I haven’t heard anyone bring this up before, but whatever happened to Valhallarama’s Silver Phantom? In How to Seize a Dragon’s Jewel Excellinor had him shot by an arrow dipped in Venomous Vorpent venom. Berk was burned down, which might have delayed the growing of potatoes to cure this disease. The Doomfang proves that how long the poison takes to kill the huma or dragon depends on their lifespan, which means the Silver Phantom might live long enough for new plants to grow. However, in the epilogue of How to Twist a Dragon’s Tale we never get confirmation that the dragon who flies Valhallarama on her last quest is the Silver Phantom, or even that he survives whatever killed her (although her body had to come back somehow, but an ally with a ship could have done so).

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Because time is a trivial concept in a realm where the 4rth deminsion can be manipulated, it's possible that everyones ghost or ghost imprint could exist at all points simultaniously so everything would have an imprint on the ghost zone and ectoplasm would just give the energy for physical matter to interact similarly. So like, everyone is linked to the ghost zone, ectoplasm is just the way of opening that link

I’m only using a geometric fourth dimension, which isn’t related to time any more than our own 3D spacetime is. The most wild time and space distortion probably only happens to particles going a significant portion of the speed of light and whatever the 4D equivalent of a black hole is, not to matter as organized as an ecto-signature or brain. But then again, Clockwork manipulates time in the Danny Phantom universe so…. rubs temples…… ooooouuuugh

Related: I don’t plan to try and explain the reality altering/time control stuff in DP anytime soon because a lot of it is basically magic (even more so than the rest), which is a lot less interesting to me than the basic ghost powers and how they can be exploited.

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Have you and Silver ever done a Phantom cemetery photoshoot??

Only sort of.

When we visited Crown Hill Cemetery I was wearing my inverness coat and my Phantom hat and she was wearing her red scarf, so we did manage to achieve this spooky shot kind of. Where it looks like she’s reaching back to pull her scarf away from a figure unseen (save for my shadow) who’s gripping it. The shadows looked pretty cool against the mausoleum wall.

So that was kind of neat.
We do plan to do a proper shoot there when the snows come next. For reasons.
That the cemetery has great mausoleums and I have a violin reasons.

The Nightmare Before the Opera:

The Phantom of the Opera

I was going to put the fedora on Jack’s head, but I felt like it overshadowed his expression. So no hat for you now, Jack. 


Angel of Music

Music of the Night

Stranger than you Dreamt It.

All I Ask Of You


Mary Jane kind of represents the difficulties of rendering superhero stories on film. Superheroes are inherently serialized narratives which means even a trilogy of 90+ minute movies are going to struggle to capture the characters.

Mary Jane is a major victim of this because her character and story really hinges upon an ongoing narrative.

You need to see Mary Jane as the bubbly party girl and believe her as nothing more than that before you gradually see there is more to her and she drops the bombshell that she knows Peter’s identity and has always had this facade going on.

It was a beautiful character arc that allowed her character to both grow but also reveal the depths which were always there over time.

And even in three movies that’s really, really hard to do especially if you also ideally have to try and convince people to invest in Peter’s romance with someone else which then ends tragically and then kicks off the first leg  of his relationship with Mary Jane.

If Spider-Man was a TV show this would be so much easier and more rewarding, but on film you need to really plan it out ahead and obviously planning out the stuff with Peter and his villains will probably take priority or if your Sony planning out all your bullshit phantom Silver Sable films.

That’s why I think MJ is so often extensively rewritten in adaptations. Gwen Stacy, Betty Brant and even Felicia can be more easily boiled down to a core set of personality traits, but MJ has t be a box within a box which you unwrap over time.

If the MCU really are going to do 7 movies for Spidey then here’s hoping they are going to do MJ right this time.

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Did you and Silver love Phantom equally when you started dating, or did one of you introduce the awesomeness of it to the other?

This is an interesting question, and maybe she can correct me if my recollection is fuzzy here.


For my part, I’ve been a fan (or I guess phan) since I was…quite young.
Exhibit A:

Yes that’s me. I think I was around 6 or 7 at the time.

I’d always been a fan of musicals, and the Andrew Lloyd Webber Phantom of the Opera had all the best things in it: a villain with great songs who wore a mask and had a cape and I guess other stuff too. But mostly I enjoyed the music. As I got older, I of course read the Leroux novel and subsequent materials and ended up seeing the stage production a small handful of times too. I enjoyed watching the film adaptations as they came along or I sought them out, and now I just find the story very compelling overall. So yes, to conclude, I was a long time fan before Silv and I met.

Silv is definitely way into it now, though if my recollection is correct I don’t think she’d read the book prior to us dating. I don’t think it’s too immodest to say that I helped her become more interested in the story, and I believe she’d only been casually familiar with the thing.

But my memory may be wonky there, @tallestsilver, wanna fill in your story here to elaborate?

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Do you have any favorite fan art of the dragons from the books?

Sure do! I can’t get enough of it, to be honest. So here is some fanart I really love! Many of the pieces have Vikings in them, too, but each and every one of these has at least some dragons. :) Give these artists some love and happiness for the beautiful work they’ve shared!

If anyone has drawn, is planning on drawing, or knows people who have drawn dragons and Vikings from the books, I’d love to see that too! Please share by links so that no art is stolen or in any ways posted without permission.

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Hey Myebi im be thinking alot and im decide to say this to you can you tell the whole story of your fnaf au and i know you left the fandom and im respect that im really do im just want to know about it and also you can tell me why you left and im promise it's the last time im gonna talk about your fnaf au if you dont want to it im fine with this your dear amon Ps Love you and Enjoy you life as you can

I remember you, and I know you as the person who spammed me with questions about FNAF many many MANY times when I clearly stated it bothered me. But it’s nicely asked, so I’ll answer. :)

I still really like FNAF and its universe, but the fandom is… Well, I simply can’t post anything about FNAF because I will get yelled at to make more content of it, that’s a problem I don’t have with Undertale for the time being, so yeah. You know why no more FNAF content. Still like to browse its content from time to time though.

Well, 5 Lullabies FNAF AU plot under the cut!

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