silvermoon draws things

For Meija

Meija was feeling sad. And that made me kinda sad.

So of course I vented my feelings through art. And remembered that I had the idea of a portrait of her with sunflowers forever ago, and now would be the perfect time to do it.

You’re one of the first blogs I ever followed, and I think you’re just a beautiful and kind-hearted, wonderful person all around. Feel better, hon. <3

Drawing based off of this selfie | More of my art

bookbelle494  asked:

Can you do a simple single rose on a stem that's not overly simple with a few falling petals. I've been trying to find a good one for a tattoo I want but none look right.

A quick little doodle- nothing amazing so yeah don’t get this tattooed on your body I would cry make me draw it again when I’m inspired and fully awake

Finished request for thespinesmoustache!

This is his fanbot, The Spec.

This was actually really fun to draw! I colored it with ink pens and metallic sharpie markers, so IRL it looks SUPER HELLA RAD while here it looks so-so. And I’m still doing requests if you want any OCs or other characters drawn for you. 


Hi I’m Katherine and instead of paying attention in Driver’s Ed I like to doodle characters from a robot band

and by that I mean whichever version of Rabbit Bunny had uploaded to her instagram (which was different every time I kid you not) and an attempt at Walter Tech Carissa.

HEY HAYDEN I FINISHED YOUR REQUEST. I was thinking about coloring this but then I was like “this would look really nice shaded!” And IDK if you can tell or not but he’s supposed to be leaning against a wall all cool like.

This is rabbittwalter’s fanbot that I drew for her. Onto thespinesmoustache’s! 

I’m still taking requests, by the way!