermoonphantom is a one-shot collection full of aus (content warning)

@ghostfiish‘s space au has some good fanfics by @shinobicyrus here

and of course, a Vent comes to Haunt is my favorite harry potter au fics


Doodles from last weekend (? the weekend before? the 31st-2nd?) that I finally got around to posting, I might clean some of them up later but who knows  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

1-some Danny and Norman // 2and8-Tourmaline from PhantomRose96′s fic that I drew without a ref and that’s why they look wonky // 3-Danny // 4-My first time drawing Wirt and i’m really happy how this came out // 5-Tucker // 6-Sam // 7-another Danny and wth are hands // 9-Danlet for SilverMP because that poor child is so sweet // 10-a classy dorito // 11-Hiccup // 12-Mabel (my first time drawing her and I think it came out ok?) // 13-stan(ley) and (stan)ford *read: the reasons i can’t sleep at night* // 14-Dipper aka Spectral doesn’t know how to draw hats // 15-poses, facial expressions and a random GF/DP sketch // 16-Random blue girl // Page 3-I broke down and made a gemsona, their name is labradorite and i’ll probably post some more about them once I get their color pallet figured out 

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Can you recommend some really angsty Danny phantom fics that are good plead and thank you


Okay so some of these kinda leave the angst category and go more into hurt/comfort or tragedy but YOU KNOW WHAT I do what I want

Masks and Plunge by Cordria/x (Plunge is the angstier one)

Lab Rat by AnneriaWings/x

Wondering by Phantomrose96/x (and literally anything else Phantomrose has written like it’s ridiculous how many angsty fics there are)

I’m Still Here by Cordria/x

Tortured Truth by Darth Frodo

Real Life by Cordria/x

Green Jacket, Red Sleeves by LunarMothim

Pits by Cordria/x

Empty Promises by Laora/x (BRING TISSUES)

Wasteland by AnneriaWings/x (sequel to Lab Rat)

A Jock and a Hard Place by AnneriaWings/x and Haikujitsu/x

Vulnerable by AnneriaWings/x and Haikujitsu/x (one of my alltime favorites)

Stargazing by EverAfterGirl

Disclosures by Me The Anon One

I’ll Be Here by HaiJu/x

Who I Really Am by Phantom Ice

Video Memories by Codiak/x

If I Let Go by AkoyaMizuno

After and Before by sapphireswimming/x

Rediscovering Home by Donteatacowman

Please by Cordria/x

Reality by Alexa Piper/x

Smokescreen by Nylah

Eulogy by sapphireswimming/x

Ghostly Lament by SummersSixEcho

Lament by Firefury Amahira

Just A Boy by Tay1019411

An Unlikely Alliance by Represent/x

Little Fires by Represent/x

No Choice At All by Chaos Dragon

Perspective by Chaos Dragon

Crashing and Burning by GriffinRose

In The Way by Cordria/x

Just a Night by CaptainOzone

Okay by CaptainOzone

One Thousand Years by Nylah

A Mother’s Mistake by Nimrod The Writer

Other Side of the Glass by HaiJu/x (companion piece to Phantom of Truth)

Lurking Shadows by QuickWren

Judge, Jury, Executioner by Cordria/x

Closure by AkoyaMizuno

Going Up by Danny Phantom SG-1/x

Phantasm: A Ghost Story by Donteatacowman

Drops of Jupiter by Her Misguided Ghost

Gone by Her Misguided Ghost

The Shooter by HaiJu/x

It was real, and I repent by anthrop/x

In the Name of Science by PuppetMaster55/x

Fourteen by YAJJ

Mother Knows Best by MayAnny

Morality by kkann

Project: Album Phasma by AnneriaWings/x

Deafening Silence by Sulky Shadow

Memory by Cordria/x

Eternity in a Moment by JustTeahPlease/x

Touch the Stars by Danny Phantom SG-1/x

Juxtapose by Shimegami-chan

Fatigue by DBack47

From the Ashes by Phantomrose96/x

What Am I? by jadedbluerose

Intent by A Perplexing Puzzle

Emerald Concrete by Sugerstars and Ice

Worth by SilverMoonPhantom/x

Blank by Alexa Piper/x

Rigor Mortis by sorenalice/x

Decadence by sapphireswimming/x and Danny Phantom-SG1/x

Fading Away by Amethyst Asheryn

wash away the darkest days by anthrop/x

Laughing Gas by CatalystOfTheSoul/x

Choking by sorenalice/x

Drabble:Analysis by One Hit Wonders Anonymous

Sticks and Stones by Sleepyreader13

Dissipation by sapphireswimming/x

Bad Morning by PuppetMaster55 (unofficial sequel to Dissipation)

thus they fly by sapphireswimming/x

Almost by Danny Phantom SG-1/x

Until the Last Dying Moments by MoonlightUmbreon

Shattered by Shining Zephyr

Just a glove by FallingNarwhals/x

Minus One by Hollyflash/x

Gone by SummersSixEcho

What Kills the Soul by Phantomrose96/x

Fixation by sorenalice/x

I also recommend looking at these authors’ other stories because I didn’t include every one if an author has like twenty angst fics

Now go read some fanfiction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

T: Have you seen the news about the Ghost Boy recently~ There was a poll online claiming him the hottest guy in Amity park. 
D: Stop it tuck! You’re making me blush!

T: Hah no seriously check out the site. They drew little hearts around a photo of your face. 

D; *:・゚ \ \( ✧ u   ✧ )/ / *:・゚ The internet has spoken.

T: Also, you blush green. I don’t know if that’s weird or cool. 


Danny Phantom/ Attack on Titan crossover

in which Danny is trapped in the Thermos for aaaaages, until the world changes. (good battery life lmao) 

And he’s finally able to escape when the battery/energy for containment runs out. 

When he comes out of stasis, the entire world has changed. 

He doesn’t have any real applicable survival training for -actually lost in the wilderness forever- so he changes into his ghost form to avoid starving to death. 

But since there’s no real source of ambient ectoplasm like his ghost form is used to, he ends up having hunger pains (ghost huuuunger)

He comes across a small Titan and it attacks him, so he attacks back, and BLASTS it apart. Ghost hunger kicks in and surprise! Titan blood isn’t steaming away because it’s hot… it’s steaming away because it’s cold

Dry Ice cold - enough to burn your skin. 

Formed from a weird type of ectoplasm~ 

So Phantom goes preditor-mode at Titans, and eats them/drinks their blood to survive, becoming more and more feral the longer he goes without meeting real people + having to fight for his life all the damn time. 

Trying to sleep in human form just makes him remember how friggin hungry/thirsty his human body is, so he just stays as Phantom. 

I dont know how long exactly he’s out there, but long enough for his hair to get awesome and flowy because long white hair makes creepy stares 7x creepier. 

Sooo he ends up stumbling across an Expedition, and follows them all sneaky-like because hey! Humans! Awesome! 

but they all speak German and he’s been slipping into ghost-language after being alone for too long so he can’t even eavesdrop.  (hello armin you’re so cute when terrified)

someone spots him  and he immediately goes invisible to avoid being attacked. 

The humans ARE NOT HAPPY with this, because now they think there’s tiny titans running around invisible and they could be attacked at any moment aaaaahhhhhhh paranoid night! 

And at some point they’re attacked by an actual Titan and Phantom mostly-invisibly shreds it, then starts eating because he’s friggin hungry after trailing these guys for so long. 

That one agender character with the crush on Titan physiology ends up going nuts over Phantom, delighted it can actually (sorta) talk and react with humanoid sentience. 

Also - a creature that preys on Titans!