This is my piece for the Silver Screen Society’s February exhibition honoring the very funny podcast “How Did This Get Made?” Artists chose one of several bad movies reviewed on the podcast by Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas and June Diane Raphael (who can make the word “disgusting” the funniest thing I’ve heard) and my choice, if it’s not obvious, was Batman & Robin.

My little brother and I have seen this movie too many times, and it is oh so silly, and we love it. There are enough nipples sculpted into costumes that I figured I’d give everyone a chance to show theirs off. And revisiting those costumes…boy are they dumb. Mr. Freeze’s get-up is one of the most convoluted, stupid things I’ve ever had to draw. So this was tons of fun.

Check out all the great work on Silver Screen Society’s online gallery here, including Jimmy Giegerich’s excellent Cool As Ice piece (which got him followed BY Vanilla Ice on Twitter! A very rad outcome). And, if you haven’t already heard “How Did This Get Made?”, correct that error here. You’ll be better for it.

Thanks to the guys at Silver Screen for inviting me to take part!

Silver Screen Society honors the many stories told through the world of cinema by bringing each month a new film and a continuous stream of creatives that carry with them their own unique interpretations and ideas. This month: The Science of Sleep by Michel Gondry.

My second offering to Silver Screen Society! October celebrates Mon Oncle by Jacques Tati and it was a wonderful departure from the tone of my last effort (Get Carter).

Heaps of fun and a great excuse to draw a pipe.

It’s been less than a day but there was a lot of wonderful feedback over my humble poster asking for a tangible copy! So if you head on over to the shop, you’ll find what you seek.

Lookie Lookie!  I got to draw Vanilla Ice from the movie Cool as Ice for Silver Screen Society’s team up with one of my favorite podcasts ever, How Did This Get Made?!

Ok, real talk: I really love Cool as Ice.  I have to rank this movie up there with movies like Troll 2, The Room, and Birdemic as far as how good it is because of how bad it is.  C'mon, Vanilla Ice plays a hip-hop gypsy, babbles incoherently for the entirety of the movie, and also pretty much turns into Steven Seagal whenever there’s a fight scene?  Count me in!

The Silver Screen Society is Celebrating it’s 3rd Anniversary. To mark the Big Three, They are paying Tribute all Month long to The Criterion Collection and their amazing Catalog of films.

Here is my entry 

Stanley Kubrick’s Heist Masterpiece

“The Killing” (30"x40") UK Quad Poster 

Enjoy and Happy Weekend 


Here is a piece I did this month for the awesome project Silver Screen Society, which picks a new film each month for a few artists to interpret. This month was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

One of the main themes of the film is fear and overcoming your fears, so I knew I wanted to do something with the dementors. I had a good time using a limited palette with my Women Warriors piece so I decided to try using a lot fewer colors than I normally would here, too. Fun project! Thanks to Trevor and Brandon for inviting me.

Ash goes to Hell!

This is my piece for the upcoming ‘Alternate Ending’ show at Bottleneck Gallery.

What if at the end of Evil Dead 2 instead of being sucked into olden times, Ash was sucked down…to Hell! Prints will be available. I’ll post the details shortly.

Pretty excited about the show. There’s some amazing artists on the list and from what I’ve seen this one should be awesome! Details for the show below.

Alternate Ending

Curated by Silver Screen Society

Friday, December 14th - Friday, January 4th, 2013

Opening Reception: Friday December 14th from 7pm to 10pm 

Online Sales Begin Saturday December 15th ~ 12 noon est. 

Life is full of endings that we cannot change, goodbyes we cannot take back, and letters we cannot un-send. Classic movie endings stay forever frozen in our mind, and a tragic book ending can haunt you for days. That is why Bottleneck decided to change the rules of space and time, commissioning over 60 gifted artists for our “Alternate Ending” exhibit. Each artist will present a piece representing what they wish had happened at the end of a certain film, video game, or book. It is our chance to rewrite the end, and we hope to see you there.



July was Spirited Away month over at Silver Screen Society, and their talented gang of graphic designers tackled Miyazaki’s masterpiece from some wildly diverse angles. 

Check out the SSS site to see the full gallery and get info about the awesome artists responsible.

Credits: Jean-David Minseroux, José Sala, Maria Suarez-Inclan, Barry Blankenship

I did a piece for Silver Screen Society’s MAD MAX month!!  I LOVE Mad Max, so this was a ton of fun to do.

I chose to draw Fifi, the chief of the Main Force Patrol, at home, watering his plants and smoking a cigar.  Fifi is one of my favorite characters in the movie.  He wears cool hats, cool glasses, and he never takes his scarf off.  And his name is Fifi Macaffee.

The scene that this is based on is also pretty awesome.