The Stars In Her Eyes

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Chapter Three

That One Time At the Park

Jyn Erso was not standing at the counter at the pet store the entire week following meeting Cassian a second time, wondering if he was the next person coming through the door. Nope, she was just cleaning the counter, petting Stardust and thinking about the importance of bird upkeep. She certainly didn’t just casually look at the front door every time someone came in, and she certainly wasn’t mildly disappointed he wasn’t the one who would walk through the door.

This went on for a week and she was starting to wonder if maybe all of this was just because she was bored. She was tasked one early morning with taking the dogs that were going to be up for adoption during an event in the afternoon for a few walks, letting them stretch their legs.

She took Stardust under her arm and tugged along Ghost, a massive husky who loved to linger. She was standing in the park, petting Stardust and waiting for Ghost to finish running around in circles when she heard a voice.

“Kay! Stop bothering that squirrel.”

She looked up and saw Cassian pulling on the dog’s leash, the dog ignoring him and barking at a squirrel just out of reach in a tree. Cassian looked over and saw her.

“Jyn,” he said, and she was unsure what to do. She stood up, gripping Stardust a little too closely as he came over, pulling on the persistent Kay. “What brings you to the park today?”

“Work,” she said, looking at Ghost now digging into the dirt. “I had to walk a dog,” she said, and then kind of didn’t know what else to say. Every time she ran into him, it was like she forgot what she was doing.

“Well, Kay wanted a walk so… I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind answering a few questions.”

She straightened up.


“About your father, Galen Erso.”

She looked away. Now she was able to remember how to be impolite and angry.

“What about him?” she asked flatly and he looked surprised.

“Well, I was wondering why he seemed familiar and so I did a little research. I didn’t realize he was a nobel prize winning scientist!”

“That was a long time ago. He works as a professor now, so he doesn’t want to be bother by people like you,” she said, turning and grabbing Ghost’s leash and pulling him away.

“Well, I was hoping that I could speak to him. When I was at Yale, I read his paper on dynamics of alternatives forms of energy and their ability to be weaponized. It was really interesting.”

“Like I said, leave my father alone. And you know what? Why don’t you leave me alone while you’re at it?” she said, turning and glaring at him. He was surprised. But he didn’t say anything and she turned, leaving him behind.


Jyn never talked about her father or his work with anyone. He had been a good man but after her mother died when she was eight, he had changed. He threw himself into his work with his best friend and turned out bitter rival- Krennic. The two were working on some seriously dangerous things for the military and had developed an incredible weapon that was scrapped by the Army because it was far too powerful and dangerous.

Krennic took advantage of the press of it and developed his own weapon and eventually left, pursuing a career with the military that had him ahead of his own military base. Galen however saw what he had almost created and scrapped all of his work.

He retired from that life and moved to the small town of Yavin, hoping to escape to a small university there where he taught and kept a humble life on a small farm outside of town. His daughter had followed him there to keep an eye on him and enjoy a break from her previous work as a grunt in the Army.

Jyn had joined when she was eighteen because she honestly didn’t know any other kind of life and when her father retired, she went into reserves and eventually settled down with him. The pet store was her only solace, and Stardust had become her favorite companion.

Then Cassian Andor happened and it was like the past couldn’t stay there.

He wanted to interview her father about his work so many years ago?

She couldn’t stand the idea of him even thinking about doing that to him. If anyone knew what Galen had been doing before he was a professor no one in town would look at him the same way. He had finally reached a good place. Cassian just didn’t understand why it was important everything stay quiet.

So she did what she always did when faced with a problem- Jyn avoided it completely.


Cassian replayed the entire meeting with Jyn in the park over and over in his head. What had he said that made her so mad? He hadn’t meant to do that but maybe he had been too bold to ask for a meeting with her father? He barely knew her. He wondered if maybe he should have shown apologize for asking.

He went back to the store the next day but she wasn’t there. He asked about her but the nervous Bodhi seemed to avoid his eyes when asked about Jyn and Cassian left disappointed.

He didn’t see her at the coffee shop. Or at the park.

Cassian wished he was important enough to Jyn Erso that she would be avoiding him. But he knew better.


“About that idea for an article, what happened?”

“I was thinking maybe I should do something else,” Cassian said, Mon Mothma, his editor looking at him surprised.

“You had been very insistent into looking more into Galen Erso. Why drop it now?”

“Thought that maybe he retired to a small place like this for a reason,” Cassian said. It was half of the truth. He looked around the quiet office, people typing away. Telling stories. Cassian always pursued information- the truth. Everything.

“That is exactly what we want to know about, Cassian. Why did such an amazing person become a farmer and a professor at a small university? That is a story.”

Cassian looked at the floor, unsure what to say. It wasn’t like he could really argue. He had pushed for this story when Mothma originally seemed disinterested in it.

So Cassian was going to have to figure out a way to approach Galen without Jyn’s help. And he was not looking forward to it.


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