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This is a limited edition numbered foil print of one of our most popular prints, the Art Nouveau Alien inspired “Nostromo.” This sale will only be available for a week!

It is a gorgeous print, with silver details, on a heavy, thick art paper. Each print will be signed by both artist and numbered, 1 through 50. There only are, and only will be 50 made, once they sell this variant print is gone forever!

After this week, this print will ONLY be available at cons (while they last), and not for this cheap! 


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Details of the head from a statue of a young Bacchus. Roman, Imperial Period, first half of 1st century. Bronze with silver. Getty Museum

From the Getty:

Dionysos, the god of wine, wears an ivy wreath hung with leaves and berries. This head is all that survives of what was once a life-size bronze statue of the god. The silvered whites of the eyes originally held inlaid irises. The dreamy, slightly unfocused gaze, as well as the slightly parted lips, conveys sensuousness and sexual ambivalence, characteristics frequently found in depictions of the god.

jmeelee  asked:

Hi Jess question for you- since we know Flint told Silver about Thomas in s3e10 do we know or can we assume that he also told Silver his true name is James McGraw? I keep going back and forth on if i think he told him his real name (i think i believe he DID but am also heartbroken if we didn't get to see that moment) and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

hi jamie!!! :’’) this is a fantastic question, and one we can’t really know the answer to for sure yet but will hopefully find out. (lol @ how that has become like, my black sails tagline. Black Sails: We Can’t Really Know for Sure :^) fjsdklafjsdlf). but god, I’m just rolling around on the floor Suffering™ because of the fact that they brought us into that scene between flint and silver in the finale MID-CONVERSATION!!! I need to know how flint began his confession. I need every single word and we just don’t have it!!! HMMPH >:(

anyway, more under the cut!

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