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TAZ characters ordered by their knowledge of vore

(updated to include a few new old friends)

taako - reads entire kinkmemes for fun

lup - finally got to cross that one off her bucket list after wonderland

edward & lydia - vore has occurred in wonderland at least twice

magic brian - wants spider bryan to vore him

lucas - into vore but got distracted by other research topics before he could start building a vore machine

sloane - the battlewagon racers are a bunch of furries

antonia - druids can shapeshift

carey - loves a good vore joke

magnus - spends a lot of time on furry communities but doesn’t get deep into the kinky parts because the only yiffing for him is with julia

angus - is the world’s greatest detective and sometimes regrets that

killian - is right there when carey’s making her vore jokes

jenkins - has to explain now and then that the pleasure room can only get a patron vored if the patron already has a vore room set up

merle - engages in vore fairly often but is kind of confused about how it’s a thing for people who aren’t into plants

barry - saw it occur on some plane somewhere and cried

hurley - got an explanation from sloane after a really weird race

lucretia - pretends to be both disappointed in and unaware of the vore jokes but sometimes she has to go back to her office to laugh at the really good ones

ren - looked it up after taako mentioned it during a show

davenport - doesn’t think the jokes are all that funny but at least people are having a good time

avi - had vore explained to him but everyone was pretty drunk at the time so his knowledge is iffy

noelle - doesn’t totally get carey’s vore jokes and is pretty sure that’s the optimal state of affairs

boyland - one of his many sons came out to him as into vore

rowan - knows it has to do with eating, maybe

cassidy - thinks it’s a gerblin ritual

kravitz - got assigned a really weird case once, tries not to fully consider the implications

johann - hates the vore jokes and refuses to listen to an explanation

brad bradson - vanilla as hell

roswell - lives in a bubble

krem’s accent is so great… and his cheekbones… and his fondly disgusted resignation to iron bull’s awful jokes….. and his ridiculously huge maul… and his stories…. and his banter with bull….. and the dumb way he sits on his chair… and his easygoing cheerfulness… and his haircut…… and-

wan-shailu replied to your post: wan-shailu replied to your post: …

i cant believe u still care about hjomstuck in this day and age tho and i need to give you shit about it but like in an affectionate way

wan-shailu replied to your postwan-shailu replied to your post: …

stop reading homestuck u ignorant slut


cullen and bull are like.. opposite….

cullen keeps saying he’s changed, but really he still fears/hates mages. when he’s not actively talking about how he’s different now and all regretful, he totally slips back into “meredith was kinda right” and “mages are so spooky and things always go bad with them”

but then iron bull SAYS he’s still part of the qun but irl he’s so chill??? he’s terrified of demons but he’s one of the nicest to cole anyway, he doesn’t *say* the treatment of saarebas is wrong but he has mages in his company no problem. he thinks he thinks the qun is right, and his big-scale tactics are still anti-mage, but when he’s not actively like “oh right the qun yeah that’s me loyal ben-hassrath” he totally slips into being chill & nice.

mccree is a cat person

i know you’d think he’d be a dog person but i just called dibs, he’s a cat person


-he can appreciate how fun it is to be fucking obnoxious

(cat: knocks something off the table)
(mccree: haha i feel u bud)

-he doesn’t mind other people being obnoxious

(cat: knocks something important off the table)
(mccree: NO…. fuck…. aww i can’t stay mad at that face)

-cats are totally a common animal around barns to keep away the mice so it’s not like it DOESN’T fit his cowboy aesthetic

-cat people think dogs are also cool, while dog people think cats are the devil, and mccree obviously thinks dogs are also cool

-he would try to make friends with stray cats no matter how hissy they are, and cry when they run away before he can pet them

-mccree and the cat take lazy afternoon naps in the sunlight together

-people expect him to have a dog and then he has a hissy old cat and they’re like “???” and he’s like “LOOK AT HER SHE’S BEAUTIFUL”

-mccree copies his cat’s meows and the cat looks at him like “wtf” and he’s like “cmon haven’t you ever heard a cat with a southern accent before”

-it’s fun how super affectionate dogs r sure but it’s also fun how unpredictably affectionate cats are ya know??

(mccree: SHE JUST LICKED MY HAND SHE LOVES ME!! HOLY SHIT!!!!! im never washing this hand again)

(the cat always sits on his lap within five minutes of when he sits down but she does it so casual like, like he should be honored she chose him even though she always does, and he’s like FUCK YEAH I’M HONORED!!!! MY CAT’S ON MY LAP RIGHT NOW I’M SO HASHTAG BLESSED)

-he dies at how precious kittens are

-he gives all the kittens names like “deathclaw” and “the destructionater” and encourages them to devour his enemies

-picture mccree waking up after a bad night and then his cat sidles into the room all casual like and starts rubbing her head at his hand

(this cat things i’m good. she doesn’t warm up to everyone but she spends time with me. she thinks i’m special. she thinks i’m good.)


1. who has to stop who from buying all kinds of weird shit from infomercials

2. who blasts love songs on the boombox outside the window to try to make up for their mistakes

3. who makes grossed out faces about lame lovey dovey shit

4. who listens to macklemore, and is it ironic or sincere

5. who takes really unflattering selfies of who

6. who tries on really tacky clothes and who says they’re not gonna be caught dead around the other if they’re wearing that

7. who likes minions, and is it ironic or sincere

8. who’s here to Win during multiplayer games / team or non-team sports / any activity that could be vaguely competitive

9. who always gets caught in the up dog type jokes

10. who wears socks with sandals

usually I’d worry that the sudden flood of “tag yourself” posts would quickly oversaturate the market, but honestly, this meme seems almost impossible to get sick of?

  • there’s a bunch of different categories (mspaint animals, group photos, etc) (special agents, cutesy friends, etc)
  • even within a category, the exact choices are always pretty different
  • even if it’s the exact same post, every reblog is different b/c you learn abt the reblogger
  • it doesn’t trick you into wasting time: you can spend 10 minutes deciding who you are if you want to, or you can easily scroll past the short, distinctive posts.
  • it’s interactive
  • it’s personalized
  • it’s multi-layer: there’s the entertainment of the original choices, then the entertainment of deciding which is most relatable, and the memeyness of the entire trend
  • speaking of which, relatable things are always fun

i love this meme

dennys doesn’t kill memes, I will stand by this… it may often mark the beginning of the end, but it’s not a cause of that end, just a measure of popularity. it shouldn’t be turned into a cause, at least. dennys is so earnest, so enthusiastic, so consistent….. it’s truly a part of tumblr at this point. it’s earned its right to participate in the meme process just like the rest of us, and I will not stand by as people paint it in the same light as true meme-killers, things like tv ads and aunts on facebook and an over-saturation of ill-fitting fandom in-jokes.