Extraterrestrial Silverman, 1950

As an April fool hoax, The Cologne Neue Illustrierte published a picture of ‘a tiny, aluminum-covered man’ who had supposedly been rescued from a saucer that had crash landed after being shot by American anti-aircraft guns. The planet this being came from was unknown. The photo subsequently became a famous ‘alien’ photo, after its origin as an April fool hoax was forgotten. It was reproduced in books such as ’Flying Saucers from Outer Space’ (1953) by Donald Keyhoe and ’The UFO Encyclopedia’ (1980) by Margaret Sachs.

So I’m doing reading for a Soc course and stumbled across this bit of misogyny and Catholicism: 

“Ethnographies of post-World War II Italy detail numerous rituals that celebrate Mary in one form or another. For example, Sydel Silverman’s study of a central Italian mezzadria village includes a detailed description of a mid-Lenten ritual in which the mother is ritually killed in retribution for her controlling power. It is the ritual of segacecchia, which translates as ‘the sawing of the old woman.’ Dramatizations of the story are carried out by groups of six to ten men, who masquerade through the town and countryside offering performances of a play in which an old woman, who is a wife and mother, insists on dancing even though it is mid-Lent. Her husbands and sons try to stop her, asking her to pray for guidance and forgiveness, but she becomes wilder and forces her husband to dance with her. He remembers her as young and beautiful and is saddened by her ugliness, her age, and her scandalous behavior. He wishes her dead. The sons join in, telling her of the sorrow and pain she has caused them. … They attack and saw her in half.
Shocked, they pray for forgiveness and seek a doctor, who requires a bribe. Once paid off, the mother is repaired and wakes and forgives her husband and sons. In this ritual there is, Silverman says, a dramatic inversion of values. The revered symbol of church and family life within the church, the Mother-wife, is overturned and exposed for all her faults. She is shown as the reverse of the ideal: ugly, self-serving, uncontrolled, sexual, troublesome, subversive of those who would be virtuous. … The dramatization explores the negatives of all virtues of the Mother-Madonna. Then it yields; the vecchia is restored to life, and husband and son welcome her, reluctant but chastened” (Faccioli and Harper, 99). 

Misogyny is taught, substantiated, and enforced through things like this and the Catholic ties lend it ‘authority.’ 


Some babies from a current Silvermane litter :) Painfully cute and only three weeks old!

Silvermane Fun Facts:

It’s a relatively new variety - first discovered by Squeaks and Nibbles in 2012

Silvermane can show up as early as 3 weeks old but can show as late as 7 weeks. These babies are 3 weeks old so we have some very early bloomers :)

Baby rats are near impossible to photograph - they got places to be and things to do so forgive the less than perfect focus in some of these. Each photo has more info :)


In June 1998 Sante Kimes, pictured above, decided to target 82 year old Irene Silverman in an attempt to acquire her $7.7 million mansion. Kimes was a career con woman, having a lengthy history of insurance fraud, committing multiple counts of arson, enslaving young women and illegal immigrants when she no longer wanted to pay for their services. It was not until she was 62 years old that she graduated to murder.

The Silverman murder was the murder that resulted in her initial arrest, although she would eventually be linked to two more murders. It was reveal that Kimes had planned to take on the identity of the elderly socialite and then acquire her mansion. Silverman’s body was never discovered, but it was revealed through confessions that her son, Kenneth, supplied to the police that Kimes had used a stun gun on the sleeping elderly woman before strangling her to death. Her body was disposed of in a bad that was discarded in a Hoboken dumpster.

Kimes had involved her son Kenneth in later crimes, and it was his confessions - a long with notes made in Kimes own journal - that lead to both of their convictions. Kimes received a 125 year sentence in New York, along with a life sentence in California for the murder of David Kazdin.