Also posted on deviantart, this is the “sub-continent” of Silveria, which is off the south-eastern coast of Verdania, near to the Ebon Vale. Silveria is the land where the Grey Elves lived, and where the home of the Ageless Empire was. On the eastern portion of the isle continent there are a few Orcish towns marked, not still in existence in the current time of the story, but marked there for their location in regards to the original Gray Elf capital. The whole isle is believed to be empty at this point, as the Orcs were enslaved by the Dradar, and taken to Telluria, while the Grey Elves are believed to be entirely wiped out by the demon, Yami.

Barad Mith (Silver Tower) is the town that was the Grey Elf capital, and is now in ruins. The forest to the north of the town is dead and withered, at the base of the Gray Mountains, and is in such condition because of Yami’s assault on the Grey Elf empire. However, the forest to the south still thrives (Tyulusse means Poplar, for those who care and were wondering). The lake in the center of the isle is named after the largest peak on the isle to its north-east, for the fact that it contains the cleanest water in the area. The small chain of mountains to the south also produce the same clear water.

The Orc civilization honors, respects, and reveres the wolf. All their clans are governed in the same way as a pack. Each town is named after their “pack leader”, and is subject to change as easily as leadership in a pack is taken. The ‘gar suffix, is merely an addendum to the leader’s name, to mean that the place is a town that belongs to them. Thus, over in Telluria, for a long while, such places did not exist while the Orcs were enslaved, and in the current timeline, these towns may be still physically present, but the names have lost meaning, as those leaders are now either dead, or without a pack to lead.

A Taste of Goa On Mumbai’s Marine Drive This Sunday

It’s #Goan food galore in #Mumbai this #Sunday at Marine plaza!

Goa isn’t too far away from Mumbai. But, it’s a bit of a hassle getting there, since trains, buses and flight routes are nearly almost always booked. If you’re craving a taste of Goa, it would be easier to drive down to Hotel Marine Plaza on Marine Drive for their Goan Food Fiesta. Hotel Marina Plaza flew down Chef Vasco Silveira from Goa, along with a host of local Goan spices. Chef Silveria…

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