Double Dare, Double Pleasure

He casually saunters into Loo’s bathroom and digs through her make-up bag, search through until he finds that perfect shade (who are you kidding, he grabbed the first one he could find) of lipstick and trots back to the bedroom. “Alright babe, pucker up! And don’t worry. If I make a mess I’ll help you shower!” Pulls the lid off and twists it up, putting the tube between his lips and crawling over the bed towards her. 

Dare: Dress up as Catwoman and wander around town meowing at people.

There was one thing she was grateful for….the mask. Her agent would have her head on a platter if he knew she was doing this. She didn’t have Catwoman costume, exactly - but she had some knee high boots and skin tight leather pants and yes, a whip (don’t ask why). So, true to her word, she got dressed and jumped in her Mustang - the farmer’s market would likely provide the most entertainment and if she was going to to do this, damn rights she was going to make it worthwhile.

She didn’t attract too much attention at first but once she stood in the centre of the crowd and cracked the whip, suddenly all eyes were on her and she took full advantage - meowing and waving imaginary claws at people as she got her weekly shopping done. Finally, her feet starting to hurt from wondering around in hot leather and heels for long enough, she took a seat on a bench. The old man sitting at the other end gave her an awkward glance but returned to his newspaper after shaking his head at her. This was L.A. after all, probably not the strangest thing the old guy had ever seen - still, it was all the challenge she needed (and let’s face it - she was getting a little into this. She might actually stay true to the promise she’d made Jensen). Sliding down the bench until she was right next to him, she rested her head on his shoulder and began to make purring sounds.

*DARE FUL-FUCKING-FILLED* I will fucking find you, who ever you are.