New Year’s Kiss: Philip Hamilton x Reader

Request: Philip x reader imagine with them being friends and secretly liking each other and kissing on New Year’s Eve

Requester: Anon

Word Count: 1304

A/N: this is so high school. so so so high school. I apologize in advance

New Year’s Eve is supposed to be magical. Ever since you were a little girl, you had dreamed of having your perfect New Year’s Eve kiss when you were in high school. Now, you were seventeen and you felt that dream slowly fading.

You were going to a party that night with some of your friends. It was supposed to be chill, just hanging out and drinking champagne on a couch in a basement. Basically, it would be like your last sixteen New Year’s Eves. Still, you found yourself getting ready two hours before you neded to be there.

As you swiped some sparkly silver eye shadow on your eyelids, your sister showed up in the doorframe of the bathroom and said, “Why so fancy? You’re just going to hang our with your loser friends, aren’t you?”

“They aren’t losers,” you replied quickly, still leaning into your mirror to do your makeup. “But yeah, I am.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Is Philip going to be there?” She asked, holding out his name to tease you.

You played it off quickly. “Yeah, isn’t he always?”

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Friends That Pick Out Suits Together Spar Together

**Remember when I said I would do that Magnus x Raphael friendship one-shot? Well here it finally is after much procrastinating. Hope everyone enjoys it, it was fun to write.**

“Well that won’t do as a proper suit. It doesn’t accentuate your physique.” Magnus remarked as Raphael looked at the navy suit he was wearing in the mirror.

“I like it, it’s nice in a subtle way.” Raphael adjusted the cuffs of the suit and allowed himself to take a bit of pride in his looks. He worked hard to remain fit otherwise he wouldn’t be taken serious as a clan leader. Although his stern glare would say otherwise.

Magnus rolled his eyes as he mussed up Raphael’s hair. “Fine if you insist but at least let me pick out a tie and a shirt made out of a more appropriate material.”

Raphael swatted his hand away softly but he nodded in agreement. Magnus drifted out of the dressing room to find the mentioned items, giving Raphael the chance to change out of the suit. He was friends with the warlock long enough to know that although his sense of fashion may be too flashy for his own tastes Magnus knew Raphael’s taste enough to pick out something nice. Well most of the time at least.

“Magnus, how is your boyfriend Alonzo. Is he good?” Raphael asked as he exited the dressing room, smirking from purposefully not calling Alec by the right name. He had to deal with Magnus calling Simon things like Silverstein so it was fun to give him a taste of his own medicine.

“Alexander, is fine but…” he trailed off as he stared at the two ties before raising them towards Raphael “maroon or navy.”

Raphael stared at Magnus, noticing the worry etched into his brow that he tried to conceal.

“Magnus,” he said in a warning tone “what is wrong? The Magnus I know wouldn’t dare overlook that silver tie that you would enchant with minuscule specs of glitter. Explain what is wrong with you and your nephilim boyfriend.”

“I feel as though I’m too much for him at times. I am Alexander’s first boyfriend and it is a lot for him to take in. He’s new for me too but I don’t wish to overwhelm him.”

Raphael broke out laughing causing Magnus to look at him with a confused expression.

“Dios, I thought you were going to say one of you two had done something stupid to hurt each other. Magnus Bane, if you were too much the nephilim boy wouldn’t have even gone this far into a relationship with you. He cares about you just as much as you care about him.”

Magnus smiled at Raphael, the worry seeming to slip of his face.

“This is why you’re my favorite friend, darling. But don’t tell anyone.”

Raphael snorted “Yeah right, I’m rubbing this in Caterina and Ragnor’s face next time we are with them.”

“You will not and come on,” Magnus said as he discards the ties and grabbed the silver one Raphael mentioned. “we need to purchase these clothes quickly so I can stop by this new store. They sell a silver eye shadow that would look divine with this suit. And I need to pick up a few things myself.”

Magnus continued to list off things as he led Raphael to the cashier. Raphael fell into a comfortable silence, content whenever Magnus interjected to speak his mind.


Raphael flipped Magnus over his shoulder staring down at Magnus with a smirk. “Point for Santiago.”

Magnus threw a blue ball of wisps at Raphael knocking the latter of his feet. “What was that, point for Bane. Why don’t mind if I do.” he said as he got up and dusted himself off.

The two continued to spar each getting the upper hand at moments only to be knocked down by their opponents. Raphael speed and strength against Magnus’ agility and magic usually made for eventful sparring matches. But they let their own cockiness get in the way of the matches making them more playful than serious. They still benefited from the sparring as a whole.

“How long before you quit?” Raphael said while smirking, raising his fists in a fighting stance.

“Never, Santiago. I could do this all day.” Magnus retorted as his cat eyes surfaced.

The two did end up sparring all day until they eventually retired on Magnus’ lavish couch. Magnus snapped his fingers and two wine glasses appeared. He handed the one filled with blood to Raphael as he sipped his own. Raphael gratefully took the glass and relished in the blood trailing down his throat. He drained the glass quickly and placed it on the nearby table.

Even though Raphael was a vampire there was still times when he would feel sleep seep into him. He stretched himself out on the sofa, sinking into it slightly, as he tried not to nudge Magnus. As he shut his eyes he felt a finger prodding his forehead.

“Rrrraphael, Raphaaaael, Raphaellll Santiagoooo.” Raphael cracked his eyes open and stared at Magnus.

“Yes.” He spoke in his most deadpan voice.

“Nothing just wanted to see if you were still awake.” Raphael glared at him halfheartedly.

“I have to lie with a sweaty warlock. What has my life become?” Raphael said causing Magnus to chuckle.

“Absolutely splendid, I am jealous.” Magnus replied cheekily before being caught off by a yawn.

“Sleep you annoying Warlock.” Raphael could feel his own sleep coming back and the sooner Magnus went to the sleep the sooner he could.

“Okay Mr.Ill Tempered, since you asked so nicely.” Magnus teased as he took his turn to stretch himself out while Raphael rolled his eyes.


“This is actually really adorable. I’m making this my screensaver.” A muffled voice said.

“Send it to me.” Another muffled voice replied causing Raphael’s hairs to stand on end. He feigned sleep so he could listen to the intruders but remain ready to strike.

A flash suddenly occurred causing Raphael to peel his eyes and open as he hissed at the intruders.

“Calm down Raph, it’s just me.“  Raphael oriented himself and his gaze was met by Simon with a watchful Alec beside him.

Raphael disentangled himself from Magnus and gestured for Alec to take his spot.

“He’s all yours Alonzo.” Raphael said as got up and intertwined his fingers with Simon.

“My names Alec, not Alonzo.” Alexander replied as he moved the hair off Magnus’ face and then pressed a soft kiss to his forehead. He caressed Magnus’ cheek tenderly as the latter nuzzled into the touch.

“I know.” Raphael said, he turned back to Alec and smirked. Alec was too preoccupied in his boyfriends beauty to even notice the quip or that the two were even leaving at all.

Raphael grabbed his clothes with Simon in tow as he left Alec to spend his alone time with Magnus. He walked with Simon back to the Hotel Dumort as the moonlight illuminated them.

Raphael leaned his head towards Simon’s ear “Oh and Simon, I know about the picture.”

Simon stiffened and let out a shaky laugh. “What picture, I didn’t take a picture. I don’t even know what pictures are. Are they some sort of art. I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Simon babbled nervously.

Raphael quirked an eyebrow. “So you wouldn’t mind letting me see your phone then.”

Simon handed his phone over to Raphael who turned it on and immediately saw the guilty material. It was a picture of Magnus lying on top of Raphael, his hands on the protective arm Raphael slung around him. Both of the men looked at peace, youth seeming to emanate from their faces. Which was ironic due to Magnus’ age and Raphael’s dead state.

“You can keep it as long as you send it to no one, expect Alonzo. He is fine to send it to.”

Simon wrapped his arms happily around Raphael, squeezing him in a tight hug. “Thank you so much Raph. I really like this and I appreciate you letting me keep it.”

Simon smiled at him and it was like pure sunshine shining through.

Raphael kissed Simon’s smiling lips. “I love you.” Simon recaptured his lips in a kiss more passionate than the one before.

“I love you too cariño,” Raphael smiled widely “now let’s go home.”

Spaceboy! Michael

You’ve got your Rose Gold Gavin, you got your Pastel Ryan but have you got your space/holo/glitter Michael no? i think you should,imagine Spaceboy! Michael with;
-Holo/glitter freckles
-glitter contour/highlights 
-silver hair
-silver eyeliner & iridescent eye shadow
-Galaxy print shirt with a silver bomber jacket with an alien head that has the words “ i don’t believe in humans” on the back
-Holo nail polish
-Silver choker
-black jeans with space themed patches sewn around the pockets
-silver platform creepers.

Date Night - Dean

Summary: Dean x Reader. Dean & the reader decides to confuse a bunch of strangers as they test out some bad pickup lines at a fancy jazz bar.

Triggers: None

Word Count: 1851

Y/N = Your name  Y/E/C = Your eye colour

This is the seventh story in a series of Date Night stories leading up to Valentines Day. Dates that are a bit different from your normal dinner and movie dates with some of the Supernatural characters. I’ll be continuing these on and off even after Valentines day so if you have an idea for a cool date idea or want a specific character please tell me!

Other date nights:  Charlie   Sam  Samandriel  Castiel  Kevin  Gabriel

“You ready for tonight (Y/N)?” Dean said with a wide grin as he popped his head in the door to your room. He was already dressed in his FBI suit, and looking as gorgeous as ever.

“Of course! Well, ok, no, but hey! I have to show up later than you for this to work!” You said with a laugh as Dean raised an eyebrow when he saw you were still in your sweats. All your measly belongings spread on the bed in front of you. You didn’t really have the right clothes for a night out at a fancy bar, except one or two pieces you’d kept after recon duty at hunts. But you were sure you could pull something together before the evening.

“Alright, just don’t stand me up ok?” Dean said as he shook his head with a laugh, but the fear of rejection was still visible in the way his shoulders slumped a little. Even with the two of you going out he never really seemed to trust that it was actually happening, that you were his.

“There is no way that would ever happen Dean Winchester,” You said seriously, walking across the room to wrap your arms around his neck and pull him into a chaste kiss. “I’m really looking forward to this date, wouldn’t miss it for the world,”

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All my fills this week will be taken from the Audienne verse; in short, it’s a modern AU where Levi is blind. 

For eruri week day1: Family

The sunrise slicks into the room with creeping petals of fingers that stroke across the planes of Levi’s cheeks, crawling across his mouth, brushing against his eyelashes with their warmth. Fluttering, being drawn out of the last vestiges of a dream that is already slicking through his fingers like water, Levi opens silver eyes to trace the shadow Erwin’s limbs cast against the milky sheets, a blur of beiges and creams and roses that meld together into the finest of slurries. 

He reaches out, movements tentative so as not to wake him, sliding his fingers into the loose gaps between Erwin’s. His hand has already long learned how to fit themselves together, and even in sleep, Erwin’s thumb twitches against his own, rubbing soft comfort like the velvet into his skin. 

His heartbeat is gentle in his ears. Steady. Safe. He counts the seconds between the pulse with measured breaths, savoring the soothing quiet punctuated only by the soft susurrus of Erwin’s breaths, the rise and fall. 

A pitter patter of tiny feet against the hardwood has him half-turning to the open bedroom door, where he can just make out the fadings in of a rosy face, a shock of dark hair, blue pajamas with some sort of fuzzy animal dancing across them. 

He holds out his other hand, palm up, an offering and an acceptance, but the boy ignores him and pats his way around to the other side of the bed, all but crawling over Erwin to settle himself in the middle of the mattress. Erwin grumbles something, and Levi hides his laugh in the curve of his palm as their son jabs Erwin in the stomach with a well-placed limb as he fills the infinitesimal hollow between them to completion.

“Eren,” he murmurs admonishingly, “you shouldn’t do that. Daddy is still sleeping.” 

Eren yawns, the blur of a rosebud mouth opening wide into pinker, redder darkness, brings a hand up to rub at his eyes. They are turquoise, brilliant and incandescent in their beauty, and Levi savors the lovely color with all the ways he knows how to.  

“Papa’s up,” he complains, but his voice is low, a quiet chirping so erwin only barely stirs. Eren’s hand comes up to Levi’s face, the smudge of a tiny starfish reaching out to pat at his cheeks, to trace over his forehead and the bridge of his nose and the lines of his mouth, fingertips tickling against his skin. Memorizing, seeing like Levi does. “Eren’s up. Daddy should be up, too.”

“Daddy is up,” Erwin groans from beside them. Levi catches Eren’s chubby wrist in his hand, presses a kiss to the open palm before letting him go, laughing and squealing, into Erwin’s arms and scruffy embrace itchy with the shadow of a beard. “He couldn’t sleep after you kicked him in the stomach like that.” 

The aurora of the day blooms fully, blossoming and catching their features in golden glimmers that Levi can only follow the shape of, and yet, the clarity is breathtaking. 

The children are from yuuba’s fanarts LOL

Gray Fullbuster didn’t like to leave his children for the night to go out with his wife, Juvia Fullbuster. Not because he didn’t like her company, but because their three children (god, when did that happen?) would usually be babysit by their Grandfather and even though Gray knew that Silver loved his grandchildren, he and Juvia usually returned home to some kind of a mess and that night was no different.

When the couple arrived, they heard a commotion from their bedroom and Gray feared what he was going to find there. He looked back to his wife, who shrugged. At least they were alive; whatever else was cool.

It was not what he expected. At all.

Apparently, Grisa was in charge of the house and made the boys her bitches, after all, Silver – the same Silver whom once was a part of the feared Guild Tartaros – was sitting on the couple’s bed alongside with the boys and was wearing make-up and his hair had been put in pigtails, and the children – their three-years-old son Jack and their seven-months-old baby, Silver – suffered the same fate. Actually, Grisa was finishing up with Silver when they arrived and was putting lip gloss on his lips.

“What the-” Gray couldn’t believe his eyes and he could feel his wife snort and put a hand over her lips.

Four pair of eyes immediately snapped at the couple standing at the door. “Daddy! Mommy!” Grisa was the first to say, her blue eyes just like her mother’s were sparkling in excitement.

“Hey, princess.” Gray said softly. No matter how upset he was that she had just drag-queened his sons and his father, she would forever be his little girl. The Ice Mage took in the boys and then Silver and squinted his eyes to his father. “Dad… You were supposed to be watching them.”

“And I did!” Silver said, offended. “None of them was out of my sight for a moment.” The older man was so proud of himself that Gray had to roll his eyes with how ridiculous he was. “Hey, Juvia-chan.”

“Hi, Silver-sama.” Juvia was trying to hide her smile when she kissed the top of her daughter’s head, then proceeded to kiss her father-in-law’s, followed by her sulking three-year-old and finally to her youngest son, while Gray kneeled in front of the little girl and both watched as Juvia stared to the baby in his grandfather’s arms. “Oh, Sil-chan. What did your sister do to you?”

“His name is Vera now.” Grisa said obviously proud of herself while Juvia had to hide her smile as she picked up their youngest child, who cooed happily to his mother, oblivious of what was happening.

“His name is what?” Gray half yelled.

The little girl shrugged. “Silver plus an ‘a’, Silvera. So, Vera.”

Gray could feel a migraine coming. “And your grandpa? His name is Silver too.”

“He’s Grandpa, not Silver.” Grisa wrinkled her nose. “I’ll call him Grandma now, I suppose.”

Gray stared at her daughter for a moment and then to his father, who just shrugged. “I can’t say no to her. Look at her pretty blue eyes, they are Juvia-chan’s eyes and I can’t say ‘no’ to her either. Grisa-chan can call me whatever she wants, she and Juvia are my girls.”

“You are all crazy.” The Ice Mage groaned and took a moment to stare at his oldest son, Jack, who was sulking and had his arms crossed over his chest. “How about you, Jack?”

“Jaqueline.” The six-year-old ‘corrected’ her father.

Grisa!” Gray snapped and then took a deep breath. “No one is changing names. Or genders.” He stopped for a moment. “Not that you can’t. You can if it’s what you want. But not right now. I mean…” He offered his wife a mean glare when she dared to giggle and then turned his attention towards his son. “Oh, forget it. Jack, did you want to do this?”

Jack sulked even more – he looked so much like his father that was actually as if they were seeing a mini-Gray especially with that expression. “No. Grisa said that I had to, because grandpa and Sil were doing.” The boy thought for a moment. “And that she would give me candy.”

Silver nodded in understanding. “I can see his reasoning. He’s three, it makes sense. In about ten years a girl would have to offer him to see a boob to-“

OKAY!” Gray cut his father. “Dad, thanks for watching them, or whatever is that you do when Juvia and I are not around.” The man sighed. “Go wash your face before you leave, though; you look like a drag queen. We have three little piglets to bath.”

Silver batted his shadowed eyes towards his son and said: “Do I look pretty, son?” Silver winked to his daughter-in-law and grandkids, who laughed out loud.


Fanfic - Can You Zip me Up? - 1/1

Title: Can You Zip me Up?     

Summary: Four times Iris asks Barry to help zip her into a dress…and the one time Barry zips her out.

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 3802

A/N: Requested by the lovely capriciouscapricorn


“Barry? Can you help me with something?”

Barry paused in the hallway to glance over at Iris’s half open door. He assumed she wanted help with her chemistry project or to have him change the light bulb in her room that she wasn’t tall enough to reach. Never in a million years would Barry have guessed the favor Iris was about to ask him.

“I can’t reach this back zipper,” Iris said when Barry walked into her room. “Can you help me?…Barry? Barry did you hear me?”

Barry’s mind completely short circuited at the sight in front of him. Iris had on a cheerleader uniform in the blue and white colors of Central High School. The pleated skirt stopped right at her lower thigh revealing the beautiful brown skin of her slim legs. The image of Iris doing a spin causing the skirt to flare upwards made his mouth go dry. His eyes drifted up to the V-neck of her top that showed the long curve of her neck.

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Fic: Stare

Warnings: facefucking, facial, light comeplay (by my standards), boy wearing make up, some reasonable power dynamics in play.


Neither of them ends up in theatre, now does Kurt end up in fashion or Blaine become a doctor. But they grow up together, grow happy, and they still indulge their passions when there’s time. They do a little community theatre though Kurt prefers directing to acting. They volunteer at youth centers and teach drama classes and Blaine plays piano and Kurt teaches kids how to run scales.

One day Blaine comes home with black eyeliner around his eyes because one of the girls dared him to and it gets Kurt thinking. The next time they go out to the clubs—a rare occasion but that’s part of why it is so fun—Kurt catches Blaine at the mirror before they leave, pulls eyeliner from his pocket and smears some on. Blaine arches an eyebrow at him but Kurt just shakes his head and says it suits him and his big amber-brown eyes.

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