Ghilan'nain, Mother of the Halla

Ghilan’nain kept herself apart from the People. She used her power to create animals none had ever seen. The skies teemed with her monsters, the land with her beasts. Andruil hunted them all, and after a year of killing, approached Ghilan’nain with an offer: the gods would share their power with Ghilan’nain, but only if she destroyed her creations, for they were too untamed to remain among the People. Ghilan’nain agreed and asked for three days to undo what she had made.

On the first day she struck down the monsters of the air, except those she presented to Andruil as a gift.

On the second day she drowned the giants of the sea, except those in deep waters, for they were too well-wrought, and pride stopped her hand.

On the third day she killed the beasts of the land, except the halla, whose grace she loved above all else.

This is how Ghilan’nain was made youngest of the gods.

- Story of the Elven god Ghilan’nain, author unknown. (DAI Codex)

I’ve always kind of wished that Justice’s appearance had been a bit different when we meet him in the Fade in DA2, more of Justice as we first saw him in the Fade in Awakening. So I sketched a little concept of Justice!Anders as more of a warrior, with the armor he wore in Awakening blended with Anders’ clothing in DA2.

Meaning that he’s still wearing feathers, of course. The feathers are important.