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Hey Black Sails fam, I wanted to share this WIP before I leave for Iceland next Monday, because I don’t think I’ll have time to finish this piece before that. It is still super rough, but maybe some of you are interested in seeing the various stages of my art process? I try not to look at any references when sketching out the basics, and I will tweak this a lot more later to get their likeness right.

My happy headcanon for what happens after 4x10 is that Thomas and James break out of the plantation after a while and go back to Silver and Madi (shut up about Treasure Island alright?) shortly afterwards and they talk for a very long time and are finally able to be honest about their feelings and Silver is sorry for what he’s done but Flint forgives him and then they KISS OKAY and nobody feels sad or betrayed or conflicted anymore and Madi and Thomas will become bffs (I should probably also include them in the final piece somehow) and they will all live happily ever fucking after gardening and reading and philosophising and practicing swords together.


Trying out silver gilding for the first time ever. The first picture is the tooled book before applying the silver and the next one is with it on top. Tomorrow I’ll post the finished decoration and I have to say, it was quite a difficult task working with loose leaf. For a first time experience however, I think it was quite satisfactory.

kylux fic recs

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BONUS! When Hux of one kylux universe meets another:

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I’m… making a height chart of Team Psych and all of me and @verditatwo‘s Onyx City ocs and I feel so bad for Silver..

my son.. he’s soo.. SMOL!!

Only Spectrum the chiphog has the same height. xD oh and the Council, the Bits, and the Civil Protection robots will be there too.. (I think lol) 


Yesterday I’ve done some bookmarks with watercolours and ink. Six for now. They’re still missing something on the back and maybe some fancy ribbons. I guess I need another trip to “Hobby Craft"❤️

Thursday Seven

He’d once made a resolution to put logic above all else.

It had been surprisingly easy to do when there’d been nothing else in his life to compete with it.

The new decision - the one about never letting anything illogical cloud his perception or dim his rationality ever again - proved to be slightly more difficult to follow through.

(“More difficult” only means you have to work harder to achieve it, though. Sherlock knows everything there’s to know about this, because things have always been “more difficult” for him, and yet… yet, he’s made it this far. And he’s not going to let anything - anyone - to put all that effort to waste.)


(Fragments from chapter 18 of Patterns of Silver Birds)

WIP meme

List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

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I dont think you two realized what you were asking bUT okay.

I have. So much I’m doing so I’m going to put it under a readmore halfway through if thats alright.


Working on frame clean-up for that world domination animation Ive been doing. I tried doing it traditionally, but I didnt like it, so I’m only using those frames as a skeleton layer to draw over digitally. I haven’t been home this week to work on it, so its going super slow.

I had the thought a while back to animate the first scene in Mob psycho 100 but traditionally. I’ve been testing this thought out on other little gifs and I think its feasible! But I’m going to do the lineart in Krita so I can have steady frames (No jumping around). These are the raws of my planning.


Drawing noodle from Gorillaz because I love her color pallet in this phase! I made her look too young here tho, gotta fix that before coloring.

Working on a scene from Akira, where Tetsuo blocks a tank missile from hitting him, and the smoke floats away. It was the coolest thing throughout the whole movie for me.

I liked the song “whats the use of feeling blue” from Steven universe, and yellow diamond is awesome so, gotta draw that.

Those cartoon shorts with the villains from CN I think? I immediately fell in love with how the guy Black hat looked!

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