I haven’t been able to watch episodes to confirm this but… does Sam ever really talk about the environment and her activism much after she’s possessed by Undergrowth in Urban Jungle?

Like, I’m not at all sure that this is supported by canon, but I got the image in my head of Sam who really really dislikes nature no matter how much she wants to love it and take comfort in it and protect it like she used to.

So the plant loving recyclovegetarian is still her image and she hates to back peddle on anything because it destroys her credibility and the worth of the cause she knows is still good but she just… can’t carry on with it herself even though she tries to pretend for a while.

So like…

  • Sam who shivers when she touches plants.
  • Wants to yank the corsage off her wrist before she even steps into the family limo to go to prom.
  • Avoids rooms in their house where her mother has arranged elaborate vases of flowers. Even the fake ones.
  • Dumps the bouquet of black roses in the trash as soon as she gets home after her date with Danny because he didn’t know better and it was a sweet gesture but she can’t stand the sight or the smell of them.
  • Refuses to take wreaths to cemeteries when her parents go to pay their respects to deceased relatives.
  • Sam whose plants in windowsills, the corners of her room, and their mansion’s greenhouse won’t die even when she “forgets” to water them. Refuse to wither even when she douses them with weed killer.
  • Vines trail up to wrap around her bedroom window and seep into the cracks no matter how much the gardener tries to prune them back.
  • Flowers thriving along her walkway to school and her usual hangouts. Even in the middle of winter.
  • Sam being able to hear whispers when the breeze blows through the treetops.
  • Not being able to explain any of it. Or understand it.
  • Thinking it’s stupid and silly and beneath her even when she wakes in a cold sweat dreaming about voices and vines and her sweet children and things she forgets a moment later once she’s had a chance to calm down.

Sam being scared of plants after Undergrowth and hating hating hating it

The Cold Hard Tooth

“Dude, what is up with your teeth?”

The abrupt question, coming from his best friend, was enough to snap Danny out of his stretching yawn mid-movement. “My teeth? What’s wrong with my teeth?” Danny asked, more than a little confused as he blinked at Tucker.

Tucker in turn looked at Danny with incredulity, and a touch of wariness. “Have you looked in a mirror lately?” the other teen asked, a concerned look slowly emerging on his face. “You look like you’re trying out for some sort of vampire movie or something. That, or you’re getting ready for Halloween like… seven months early.”

That caught Danny’s attention, and he found himself running his tongue over his teeth. It didn’t really feel all that much different than it had the last few times he’d done it, but now that Tucker mentioned it, he was a little more aware of how his upper eyeteeth seemed to drop down just a little further than he remembered a long time ago, and seemed just a little bit sharper.

Panic flooding his system, he looked around for the nearest reflective surface. Surging to his feet, he rushed over to Tucker’s mirror, staring intently as bared his teeth at his reflection. And as if mocking him, the slightly elongated canines glinted cheerfully back at him through the mirror.

“Oh shit!” he swore, backing away from the truth in his reflected image, a hand clasping over his mouth. How had he not noticed!? Surely he would have felt something wrong with his mouth when they appeared! But as he thought about it, he realized that this hadn’t been a sudden thing. He remembered thinking there was something strange going on with his mouth a few weeks ago when he was brushing his teeth, but he hadn’t really noticed anything that out of the ordinary. And if they’d grown in a little at a time, then he wouldn’t have really felt the difference that much, would he?

Or maybe it had been that he hadn’t really wanted to see, and had ignored all evidence of this change until Tucker had brought it up. Even now, his best friend was climbing to his own feet, looking at Danny in concern. “H-hey! I’m sure it’s nothing!” the other boy tried to reassure Danny with a flimsy (totally normal human-looking) smile. “Maybe it’s just something all ghosts–”

“Don’t!” Danny said, removing his hand and scowling at the floor. “You know that isn’t true. There are plenty of ghosts who don’t… don’t have…”

“Fangs?” Tucker tried to supply helpfully, wincing and shrinking back a little at the glare Danny leveled at him when the Halfa finally looked up. “Dude, you gotta stop doing that. It makes you look kinda… um…”

That stopped Danny cold, his face paling at the realization. Tucker was actually afraid of him. Because of these… these fangs. Because of what they both knew it implied. Without another word, Danny suddenly transformed, going invisible and intangible and phasing through the ceiling of Tucker’s room, ignoring the startled shout from Tucker, as well as the call to come back. He didn’t know where he was going, just that he had to get away.

Was this it? Was this the sign that he had been right all along? That he was inevitably going to become some sort of cruel and uncaring monster? After all, there were only a small handful of ghosts who sported fangs of any type, and nearly every single one had been either monsters, or so evil they might as well have been one anyway.

A cold sensation that had absolutely nothing to do with Danny’s core filled the Halfa’s chest as he flew home with almost reckless abandon, only knowing the need to get away, to run from the truth that Tucker had exposed. But no matter how far he went, the truth would go with him, ever present in his own mouth.

Well… It wouldn’t be for much longer. Not if he had anything to say about it.

Core - DP

I have slept so much over the past two weeks that I physically can not sit still any longer. It hurts to sit still. Despite how nauseous I still feel, I just had to do something. 

This is the unfortunate result. Apologies. 

Warnings: Lots. But if I list them, it’ll give away the story and I don’t want to do that. So just assume ‘regular Cori-style warnings for when she bothers to actually warn people about something’ and read at your own risk.

Very long post. I’d normally break this up into three-four smaller sections, but I’m sick. And lazy.

Inspired by a few of silvermoonphantom’s recent posts. I’d link them, but again, it would give away the fun. And I don’t want to do that.




Danny’s arms felt like hundred pound weights. He shifted, exhausted, barely able to crack open his eyes. Eventually working up some energy, he wiggled his arm just enough to hear the rattle of chains.

His head lolled to the side, blearily staring at the arm that was stretched next to him. There was a cuff around his wrist and some sort of silver metal table under him. Cold metal, now that the thought had processed through his dazed mind. With no shirt on, the chill was eating into his shoulders and back.

“No! Not again!” came a shout.

Delirious, Danny’s gazed at the strange room he’d woken up in. There was something moving in the shadows. A smear of red and a swirl of green.

“Another failure.”

Something sharp was poking him in the chest. He blurrily focused on it, taking in the huge spike that was driven into his ribs with a groan of pain. Green ectoplasm, dripping and glowing in time to his heartbeat, oozed from his pale skin around the needle-like thing.

His brain finally woke up enough to realize how much pain he was in. The onslaught of agony was more than his broken mind could handle. Darkness clawed at the edges of his vision, his eyes closed, and the world went black.

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Doodles from last weekend (? the weekend before? the 31st-2nd?) that I finally got around to posting, I might clean some of them up later but who knows  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

1-some Danny and Norman // 2and8-Tourmaline from PhantomRose96′s fic that I drew without a ref and that’s why they look wonky // 3-Danny // 4-My first time drawing Wirt and i’m really happy how this came out // 5-Tucker // 6-Sam // 7-another Danny and wth are hands // 9-Danlet for SilverMP because that poor child is so sweet // 10-a classy dorito // 11-Hiccup // 12-Mabel (my first time drawing her and I think it came out ok?) // 13-stan(ley) and (stan)ford *read: the reasons i can’t sleep at night* // 14-Dipper aka Spectral doesn’t know how to draw hats // 15-poses, facial expressions and a random GF/DP sketch // 16-Random blue girl // Page 3-I broke down and made a gemsona, their name is labradorite and i’ll probably post some more about them once I get their color pallet figured out 


for ellissullivan who roleplayed with me that one time, on Omegle.   

“Deadpool serenading Spiderman incredibly badly”

I can show you the world

Please don’t wear armpit netting

Tell me spidey now when

did you last let your heart decide?

I can help you catch flies

help you run from the lizard

Jumping, swinging, web-weaving

You should wear your spandex with pride

I think you’re hoooot

I want your spider-babies

No matter the mask you wear

or style hair

even if it’s Emo-Toby’s look

I think you’re cute

Games give your ass boob-physics….