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What’s in my bag - Faerûn edition. This is all the crap Ydriss (My D&D and Neverwinter OC) caries with him.

- Two daggers; his main weapon
- Throwing knives; secondary long-range weapon
- Silver short-sword; secondary weapon, mainly for undead and vampires etc.
- His kit which includes lockpicks, various poisons and oils agains different kind of monsters and torture tools.
- Black gloves
- Map of Faerûn
- Bandaids
- Flint and steal
- Some health potions
- Magic amulet (probably with protection of some kind; haven’t decided yet)
- Canteen; some times filled with water, some times with booze
- Metal box with necklace that belonged to his loved one (she’s dead)
- And last but not least, some money.

Double edged two handed sword with central fuller (groove) by Bill Blake, yours truly. A modern design by yours truly. High Carbon Spring Steel - 42" / 800grams. Enamelled silver floret on hilt terminus, hilt fittings of Australian engineering grade brass, Tasman Oak grip w/Top Grain Leather Grip Wrap.
Scabbard of Tasman Oak, Scabbard and Shoulder Strap of Top Grain Leather of Contrasting Finish. Italian Red Nappa Leather Sash. Light and extremely fast. More suited to thrusting than cutting, but capable of doing both. File work on the blade near hilt. #sword #swords #rapier #katana #european #japanese #metalwork #art #atrwork #australia #italy #steel #leather #brass #silver

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First 7-Minutes of Accel World: Infinite Burst

Yesterday, Niconico and AbemaTV began streaming the first 7-minutes of Accel World: Infinite Burst film, on the film’s YouTube Channel and will be available until July 29.

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Hello :) new post <3

For Trade: (Everything’s Pictured)

• Candle sticks (one without wax)

• cinnamon stick

• Smooth rose quartz (small)

• Rough clear quartz (small)

• Rings (Pearl, Butterfly, Silver w/ diamonds)

• Earrings (Purple feathers, silver flowers, blue butterflies, purple beads)

• Bracelets (Gold beach-themed and small stone one with H initial, Blue & White beaded, and gold w/ small purple gems)

• Necklaces (Blue howling wolf, decorative stone, Small batman rainbow heart, blue tassel, silver sword/knife)

• Random charms (hello kitty, gold bow, gold leaf, silver sun, gold lighthouse, purple gems, small silver angels, blue circles)

•Golden pin with “Mother” on it

• Red, white, & blue keychain

• Magnets (Birdhouse & Cat with quote)

• Raffia Ribbon (paper ribbon)

• Artwork (The picture is an example of what I can do :) I can also do nature-oriented art)

• Herbs: Mint & Crape Myrtle flowers (pink)

Looking For:
• Books (Wiccan, Herbs, Spirits)
• Stones
• Herbs
• Your Artwork For My Artwork
• Journals (Un-used)
• Elephant Things
• I’m open to ideas :)

Thank you!!

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Both swords have now been detailed with a wood burner. Next have to prime & paint them. Finally have to do a small detailed paint job on the silver sword to make the signs more visible. #thewitcher3 #thewitcher3wildhunt #thewitcher3cosplay #geraltofrivia #gwynbleidd #geraltcosplay #geraltofriviacosplay #cdprojektred #wbgames #cosplaywip

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Original Story Two ~ Conquering the flow

I stood lonely on the water’s edge.
In the dark, I pondered my decision.

Could I come this far on my journey, only to give in to something as commonplace as water?

Beneath me, the water mocked me with my own reflection, the moon’s light bouncing off it’s surface. It showed me a dark crimson face, burnt from weeks in the scorching summer sun; it showed me long, tattered, white hair, resting on the shoulders of a tired warrior. I could’ve sworn I wasn’t this old when I left home, just a month or so ago. My heavy silver sword slung over my back, my posture didn’t make me any younger.

My journey had aged me; no matter what happened now, I couldn’t wait for this all to be over.

My brown leather clothes had holes in where they’d been ripped, and I found that unconsciously ripping them further had become my instinctive coping mechanism. Now, my fingers were at work, destroying my clothes to tatters.

In the past weeks, I’d conquered so many fears; faced horrors I’d once have ran from in the blink of an eye; I’d done things I’d never dreamt I’d have the courage to do. I couldn’t believe that this water, staring me in the eye, was getting the better of me.


I wouldn’t let it.

This water - this Gods damn water - wasn’t going to stop me from completing my quest.

Somewhere in the depths of this seemingly tranquil lake was a dragon, and if I didn’t kill it, it would be putting my family, my friends - everything I’d ever known - at the hands of death.


I threw off my outermost clothing, and the breeze coming off of the water started to scratch at my bare skin.
Looking up at the moon, I thought of my family at home, and along with all of my fear, I gulped down an elixir of underbreathing.

Before I could rethink, I dived into the lake, with sword in hand, and determination in my eye.