Bruce Wayne (BvS) x female reader - Stolen Hearts (Rated M)

I had an urge to write a Bruce Wayne reader insert so here it is! Based on an older Bruce (Batman V Superman to be exact)

You meet Bruce at a lavish party, originally on there to help yourself to the wealthy guests possessions, but get seduced by the infamous Mr. Wayne.

This story is very simple, and could be translated into a Selina/Catwoman story, but in all honesty I just wanted to write some porn! ;)

Warning- Heavy smut, penetration, fingering, foreplay in a car, stupid sexy suave Bruce

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It’s April 4th! Scott’s birthday. And I am lame.

That pack of dim, layabout, billionaire playboys, the Tracy Brothers are out and about to celebrate their big brother’s birthday in style.

The Place to Be Seen

April 4th

Everybody who is anybody has it marked on their calendar as the event of the season. Forget The Oscars, The Met Gala, the Presidential Ball, mere tedious functions. Tonight is the night that the rich and the beautiful come to spend their youth like pennies.

It is the night when once a year, that shadow across the pages of the gossip columns, that most eligible of eligible bachelors, that eldest son of the third richest man in the world, emerges into the light, so his four – equally rich, equally handsome, equally rambunctious brothers – can throw him a birthday party the world will never forget.

If you’re not invited, well darling, I’m afraid you’re not anybody.

In previous years it has been in a great, glimmering undersea dome, reached only by bathosphere. It has been held among sparking electrics and luminescent neons in the hull of a great rusted ship. It’s been held in full masquerade in a filigree castle in the Swiss Alps, when every guest was flown there personally in an aircraft decked out like a pumpkin carriage.

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Model in Pamukkale, Turkey wearing short silver-sequined sleeveless dress by Joan Arkin. Photo by Henry Clarke. Vogue 1966


Malaika Firth photographed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino for Dior magazine, Summer 2015.  Fashion Editor/Stylist: Karen Kaiser, Hair Artist: Paolo Ferreira.

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Heey! Can u do one where they are mad at eachother and they make eachother jealous ? Love you 💜

love you too b💗
So you and Justin had just been arguing over many things which all started from you being upset over not seeing him as much because of the tour, which soon escalated to an argument. This couldn’t have happened at a worse time as you two were just heading out the door to a club appearance in LA. When you came down the stairs all dressed up in a silver sequinned dress and red lips poppin’ you seen him gasp almost under his breath but he still never said anything and just headed out to the limo.
The whole journey you were both silent with the odd scold.
As soon as you guys arrived you posed for pictures together looking as happy as ever , but as soon as you guys entered the club you went straight to Kendall and the girls and he went to the guys. You immediately started with the champagne and not long after you were tipsy on vodka. That’s when something caught your eye by the bar it was Justin leaning in with some blonde bitch, having the time of their lives laughing it up. Her hand running up and down his arm. Oh honey did he want to play this game ?
You soon found yourself on the dance floor dropping your ass like you were working for tips, the kinda stuff grandma wouldn’t be impressed with. Soon the smell of cologne filled your senses and arms snaked around your hips and started grinding against you, you knew it wasn’t Justin as this guy had no tattoos. You went with it and pushed your hips back on the unknown stranger. You obviously had had too much to drink although you felt no guilt as Justin was up at the bar swinging out of some lil thot.
Justin’s POV

“So how long are you guys in LA for then?” Sarah asked me with a smile on her face. I hadn’t seen her in so long she was that cousin that you had spent your entire childhood with, fancy seeing her here ?
We had been talking for a while as (Y/N) seemed to have been doing her own thing. I felt so so bad and I shouldn’t have said any of things I said, and she looked absolutely beautiful tonight.
I turned to Sarah. “Hey uh Sarah you haven’t seen (Y/N) anywhere have you?”
“I saw her when she walked in earlier on she’s smokin! Hmm let’s see” she said looking around.
“Oh um Justin is that her over there?” She said pointing over to the dance floor. My heart stopped. Anger and jealousy flooding my entire body. There she was, (Y/N) all over some other guy, his hands roaming her body. Oh hell no.
“Get the fuck off her, take your fucking hands off my girl dick!” I said grabbing this guys arm and shoving her off (Y/N).
“Yo man who the fuck do you think you are?” He got back in my face.
“Hey J baby, so you actually care about me now huh?” (Y/N) said in a squeaky laughy drunk voice , falling into my chest .
“How much have you had to drink Jesus, what do you mean?” I said trying to hold her up. The dickhead guy still standing there, not for long as I grabbed his collar and had him against the wall, “I don’t know who the fuck you are but you better get outta my face before I beat the fuck outta you for touching my girl”.
Wasn’t long before he was mortified and walking away quickly.

“Hey you were off with some other girl, that’s not fair!” (Y/N) said pushing my chest.

“What are you talking about? Sarah? Oh (Y/N) she’s my cousin!” I pulled her in by her waist close to me.

“You know baby I’m so so sorry for the things I said earlier, doesn’t mean I’m not gonna take you home get you outta that dress and show you you’re my girl and my girl only.” He rasped in my ear, the lingering smell of alcohol hitting my face. I gave him a cheeky smirk and held his hand as he pulled me out of the club.