Ash goes to Hell!

This is my piece for the upcoming ‘Alternate Ending’ show at Bottleneck Gallery.

What if at the end of Evil Dead 2 instead of being sucked into olden times, Ash was sucked down…to Hell! Prints will be available. I’ll post the details shortly.

Pretty excited about the show. There’s some amazing artists on the list and from what I’ve seen this one should be awesome! Details for the show below.

Alternate Ending

Curated by Silver Screen Society

Friday, December 14th - Friday, January 4th, 2013

Opening Reception: Friday December 14th from 7pm to 10pm 

Online Sales Begin Saturday December 15th ~ 12 noon est. 

Life is full of endings that we cannot change, goodbyes we cannot take back, and letters we cannot un-send. Classic movie endings stay forever frozen in our mind, and a tragic book ending can haunt you for days. That is why Bottleneck decided to change the rules of space and time, commissioning over 60 gifted artists for our “Alternate Ending” exhibit. Each artist will present a piece representing what they wish had happened at the end of a certain film, video game, or book. It is our chance to rewrite the end, and we hope to see you there.


More MON ONCLE Art by The Silver Screen Society

so way, way back in october i linked to some MON ONCLE artwork by a collective of young designers operating under the banner of “The Silver Screen Society.” don’t remember? click here. oooohhh, that incredible and diverse series of Mon Oncle artwork that so blew my mind this time last month. of course! 

well, it turns out i jumped the gun a little bit, because they weren’t quite done with their Mon Oncle series (they riff on a classic film for an entire month, and apparently they save some of their best stuff for that final week). so here are 4 more brilliant designs from The Silver Screen Society’s october series. enjoy.