Plot Twists - Josh Washington x Reader

Requested by Anon: can you do an imagine where the reader and josh reunite a few months after the mishap on Blackwood Pines; the reader forgives him and it’s kinda cute and fluffy. thanks, love xxxx

Requested by Anon: Hi, there! Can you make up a one-shot/imagine where everyone forgives Josh for his actions. Thank you so much! :)

Requested by Anon: Yooo, brother! could you do a imagine where everybody else dies (some survive, i guess) and Josh is the one who survives? Like, how is it different and blah! thanks, fam

Word count: 1218

Song I suggest you listen to while reading: Breathe Me - Sia

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@beowulfo-wuf wanted me to post this so… here ^w^

It was late at night and Beowulf knew tonight was the night he would accompany his girlfriend to a party. The press, celebrities, and just about everyone who was anyone was going to be here. He stared at the closet full of of pressed suits, the feeling of being overwhelmed overtook his body. The wolf’s knees felt weak and his hands shook as he thumbed through the clothing. “I’m wearing a dress with silver and red, make sure you wear something that matches!” The words of his superstar girlfriend rang through his head. A suit that matches… Hm.. Thats going to be an issue. Green suits, grey suits, and many silver suits to chose from, in fact, it looked like there was a disorganized rainbow in his closet.  How am I supposed to pick which one out of these is going to go with her dress?  he thought to himself. Feeling overwhelmed and disheartened, he took a few steps back, falling in to his bed.  Why couldn’t she just pick the darn thing out FOR me?

He let out a deep sigh, laying in his bed and still trying to think. Eliza would be there in a few hours, and he was only showered and shaved.. Maybe if I close my eyes for a couple minutes.. I can visualize the suit I should wear. Before he could even think of what he was going to wear he was out cold.

“MR. WOLF.” A shrill voice caused Beowulf to shoot to his feet, and ready with an aggressive stance. “WHO GOES- Oh hey babe.” A dopey smile formed on his face once he noticed the voice was coming from Eliza, who was staring at him from his bedroom doorway. Her face was puckered into an angry scowl as she pointed to the clock on the wall. “We have to leave NOW or we are going to be late! And look at you! I knew i should’ve come earlier. Boys! Please help this poor wolf out.” Beowulf’s blissful smile quickly melted away as he heard Eliza bark at him. Shit, she’s right, we’re supposed to be there in 10 minutes! “I’m sorry Eliza! I must-“ before he could finish his apology, Eliza’s servants, Albus and Horace, grabbed him by each arm and rushed him in to the bathroom.

“Geez, the boss is pissed.” Albus hissed as he quickly brushed down Beowulf’s bedhead away. “Indeed, we’d better hurry, you know how she can’t stand being late.” Horace agreed.
“D-dont I get a say in this?! I look ridiculous with my hair flattened like that! I’m an untamed beast! Not a business man!”
Within minutes Eliza came in with a suit. It had a light grey blazer and pants, with a deep red undershirt. “Quickly, put this on. We might still have enough time if we rush there. Boys, prepare the limo.”

With that, the boys left and the suit was thrown at Beowulf. He sighed as they left and tried to change as quickly as possible.

“Impossible you are simply impossible!” Eliza said to herself, loud enough for Beowulf to hear through the door. “I’m sorry babe! I got overwhelmed with trying to figure out what suit to wear and I guess I fell asleep!” He opened the door and stepped out. It was the first time he actually got a chance to see what Eliza was wearing and they both froze when they saw each other. “Wow.. You look great.” “I know.. but more importantly, your jacket is crooked. She unbuttoned his jacket and slowly put the buttons in the correct holes. Eliza’s face was beet red, the compliment shooting straight through her. “Oh.. Right thanks. We should probably leave now then?”
“One more thing..” Eliza planted a tender kiss on Beowulf’s lips before grabbing his hand and dragging him out to the Limo as fast as she could. Once Horace closed the door behind him she shouted for them to drive as fast as they could.




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