silver's quest

Very small things I love in fallout 4

- whenever Cait hums happily
- whenever somebody calls Nick “Nicky”
- how Kent Connellys face lights up when you promise to help him.
- Hancock saying “you see em too!?” When you fire your gun at nothing.
- codsworth saying “ouch?” When he gets hit.
- when you first enter sanctuary and the music plays a few notes of “I don’t want to set the world on fire”
- when the protectron asks you to put on your hard hat, if you have one in your inventory and equip it, he says “thank you”.
- the pauses in the Silver Shroud quest, where your character is trying to think of what to say next.
- taking psychojet and going YEEEEEAHH in slow mo.
- the little grunts deathclaws make when they are docile (like momma deathclaw)
- the way a tame mutant hound sits like a big cuddly green dog
-Preston being overjoyed to ride in a vertibird
- the implication that Nick would really like to have wings
- Pipers hand movements when she talks
- there is more

i talk shit about fo4 so some of the things i actually liked about it:
- i really liked the diners and drive ins, how it really captured a futuristic-50s aesthetic. honestly i was really disappointed they werent build-able at settlements or had usable projectors, but THATS what mods are for.
- how they had ghouls bring up the bias they had to deal with and how they dealt with it, it felt more natural than the synths at least
- i really loved preston’s outfit and the aesthetic, i was so disappointed that it wasnt a common theme among the few other minutemen there actually are. same with hancock, he had a very good idea going but felt out of place being the only one in goodneighbor having that 1800s cosplay aesthetic. i love that he brings it up over the radio during the silver shroud quest

everything else: better animation, graphics, AI, ect theres no complimenting those because its standard



So, naturally I’m going for Sandygast but anything to break my drought is welcome! Plus, Staryu is a beautiful shiny! This one came after 2,986 soft resets on Pokemon Moon and I’m quite happy. At least one of my games doesn’t want me blasting odds, ya know? I dropped back into this hunt after hitting odds for Lugia in my Soul Silver badge quest and plan to jump back into that once something in Lush Jungle shines. Anyhow, I really don’t have much else to say, so, best of luck on your hunts!!

Shoutouts to @shiny-type-null, @sh-clockwork@delightfullygiddy, and @pyukumukun for inspiring me and keeping me going through all my garbage droughts!!

Nick and the Silver Shroud

My brother and I were comparing fallout game play notes, and I noticed an interesting discrepancy when it came to Nick and the Silver Shroud quest -

My brother found Hubris Comics before getting the quest, and apparently if you have Nick in tow he makes snarky comments about how the Silver Shroud was the “worst radio program on the air” and comments on how “this must’ve been the place where they recorded that awful show”

I on the other hand, went to Goodneighbor and talked to Kent before pursuing the comics shop and the Silver Shroud costume, and heard not a peep against the Silver Shroud from Nick the whole time we were in the shop. Reflecting on this whether intentional or not I think it’s a nice little add-in that apparently after hearing Kent’s big hairbrained scheme to bring justice, Nick decided he didn’t want to take a dump on someone else’s dreams and keeps his personal opinion on the old show to himself.

Further proof that Nick’s sensitivity to other people’s feelings, even people he hardly knows, is too good for this world.

A photo 4 years in the making! 

The Johto portion of my Soul Silver badge quest has finally come to a close. Bittersweet, if I’m honest. A lot of time has been spent hunting a shiny for every badge. Not many of the hunts were short. In fact, the majority of them went into the 5-digit numbers! But, in the end, the ends justified the means. The Johto League met its match and I became the champion with my shiny pals. 

One half of my journey is over, now let the second half begin! Onto Kanto! @shiny-type-null, I won’t let you beat me in this portion!!

minion-of-the-east  asked:

Ask Gestalt to mark where to find the smith on the map

{[Ask]: [Gestalt] [To mark where to find the smith on the map]}

So if you are looking for this blacksmith, using Cal’s map might help you to get a general sense of where they might be.

Cal opens up the [Monster Journal] and shows it to Gestalt, who at first looks very confused by it.

After Cal shows them where the clock tower is on the map, Gestalt traces a path with their find before ending near one of the red X’s just right of the big red “NO!”

That is nearly three times the distance it took to get from the [Sunlight Valley] to the [Sunken City] and it passes through the big NO! that Zine wrote on the map.
Cal seems to notice.

Both paths sound treacherous and scary. A long path full of bandits? or a short path full of the dead?

At least Gestalt seems to have confidence about taking the [Castle Path

  • Finish looking for loot.
  • Buy the parts for the airship.
  • Head east to find Zine, Cotten and the Key.
  • Try not to die

Sounds good!


What Should We Do Now?



Yet another Soul Silver badge quest hunt breaking 5-digits but it was well worth it! After 11,529 soft resets, Leviathan the Lugia is finally home! I’ve got to say, this thing is absolutely gorgeous. I’m speechless so I’ll leave with a best of luck to all of y’all on your hunts!

Also, I wanna give a quick shoutout to @sh-clockwork and @shiny-type-null for being super positive and inspirational while I’ll whined and moaned about my poor luck in this game. Y’all are the best!

You know how we’ve been trying to figure out how Deacon would know all of this stuff about pre-war life? Where he’d pick up his anachronisms and his knowledge about the old days? He has access to people who lived during that time period walking around that he can talk to, especially in Goodneighbor: