silver's quest

Very small things I love in fallout 4

- whenever Cait hums happily
- whenever somebody calls Nick “Nicky”
- how Kent Connellys face lights up when you promise to help him.
- Hancock saying “you see em too!?” When you fire your gun at nothing.
- codsworth saying “ouch?” When he gets hit.
- when you first enter sanctuary and the music plays a few notes of “I don’t want to set the world on fire”
- when the protectron asks you to put on your hard hat, if you have one in your inventory and equip it, he says “thank you”.
- the pauses in the Silver Shroud quest, where your character is trying to think of what to say next.
- taking psychojet and going YEEEEEAHH in slow mo.
- the little grunts deathclaws make when they are docile (like momma deathclaw)
- the way a tame mutant hound sits like a big cuddly green dog
-Preston being overjoyed to ride in a vertibird
- the implication that Nick would really like to have wings
- Pipers hand movements when she talks
- there is more


On this day four years ago he found his first badge quest target, a sparkly Cyndaquil, and on tomorrow’s date, I found my own sparkly Cyndaquil!! 

It’s been an eventful four years on each of our journeys, I lost my very first full odds random encounter shiny, and he’s hit double odds way too many times (including a 38k hunt what the heck), but we’re about the same place now (even though I’m one ahead I’m sorry;;) and we have every intention of finishing this quest!!

Honestly my badge quest has been the most fun I’ve ever had playing through my favorite region, and Jeremy is probably the coolest dude I could have done this with! I am forever thankful for him inspiring me to get into shiny hunting seriously, and super glad he’s still around to share excitement when either of us finds something!!

Anyway before this gets any longer and rambly-er I’m gonna stop here to say thank you so much dude for everything and I hope your darn game starts picking up the pace so we can finish this thing together!!

Nick and the Silver Shroud

My brother and I were comparing fallout game play notes, and I noticed an interesting discrepancy when it came to Nick and the Silver Shroud quest -

My brother found Hubris Comics before getting the quest, and apparently if you have Nick in tow he makes snarky comments about how the Silver Shroud was the “worst radio program on the air” and comments on how “this must’ve been the place where they recorded that awful show”

I on the other hand, went to Goodneighbor and talked to Kent before pursuing the comics shop and the Silver Shroud costume, and heard not a peep against the Silver Shroud from Nick the whole time we were in the shop. Reflecting on this whether intentional or not I think it’s a nice little add-in that apparently after hearing Kent’s big hairbrained scheme to bring justice, Nick decided he didn’t want to take a dump on someone else’s dreams and keeps his personal opinion on the old show to himself.

Further proof that Nick’s sensitivity to other people’s feelings, even people he hardly knows, is too good for this world.


I drew a Nourasian Rey!!

I love lapis

I just played the Silver Shroud quest again, and I saved Kent this time, and I was so relieved

I drew Hancock and MacCready because I can’t not draw MacCready, he’s my faveski

Thank you to everybody who sent me requests!! I’m sorry I couldn’t get to all of em!

I’ll probably scan these tomorrow so they aren’t so yellowy