The pram has arrived…
Silvercross Wayfarer

This is the most beautiful pram! I love it.
We ended up with the whole travel system, the carrycot, older pushchair base and the carseat, so this is the handy for everything!

We chose the lime, as he is a summer baby and it is a light colour so hopefully it wont attract too much heat like the black would. I also wasn’t to keen on the sky blue and only other colour i liked that could be unisex/boy was the chilli. I love the raspberry and damsel but they are very girly (perfect if you are having a little girlie though)

I found this is a very easy pram to use, every part clips on and off really easily. 
It has a massive shopping cart at the bottom, a cute little bag to keep the rain cover in, and a cup holder!! 
You have 3 positions for the handle, so you can easily change it for you and your partner, or little ones grandad, nanny ect… depending on height! 

You start off with the carrycot and car seat (if you buy it) and then when baby gets a little older you swap to the pushchair base, where you strap baby in and you can put it in 3 different positions as well.

I highly recommend the silver cross wayfarer and it comes in so many cute colours and in black or a sand colour if you just want a plain colour and not anything too vibrant.

I cannot wait to put little man in the pram!! i’m so excited.
To take him out in this beautiful summer weather, pushing him around and going on long walks by the river. 

I am so happy with the pram… Thanks to my wonderful mamma bear and her partner Gareth for it. 

Thought i would put up a what we bought this month :)
We bought him the top three items from Kiddicare all in the sale at the moment. The Gro swaddle, a woodland one to keep him cosy and match our theme.
A woodland cot mobile to match Lucas’ enchanted woodland with Bambi incorporated theme nursery, we will be making once we move into a bigger house. We will be making a area in our room as the “Lucas corner” That will have baby bunting and woodland theme. The mobile plays the cutest old fashioned lullaby and is so much nicer than the picture. 
 Then a Sophie la Girafe, meant to be the best teether toy and it has the cutest little squeak.
He got treated to a broccoli from IKEA because it’s cute and its like a mini tree so also matches his enchanted woodland theme.
My mamma then purchased our beautiful pram, Silvercross wayfarer, we have chosen Lime as he’s a summer baby and it’s a cute colour and so summery and lovely i can’t wait to use it now. We got this from mothercare and it’s being delivered to my mummy’s the day before my baby shower and then it’s staying at hers until baby arrives as we are so superstitious.  
Then finally we purchased the cutest little bambino Bambi teddy from the disneystore to match the Bambi theme i can’t wait to give him his first teddy for him to snuggle and feel comfort from. 

Been a fantastic month for purchases, can’t wait to start getting more, especially on my baby shower on the 5th April. I want to start getting everything perfect now. Especially as i’m not sure how early he will be here. 
He’s worth every penny!


Made for: TS4

These summer outfits are great for the fashion chameleon sim that can fit in any group!
There’s 2 Crop tops, the dark features silver crosses and the light one a cuuute flamingo print. The skirts come in 2 styles too, dark silver and pink glitter.

  • Standalones
  • Custom thumbnails
  • 2 style swatches each
  • credits to Younzoey

^^Download crop tops^^ (wait 5 secs and click SKIP)

^^Download skirts^^ (wait 5 secs and click SKIP)

after a short hiatus, i’m happy to actually be back here, sharing, discovering and mostly creating, new cc! I missed it so so much!


Dead Space time!

What we have here is my interpretation of my friend Silver Cross, as a Necromorph.

It’s not that great, but eh, I thought it looked pretty damn cool. 

There’s also a second pic with Duke and John preparing for a fight sorta.

( I also got loads more photos of stick people as necromorphs. Most are just sketches, but if you guys want, I can post them.)