silver wear bracelet


youngmin was spotted earlier today by a fan who was going to see bnm boys’ ads! he’s wearing a mask so it’s hard to tell but it’s definitely him bc he’s wearing his silver necklace, bracelet, and polkda dot socks. (cr: @ribbonbbd)




  • ok look we ALL KNOW alec misses magnus just as much whenever he’s stuck at the institute or on a mission or whatever obligation because the universe Hates Him
  • he also knows that magnus will curl up in his sweaters sometimes
  • and that’s ridiculously adorable not to mention sweet as hell
  • but also alec is lowkey jealous???
  • because he wants to carry a piece of magnus with him like that
  • except even magnus’s baggiest clothes wouldn’t fit him
  • and every piece of leather magnus owns is…
  • (*alec’s brain shorts out here for a minute* *boners may or may not be involved*)
  • so alec can’t wear magnus’s clothes in the same way
  • but then he remembers that magnus has enough jewelry to open his own damn store
  • plus jewelry is a lot more subtle than a shirt so alec could actually wear some to the institute
  • and alec is like, ???? why not???
  • so he starts wearing some of magnus’s more lowkey pieces whenever he knows he’s gonna be gone a while
  • a simple black ring
  • a wrist cuff hidden by the sleeve of his jacket
  • a long necklace tucked under his shirt.
  • and it helps a LOT but alec also feels really guilty
  • because he hasn’t told magnus
  • which means he’s basically stealing his bf’s shit???
  • every day??????
  • but the longer it goes on the harder it becomes to tell magnus
  • until he notices that the rings that used to be tight on his fingers widen a little whenever he picks them up.
  • and maybe the outline of the necklaces never seem to show through his shirt no matter what baubles may be attached to it
  • and alec realizes that magnus already knows
  • so one night he doesn’t bother taking off the jewelry as soon as he gets home
  • and he walks over to magnus who’s sitting on the couch wrapped up in one of alec’s sweaters
  • “you look good”
  • magnus smiles and runs a finger over the silver bracelet alec’s wearing
  • “so do you, my love”

anonymous asked:

Youngaje lately is always wearing a simple chain bracelet at his right wrist and Jb had one identical on his wrist at the event when they all wore white shirts! Did you see it?

Hi dear, 

Well, actually Youngjae has been wearing that silver chain bracelet since September 2014 and has never took it off ever since. I think he wore it to replace his green lucky charm bracelet that he used to wear since debut. 

and as for JB, I noticed he started to wear that silver chain bracelet since the cgv event (not sure) until now but I’m not sure if it’s the identical bracelet like Youngjae because Youngjae has a small plate in between the chain whereas JB’s one I don’t see any. 

This is just a sample of Youngjae & JB’s bracelet look like ^^ 



But who know’s if they purposely bought a different pattern as we know 2jae have some matching accessories. ^^

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Is that Jungkook who sings in the video bts twitter uploaded?

yup! ^_^

What do you mean when you say that today kookiemonster bangtan wouldn’t let us live?

namjoon posted on twitter a track he’s producing and it’s jungkook’s vocals. yesterday suga posted his original draft for goyup and then jimin posted a selca so it looked like they were working on something too hehe~

You said Namjoon is going to be in a singing competition?? 😱😱

yeah, there’s a show on KBS2, National Idol Singing Contest and Nams was chosen to be one of the contestants.

Do you know why jimin always wears that silver chain bracelet? X

I always get this ask and I have no idea sorry. I’d be surprised myself if I do know. (pls don’t send me an answer to this without a source thank you)

Hiii~ May I know if Jin and Yoongi are the only ones who has glasses prescription? Thanks~

I actually don’t think Yoongi has prescription glasses but maybe he does now?! Before it’s Jimin, Jin and Namjoon who legit needs glasses. ^_^

random question but do you know if BTS has a vocal trainer?

Not sure, but they probably do. Like Jimin and Jin, they weren’t singers when they got into BigHit

When its written ‘do not edit’ does this mean that we can’t use the pictures as tumblr icons?

If you crop them that’s considered editing so it’s not allowed.

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hi! i keep on noticing the bracelet that youngjae usually has on his right (i think?) hand and i've seen him wear it in a lot of his photos and i'm really curious about it..

Hi dear, 

Oh that silver bracelet right? Youngjae has been wearing that bracelet for over a year now. He first spotted wore that silver bracelet I think somewhere around November 2014. If you noticed, before Youngjae started wearing his silver bracelet, Youngjae used to wear the green bracelet where he called the green bracelet as his lucky charm but I guess the green bracelet has broken (because he has stopped wearing the green bracelet in September 2014) so he wore the silver bracelet instead as his new lucky charm^_^ 

The green bracelet or his lucky charm he used to wear since debut till September 2014

The silver bracelet he started to wear since November 2014 till now