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Imagine exiting an unhealthy relationship with a longtime lover. Although you have many male friends, you have grown weary of dating. Upon meeting you, Loki realises he cares for you and wants the honour of courting you. Despite loving your conversations with Loki, you are fearful of his silver-tongue. Loki, however, is not deterred; instead, he tries harder to prove his feelings are true and intentions pure. Also, he vows to protect you from toxic lovers whether you return his affection or not.

Slash. Another of the Chitauri fell making me feel alive. There was an alien invasion in New York, led some Loki or whoever he was. Loki was the brother of my best friend Thor, we are pretty close. “(Y/N)! Behind you!” I heard Steve.  I did not need to be told twice as I dodged the blow of the alien attacking me, giving me an opening to attack as I grabbed his arm pulled him towards me and punched him, making him fall on his back. After that I shot him.

In the blink of an eye, I began my frenzy. Killing every single Chitauri that crossed paths with me, mercilessly. I hated them. Every single one. They hurt the ones I cared about and they will fall before me. I don’t want to lose those precious to me again and so, I continued.

I was starting to get tired and was almost out of ammo. Nonetheless, I didn’t give up and kept fighting. One after another, they kept coming and I kept shooting and sometimes punching or kicking. Unknown to me, a certain someone was watching my every move. After all the Chitauri which were charging at me had fallen I closed my eyes in relief. “I’m impressed” I heard a voice behind me say.

I turned around and saw a man standing a few distance away from me. Judging by the outfit, and that smug expression at a time like this, it was Loki.

“If I’m not mistaken you’re Loki” I said confidently, tightening my grip around my weapon. He raised an eyebrow “Seems like you did your homework midguardian” he said with a teasing smirk. “I’m surprised that you took them all down single-handedly” he said. “Oh you haven’t seen anything yet” I charged at him in full strength aiming at him.

Aiming in his direction, I was about to hit him when he suddenly disappeared. “You’re strong, but not that strong” I heard a voice whisper in my ear from behind me. My eyes widened and not wasting a second I immediately turned around.

He caught my wrist twisting it making me scream in agony. He pulled me closer, completely against him, making a crimson color coat my cheeks. Damn it.

I struggled but it was fruitless. “You continue to amuse me with every passing second, do you know that midguardian?” he said making me growl. “Don’t. Call. Me. That!” I said threateningly, glaring in his eyes making him chuckle. “Feisty I like that” I rolled my eyes.

He let me go after he heard my name being called. Clint, he was near. I looked surprised at Loki, whom I thought would kill me but didn’t. “I’ll see you soon” he winked and disappeared, leaving me baffled and thinking about the events that just occurred.

elvanimar  asked:

Matchup, please? I'm a ace, panro, green souled woman with chronic depression. I have trust issues, and that means making friends is hard; but once a bond is formed, I'll love that person for life. Since I'm awkward with physical affection (though I crave it), I tend to saturate my friends with verbal affection. I'm always either on the computer or drawing. I tend to have sudden, intense mood swings that I apologize for later.

Here you go hun! Hope you like ^^

I match you up with UT!Gaster

Gaster is very similar to you in many ways, making it easy for a connection to form between the two of you. Both of you were skeptical of each other at first but still ended up getting together.

He honestly doesn’t mind you being asexual and disliking physical touch. He hates being touched anyways so this works out for the two of you! Plus, he has the silver tongue of Loki so verbal affection is something that happens almost every second between you two.

Gaster is also good for you because how you feel sometimes. He knows about your depression and moodswings so he’ll always be sure to have things that will help calm you down and things that you enoy around. And he’ll never get mad or annoyed at you for whatever you’re feeling because this man has the patience of a saint!

He’s also fairly supportive of your drawing habit. He doesn’t understand it sometimes but he’ll never tell you to stop and will definitely be giving you little art gifts here and there~ (ex. More paints or a new painting program)

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I was at one of Tony’s great parties waiting for Loki to show up. Nick Fury decided to give him a chance upon my request as he had started to behave properly. My best friend Steve knows about my crush on him. He is misunderstood and I want to fix that. We are really close friends and I understand him the most. Natasha says that he likes me but, I have my doubts.

I saw Loki enter through the door. An idea immediately popped up in my mind and brought a devilish smile upon my features. Today I will make Loki confess. I smirked and went on the dance floor.

I was wearing a dark green dress which complimented my curves perfectly. It was not too lose, not too tight, just perfect. I was wearing light jewelry of golden color and golden heels to go with my jewelry. I lightly started swaying my hips according to the song and slowly lost myself into the song and danced. I looked towards Loki and smiled, he was looking at me and smirked but was not making a move because he knew my intentions. Alright, let’s take it up a notch.

The moment I entered the place I had not gone unnoticed by many guys. After a few minutes I felt someone behind me holding my hips and whispering “Hey baby wanna dance?” I looked up to see an average guy with blonde hair. “Sure” I replied. Perfect. I looked in Loki’s direction, and saw a frown on his beautiful features.

The guy dancing with me had his hands all over my body. And had started kissing my neck. I was yanked by the arm. Surprised, I looked at who it was, but couldn’t see because of the crowd. I was led outside, through the nearest exit and my back roughly hit the wall.

I looked up to see Loki. Who was extremely pissed. “What was that?”. He asked angrily glaring at me and putting both of his hands on either side of my head. “Why does it matter?” I snickered. He slammed his fist into the wall which made me flinch. “He could have misused you (Y/N)”. “Well firstly, you are not my boyfriend so you cannot tell me what to do and secondly, were you jealous?” I asked smirking. 

He turned his head away with a tint of pink on his cheeks. “You look adorable when jea-“ I was cut mid-sentence when Loki slammed his lips on mine in a fiery kiss. I was surprised by the sudden kiss but slowly reacted and kissed back. We pulled away after our lungs were screaming. “Mine” he whispered near my lips and went in for another kiss. Finally. I thought smiling with happiness.

TITLE: Silver Tongued Silence

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 2 & 3

AUTHOR: Roozenboom

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that as a fierce but mute warrior, you have always faced the brunt of Loki’s jokes regarding your capabilities. When Loki has his famous Silver Tongue locked by Odin as punishment for his crimes, guess who he has to turn to for help.



I want to quickly remind you that this story takes place just before, during and after Thor receives Mjölnir. I am following the Norse Mythology with this one. I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 2

Guarding was probably the most mundane part of my job. I disliked standing around, and had soon discovered that a mute guard wasn’t much of a guard either. It was not like I could just scream to my colleagues for help. That did not mean that I wasn’t going to do my duty though, just because something is challenging, does not make it impossible. I always carried a small, golden whistle around. It had been forged especially for me on Svartalfheim by the dwarves. The magic weaved through the gold allowed me to make a range of sounds, depending on the situation. I could pick from obnoxious and deafening to a soft warning.

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TITLE: Silver tongued Silence


AUTHOR: Roozenboom


As a fierce but mute warrior, you have always faced the brunt of Loki’s jokes regarding your capabilities. When his famous Silver Tongue is sowed shut as a punishment, guess who he has to turn to for help. 



I want to quickly remind you that this story takes place just before, during and after Thor receives Mjölnir. I am following the Norse Mythology with this one… Also I have no idea when I will post the next chapter soorryy ><

‘I see that I can have a quiet training today.’ Loki snickered as he walked onto the training grounds where I was currently training. Loki, or actually prince Loki, had this nasty habit of looking down upon me. His patronizing behaviour was mostly just annoying, and I had enough smarts to not engage him about it, for as smart as he might be he would never understand. He was a prince after all, bred and raised to feel superior to those around, and boy did this one think so. I had some form of respect for him on the battle field, he was a fierce warrior and his skills were of notable rank, but that was where the respect ended.

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Imagine Loki senses how strangely you have been acting around him, and you refuse to tell him what is going on when he asks. Loki, being the trickster that he is, disguises himself as your confidant to get an explanation from you. He ends up finding out that you have a crush on him and are worried that your feelings for him will ruin your friendship. Realising the person in front of you is actually Loki, you become embarrassed and flustered but only to have Loki calm you down with gentle kisses…and his silver tongue.