Pfew! After 3 days of work, it’s finally finished!! I’m so happy of how it came out!

Thank you for those 26 years of joy, laugh, sadness and adventure!!! May your day be great, Blue Blur!!!! AND KEEP ON ROCKIN’!!!!! 😄😄😄😄

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Material: Canson paper A3, Uni Fine Liners 0.1, 0.05 and 0.3, Promarkers, Watercolors.


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the series that’s been with me throughout my entire life :’)

Imagines- At a Meeting (Pt 2)

Here’s another post about what I think happens at meetings. I love imagining what they could possibly talk about, but honestly Will would call them in for anything from a new video to ‘hey look guys, Mark tweeted about this thing none of us care about but I’ve brought you here to annoy you. Yup, that’s Will

During the Meeting

Dark will snap, on average, 4 or 5 times a meeting, his shell completely cracking to reveal the impatient demon beneath. This is usually because the meeting is pointless and no one seems to be listening to him when he actually has some valuable advice to give

The Host will constantly narrate to calm his nervous, getting louder when the others start to argue because he hates the noise and tries to concentrate on his own voice. Sometimes, he decides to control the situation and start to tell the story of ‘how a room full of alter egos lost their voices’, immediately shutting up everyone in the room bar himself

Dr Iplier will always agree with Will, regardless of whether his point is accurate or not, because he knows Will is the actual boss around here. Likewise, Google and Plus tend to side with Dark because he’s the only one who takes charge anymore

Chrome is too busy communicating with Bing to add anything to the debate, and Oliver is left stuttering when someone addresses him directly because he’s still not used to being seen as one of the ‘major’ egos

Silver stays quiet, only speaking when spoken to, but when he’s asked for his opinion, he always makes valid points that even Dark can’t argue with

Bim chimes in often, allowing his ‘confident presenter’ act to break through so he doesn’t get too nervous being in the same room of someone who could corrupt him, someone who could control him and four robots who want to destroy mankind

Ed agrees with no one and is always the one who starts an argument, even if he isn’t actually involved in the initial discussion, because where’s the fun in talking like civilised people when he could be sitting back and laughing at the others getting flustered and annoyed with each other

Will just tries his best to keep the conversation together but never works. The Jims are sat on the floor (since there were no more chairs) wondering why they were invited because Will never seems to address them, so they chat between themselves about TV shows or movies they like to pass the time.


Madi x Silver Week @ucankeepurfandombs2urselfkthx 

 Waiting 🌸

The sun was high in the sky, shining upon the island. Its heat bringing a warmness to the air which carried a faint breeze that smelled of Jasmine, and strangely rain, that was likely falling on the far side of the island, over the hills and miles away from the village. Most of the people continued about their day, completing fundamental tasks needed to sustain their life and preparing for the celebration to come, the women harvesting crops and cooking meals, teaching the children, while the men gathered wood, assembled weaponry and hunted food. There were only an essential few that had forgone their usual duties to tend to the momentous moment for them all, one in which John Silver never imagined would be his life. For he’d been a liar, a pirate, a thief, a killer and now he, who’d never been a joiner, was a lover, a friend, a husband.

Silver sat a good distance away, his mind absent from the happenings around him, focused on what he could not see, the event taking place in the building just across the way. He wanted to go there, desperately, to be at her side, with his wife, who was undergoing a life-altering experience, the most important in their lives – birthing their first child. It had been hours and still there had been no word, which frightened him deeply. For giving birth was a precarious situation for a woman, often leading to a terrible circumstance that resulted in the loss of life -  the mother dying or her child, and at times both, but that would not happen here. Silver silently vowed as he drew a deep breath and closed his eyes, willing such a horror away from his mind.

He would not lose Madi. He would not lose their child. For the fates would not be so merciless as to shatter the joy that had come when she’d revealed that they were with child, destroy the irreplaceable memories her condition had yielded - the bizarre, yet exciting cravings that he’d experienced  - sweet potatoes, mixed with boiled eggs and goat cream, the wonder of seeing her belly grow, and the marvel in feeling their child move and kick within her. It had been a wonderfully fascinating time – the best in their lives. It had been everything he’d never knew he wanted, and he could not bear it if she was so cruelly ripped from him. Silver took another breath, long and deep, then expelled it slowly, telling himself again that Madi would be alright, that their child would be born perfectly healthy, when he heard footsteps approaching, steady over the gravel around him. The beats surged in his heart, racing with fury, rousing his breath to quicken in angst, just as he opened his eyes to see Ruth standing before him.

Silver wanted to speak, to ask the question that burned within him, but fear and uncertainty stayed his tongue.

“Your child has come.” The woman then compassionately announced, a gentle smile on her face. “It is a boy.” She said, igniting him with a joy that was utterly unfathomable, yet his breath remained caught.

“And Madi?” He questioned, his voice shaky and raw.

“She is tired, but doing very well.”

The weight of worry lifted from his heart, freeing his breath, causing his eyes to drop in relief. He could feel his spirit lifting, ascending to the clouds and the stars beyond, at the happiness seizing him all over.

“May I see them?” He emotionally asked.

“Yes you may.” The woman confirmed.

Silver could hardly stand, for his leg felt weak beneath him, shaking with nervous anticipation at the moment that was coming, the moment he’d been waiting hours to experience. He stood from his seat and placed the crutch beneath his arm, steadying his stance, then followed Ruth across the grounds, his soul brimming with thankfulness and love, eager to see his beautiful wife, and to meet their son for the first time.