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Things I want to see in tmnt season 5

-Casey’s little sister (Would be awesome if she was Angel from 2003!!! And if she was could we see her as Noboy?!!??)

- Casey’s Dad and if he’s a douche like

-An end to the Donnie/April/Casey love triangle

- Leorai kiss

-A SAINW episode

- Just an idea but maybe for the cartoon they watch it could be the justice force from 2003 with Silver Senry and the other Metalhead


- Bopsteady 100% officially canon

- let April’s Dad be happy 2k17

- Who was Leatherheads original owner??? Was it Casey!??


- Turtle tots

- A LGBT character

-WTF happened to pigeon Pete??!??

- More Female characters that aren’t love interests

- What happened to the REAL IRMA!??!!?

Small update on my collection of deads. Hard to believe I just started over from scratch in January!
I’m buying a new shelf in October/November thankfully! I currently have a couple of snapper shells and a bunch of deer/squirrel bones in a tote in my backyard (all cleaned) because I don’t have room!

updated: mark in wonderland au

it’s 12 in the morning and i kept up to make this updated list of roles for this au ok

definite roles
“alice” - mark 
black rabbit - dark
mad hatter - wilford
caterpillar - google 
“queen” of hearts - yandere

new and unsure roles
march hare - the host(?)

doormouse -??

knave of hearts - ed edgar (?)

the cook - chefiplier

Mock turtle - silver shephred

red king -??

white knight - copiplier

​​​​​​​red knight - ed edgar 

humpty dumpty - bim trimmer

tweedle dee and tweedle dum - the jims

white queen - amy

cheshire - anti

jabberwock - septiplier 

i based the roles off of the book’s characters rather than basing it all off from the movies. i left some roles empty because i wasnt so sure how any other ego would be put into the au??

im very much considering putting teamiplier members in, but still unsure where exactly?? but feel free to contribute!


Man, why can’t I ever have simple dreams

The other people in my dream insisted that…THING was a cat but goddamnit it absolutely was not

You could see the shapes in its fur where the edges were! You could fucking TELL its coat was made of the fur and skin of the mice it had caught, eaten and incorporated into its disguise

I watched that damned thing crawl out of the horseshoe crab carapace it wore and into the shell of a still living turtle, I saw it take its place, a crude silver turtle like nothing God ever designed crammed awkwardly into the shell of a box turtle that got in its path

And I SAW that bitchly thing on its scuttling, silver insect legs, pulling mice up into its belly and wearing their hides stitched over its barely catlike form

And I’m telling you IT. WAS. NOT. A. CAT.

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talk laurens / burr to me,,,,,,

Okay well here we are and I’m fucking running this ship lets go.

- so they probably meet in some weird situation. Like burr stuck in a tree or john caught trying to break into Burrs car because he thought it was his and he locked his keys in. Just really weird.

- john is smitten, like head over heels this beautiful man is the light of my life I need him like air, and Burr likes him too but john is middle school crush mode. John like doodles “John Burr” and “Aaron Laurens” with hearts and sparkles and Alex wants to puke


“Aaron Lauren’s is such a beautiful name”

“I’m going to call the fucking psych ward to collect your ass, you fucking creep.”

“Will you be my best man, Alex?”


- John buys Burr $5 flowers and shows up at his work all flustered and a little winded. Burr is dressed in a suit that cost more than all of John’s possession combined. John immediately wants to run and starts rambling about how stupid he is and Burr just pulls him close and is like “Talk less, smile more.” ( yes I couldn’t help myself fuck off ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) and says yes to going out with John even though he hasn’t asked (he was going to tho)

- John plans this amazing date and it all goes wrong. The resteraunt they were going to go to shut down suddenly because of health code violations, the park has like a “satanist meet” event going on. John thinks he blew it and is on the verge of a breakdown when burrs like “well I guess we’re getting pizza” and they go to this 24hr pizza place and stay till morning talking and laughing.

- John starts spending his free days at burrs office, kind of pissin Alex OFF because John used to chill in his office.

- Burr spends his weekends with John and they cuddle on the couch watching documentaries about turtles and other wild life.

- they have small fights about dumb things, like going out without telling the other, not supporting the other emotionally (guess who’s who). But they are like poster child for relationship, so cute honestly.

- Burr takes John to meet Angelica and John is so nervous he thinks he’s gonna puke but Angelica’s first question is “how’s the sex” and Burr craddles HIS face in his hands in embarsment as John lights up like a Christmas tree.

“It’s amazing, Aaron does this thing-”

“Lauren’s don’t finish that thought.”

“C'mon Burr, I wanna know what that mouth really do.”

“IT does amazing things-” *napkin shoved in mouth*

- after 8 months of dating John moves out of his shared apartment with Alex and into Burrs flat.

- They last 2 weeks before they have a huge blow up fight and John walks out and back to his old place, while Burr calls Angie. They technically break up and don’t talk for a month before Alex calls Burr to help him deal with John’s useless ass. John’s been a mopey mess and may or may not be high when Burr comes over, and he thinks he’s hallucinating.

“Oh my god, Alex, He’s- he’s here. God how I’ve missed him-”

“What’s wrong with him”

“He’s high. Like really high.”

“Why the fuck is he high?!”

“Laf and I thought it would help.”


“Oh I’ve missed your ass too…”

- Burr takes John home and gets him sober, and they talk out the fight.

- John moves back in and Burr and they don’t leave the bedroom all day ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- they are cuddling you heathens

- John convinces Burr to smoke with him once and holy SHIT im gonna have to make a separate post of that. Burr is amazing High okay

-Burr proposes to John on their 2 year aniversary with a silver band with a turtle engraved into it, a single emerald embedded. John cries like a baby and Burr just kisses away the tears.

- the wedding is modern chic (burr) with a southern twist (john). So monochrome and mason jar lights. THEY MAKE IT WORK.

- Alex is indeed John’s best man.

- a few months later they adopt a little baby girl and name her Theodosia AND THEY ALL LIVE HAPPY TOGETHER AND I LOVE THIS SHIP

so yeah lets talk Burrens guys.

bigflo associations

[some things i associate with bigflo]

euijin: leather pants, black, chokers, stripes, pink, pizza, beanies, night walks in the city, determination

sungmin: dark blue, corgis, contacts, sweaters, the smol n cute friend who must be protected, wallpaper, acoustic covers of songs, eye smiles

ron: horror movies, buffets, oversized black sweatshirts, purple, snapchat filters, glasses

lex: piano covers, snapbacks, pokémon, stuffed animals, winter coats with fur on the collar, light blue

hightop: turtle necks, silver necklaces, bomber jackets, snapbacks, listening to music 24/7, boxes of chocolate

Greek Silver Stater from Aegina, c. 456/45-431 BC

The coin shows a tortoise with an incuse square divided into five compartments on its reverse. An exceptionally well-preserved piece struck in very high relief.

It is usually stated on the authority of  Ephorus, that Pheidon of Argos (7th century BC) established a mint in Aegina, the first city-state to issue coins in Europe. The coin is know as the Aeginetic stater. Therefore it is thought that the Aeginetans, within 30 or 40 years of the invention of coinage in Asia Minor by the Ionian Greeks or the Lydians (c. 630 BC), may have been the ones to introduce coinage to the Western world.

The silver issues of Aegina were one of the chief trading coinages of the 6th and  5th centuries BC, especially in the Peloponnesos, the Islands and in Central Greece where its weight standard was dominant. Exactly why turtles or tortoises appear on the coinage of Aegina is not clear: it was not a sacred animal. One suggestion is that early, pre-coinage silver ingots in use in the Aegean area were plano-convex in shape; and that on Aegina they were colloquially known as ‘turtles.’ Thus, when coins were introduced, using the turtle as a coin type was a reference to the older, pure-silver ingots that had previously been used in trade.

Aegina is one of the Saronic Islands of Greece in the Saronic Gulf, 17 miles from Athens. More about the history of Aegina…