I Missed You (closed rp with knightly-doom)

Jack aimlessly rode the wind, dragging a light snowstorm behind him.  His thoughts were equally aimless.  It had been a week or so since the quarterly meeting of the Guardians and everything seemed to be running smoothly.  There was no sign of Pitch or any other particularly malign beings recently.  Everything was… boring.  Although Jack figured he’d run into some excitement sooner or later, considering it was still kind of early in his season for the northern hemisphere.  But so far it seemed like if anything was going to happen it was going to be later rather than sooner.  It had been a while since he had visited Jamie in Burgess, so Jack started heading that direction.  That’s when he saw her.  He only caught a glimpse before a tree got in the way.  Jack asked the wind to drop him off here.  It had been so long; he had to see her.  Jack dropped out of the sky just behind the tree that had obscured his vision before.  He peeked around it, but the girl had her back to him.  He took a few silent steps closer until he was only two or three feet away.  Jack dared not touch her, though he longed to.  If she was who he thought she was, the girl didn’t do well with cold.  So Jack simply gripped his staff and prayed to MIM that he wasn’t mistaken.