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Sibylline Song

(Alright, here it is. The unedited, unfinished mer!Stiles fic. Warnings include: assholes, angst, violence, people being specist, and references to canon deaths.)


Their journey begins with the usual amount of pomp and ceremony expected for a trade ship.

It’s the Triskelion’s forty second voyage from the colder, northern channels of Bæyan to the warm waters of Coca-Machu, and the crew means to make it a good one. Nothing too dangerous—they’re going to actually try trading this time—and everything will go smoothly. Even the weather has been fair to them since they left Port Duke with the morning tide. Many of the crew had waved goodbye to the few friends they’d made over the years, and perhaps a few enemies too. Others were more than glad to leave the port as quickly as they did.

“Are you still moping?”

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By now, I think we know what this is about.

I almost picked the Burnside Batgirl, Supergirl, Agent Carter and even Rey from Star Wars. But I chose Windblade and here’s why. But first a little back story.

I’ve been a loyal fan of the Transformers franchise for the last three decades. I was part of the original target demographic for Transformers back in 1984, and the years passed, when other kids grew out of it… I stuck with them. I talked before how important they’ve been to my life, and there’s no need to go into that again. But I’ve been hanging about the franchise and fandom for many years. (Kind of like Rung. I’ve always been there, but no one ever noticed. And I’m okay with that.) I’ve seen some awesome things in the fandom. The rise of creative talents… As well and the fall of creative talents. I’ve seen projects come that revolutionize the franchise, as well as projects that makes Dark of the Moon look like the Avengers.

So yeah, like all long running franchises, there’s been ups and downs.

My fandom has been changing a lot over the last couple of years, and really… For the best. It’s becoming more inclusive and more experimental, both conceptually and literally. While the toys have been lacking lately… And I suspect this is just an industry phase. That’ll upswing again in a few years… The creativity of the media, from the comics to the cartoons and video games have really been groundbreaking for a bunch of tie-in merchandises. (Movies leave quite a bit to be desired, but the upcoming future movies here kind of give a glimmer of hope here, with the Bay-influence being shifted out.)

Well, a couple years ago, Windblade was created by the fans during an online creation poll. As how a majority of the OC characters are female seekers, this shouldn’t have shocked anyone. The writer, Mairghread Scott, created this character that was, in my opinion, a breath of fresh air. She wasn’t an angry victim, or cold assassin, or even manic pixie girl… She was this flawed spokeswoman, who was in over her head, trying really hard to make the right choices and barely keeping her head above water as she sparred politically with one of the most conniving, underhanded, backstabbing, silver tongued bastards of modern fiction: Starscream.

But Mairghread Scott, had a lot of complaints thrown at her… And these complaints where… Well… Quite unjustified. Hell, one of the first times that she has a Q&A feedback from the fans, one of the first questions asked was “Does she put out?” (Seriously. That was asked.) And the same complaints we heard toward Furiosa, Rey, Ms. Marvel, CW’s Supergirl and all the others… Pretty much, Windblade got labeled a Mary Sue. Even though, nothing she’s done even comes close to matching the definition of one. Now granted, this is the literal example of a “vocal minority”, and Windblade, Ms. Scott and this new progressive attitude in Transformers isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And as one of the original fans, I’m quite good with this.

(Note: Not to be confused with the “Vocal Minority label lobbied at female readers all the time, which much like the labels thrown at Furiosa and the others, is also unjustified.)

So long story short, last week, when the comic over at Marvel, Mockingbird came to a conclusion. and the harassment of Chelsea Cain, I was reminded of the crap that Ms. Scott dealt with, and how some of those vocal people reacted to it all. And all of this over a t-shirt… Which had nothing to do with the comic itself. (Which was a comic about mer-corgis and relationships with ghost cowboys. Seriously, the comic was awesome and I’m gonna miss it!)

So when people were drawing images of various characters, wearing the now-infamous t-shirt… I wanted to join in support. I have a lot of creative friends who are women trying to make their place in comics, and I wanted to show that I stand with Ms. Cain, not just because it’s the right thing to do, not just because I never want those friends of mine to feel they’re alone against the world… But also because, this is something that’s getting frickin’ old.

And I thought “Windblade would be a perfect candidate to wear the shirt.” Ripped sleeves for her shoulders and everything. And there you go. :)

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Can you do elucien headcannons?

YES FRIEND. ALWAYS. ALWAYS WITH THE ELUCIEN.  You didn’t specify what kind of headcanons so I’m just going to give you a little bit of everything.

·  While they’re separated and once she gets over some of the shock of what happened to her Elain asks the Inner Circle (largely Az to begin with) about Lucien and about the mating bond because she wants to understand.
Conversely Lucien asks Feyre very little about Elain to begin with – he wants to, more than anything he wants to, but he’s had those he wished he could protect used against him as a weapon before; he has no intention of letting that happen again and overall the poor boy is just very conflicted about how he feels and what he wants.

·  Shared dreams are a big thing between the two of them; not just literal dreams but they share memories through dreams as well. The bond opens up wide while they’re asleep and they learn about each other before they ever meet each other through it.
Elain is a bit confused by it and asks Rhys what the heck is going on; he very patiently explains and she becomes quite upset when she realises a lot of the things she’s seen from him are real. Lucien tries to fight it initially but can’t…And Elain’s dreams are inevitably nicer than his own nightmares. He starts getting used to them and guiltily accepting them and being so thankful for the respite she offers him.

·  When they do meet it doesn’t take them long to fall for each other and accept the mating bond. I’m giving them a month tops. They just work. And they fall for each other so fast it kind of scares them both but neither of them can help it.

·  Someone (usually Feyre but I’m also partial to a curveball Nesta) has to give Lucien’s idiotic ginger ass a shove in the right direction before he’ll go and talk to her to enable them to fall for each other though.

·  Before they fall for each other/during that flirting stage Elain is her adorable little self and blushes so much it’s like she’s got permanent sunburn. But Lucien really isn’t much better so they make a nice pair. Lucien may be a silver tongued, smooth-talking, charming bastard with all the ladies and men except Elain. Elain he actually blushes in front of. And stutters. (Feyre nearly faints in shock the first time she sees this) But through a combination of flowers, attentive listening and warm smiles they are successfully wooed.


·  They hold hands constantly. When they’re walking together; underneath the dinner table; when Lucien starts forwards to say something completely idiotic that’s going to cause someone to remove more body parts; when they’re snuggled up together in bed.Constantly.

·  On the physical contact thing when they sit down together Elain invariably ends up with her head resting against Lucien’s shoulder (where she inevitably falls asleep curled up beside him) Lucien thinks it’s precious and will hiss at anyone who dares wake her.

·  Sleeping wise I think Lucien is such a messy sleeper. Elain tends to curl into a little ball. So when they’re together what inevitably happens is Lucien falls asleep with his head somewhere between her chest and stomach, his arms thrown around her and she sort of wraps herself around him and absorbs him into her little ball. They inevitably wake up like a pair of cats pressed up together and it’s difficult to tell who’s limbs belong to whom and how can that possibly be comfortable.

·  Elain is incredibly gentle with Lucien and very, very sensitive to his emotions. He’s gotten good at hiding them over the years what with one thing and another. But with the fact that she, you know, actually cares about him, and the bond between them she can always sense little shifts in him that no-one else would and does her best to help and support him and coax him to open up to her.
She never tries to force him to though. It takes him time to be ready to open up to her and she accepts that. Lucien I think has a lot of boundaries and a lot of issues, which is not at all surprising with his past. But she’s incredibly patient and  she lets him know that she’s there for him and that he can open up to her if he needs to/when he’s ready. Which is huge for Lucien and important to me)

·  When the mating bond snaps into place Elain is the worst with the territorial Fae bullshit. Lucien I think is actually pretty laid back about it. (Lucien is pretty laid back on the aggressive territorial Fae male thing in general, this is pretty canon) She gets a few extra touches from him, the protective hand on her hip, drawing her closer, he’s probably a bit more open with the PDA just after it snaps into place but they’re fairly minor things.
Elain is the one that actually full out snarls at people if they look at him in the wrong way. And Mother and Cauldron both save them if they dare say anything scathing or nasty to him just after they’ve accepted the bond.

·  Protective!Elain is a pretty general thing I think. Elain is Molly Weasley. The sweetest woman in the whole wide world but you do not fuck with her or hers if you want to live.
Like I have a very clearly defined scene where, before they’re mated, and before they really know each other, like they’ve done the cute flirty thing but they haven’t fallen for each other yet, someone snaps at Lucien and he absorbs it (probably with a smirk because this is what Lucien does). But Elain just sort of rounds on them and growls for them not to talk to him like that….To the general amazement of everyone present and the complete and utter awe of Lucien himself.

·   Lucien spends a lot of time in awe of Elain in general. Centuries on he still hasn’t quite managed to get his head around what a damn wonder his lady is. (he likely never will)

·  Elain is very good at grounding Lucien when he has nightmares. The first few times it happens he lurches away from her and finds somewhere he can be alone and just deal with it himself and he’s very apologetic for waking her/potentially upsetting her.
She’s very patient with him and doesn’t push him to talk, at first she just pads after him and wraps him in a blanket and runs her fingers lightly through his hair before she leaves him again (even though it kills her to do so; it’s what he needs). Then she starts bringing him nice, hot, calming drinks which help a lot. Then she sits beside him and they both nestle under his blanket and have tea together until he feels better and she leads him quietly back to bed.
Gradually, he stops instinctively bolting away from her to try and protect her from those horrors and instead buries his face against her body, his breathing ragged and lets her hold him and gently rub his back and soothe him and stay there with him through it. She usually wakes up before he does when he has nightmares and is waiting to fold him into her arms and anchor him the moment he manages to escape.

·  Lucien loves helping Elain in the garden (he used to do similar things with his mother at the Autumn Court and he knows quite a bit about the native plants to Elain’s delight) It’s just a nice way to spend time together and he lives for the way she just lights up and how she smiles when she’s doing something that makes her so happy.

·  If he’s not directly helping her in the garden then he’s fussing. You forgot your giant floppy hat here I brought it to you. Have water, you’ve been out here for like twenty whole minutes without any so I brought that to you too. Elain put some oil on your skin, you’e going to burn. I don’t care if your hands are filthy because you’re in the middle of repotting our apple tree, here I’ll do it for you, hold still, your pretty little nose is turning pink. Lucien is a giant red fusspot okay, he’s a very attentive partner. (Elain thinks it’s sweet though; she doesn’t mind at all.)

·  Elain is not above gently elbowing him in the ribs when he’s acting like a complete and utter pillock (which is 80% of the time let’s be honest. 95% if Cassian is in the vicinity) One Look from her and Lucien gets very “yes dear.” She doesn’t let on much (she hassense this would only encourage him) but his idiotic antics never fail to make her giggle. He’s her ridiculous ginger goofball and she loves him.

·  Picnic champions. Seriously. Like if you can’t see them sprawled out on the grass somewhere on a little tartan blanket with Elain in a pretty summer dress and Lucien in comfy loose clothes smiling as they kiss each other under the bright spring sun I don’t know what to say to you.

·   Elain loves playing with Lucien’s hair. Every time he lies down with his head in her lap (which is all the time; especially on the aforementioned picnics) and prattles away to her with his eyes closed she just runs her fingers through his long red hair and smiles at him because he’s so chilled and happy with her and she likes that.
Before she quite has a handle on her powers, (and even sometimes when she has and it’s deliberate) flowers end up twined through Lucien’s hair on these occasions. She just grows him flower crowns. Lucien is very proud of them.

· They both encourage each other magic wise in general because I feel they’re both pretty reticent about using it to begin with. But Lucien in particular is just so supportive of her and constantly pushing her and challenging her to try new things and always believing she can do more (which isn’t something limited only to magic either, he’s incredibly encouraging)

·   Horse riding together because yes. Elain loves horses and it was one of the things she missed and was saddened by most when they lost their fortune (and Lucien is a total horse person too, have you seen the love affair brewing between him and his mare? come on)  
This is a big, big thing they bond over. Lucien shows her how to ride bareback and once she finds herself in it again she’s unstoppable. They spend a lot of time in those first few weeks bonding racing each other all over the Spring Court lands, miles and miles away from everyone until they flop down together and have some alone time. This is something they maintain after they’re mated.

·  They are a political power couple. (fight me on this) Between Lucien’s silver tongued wit and knowledge of the courts, their players and all of their dirty little secrets and Elain’s sweet smile and the fact that literally no-one is capable of saying no to her. Ever. On anything. They always get their way. And if they ever tag team you they can take you for all your worth and you’ll probably end up thanking them for it.

·  They get married. Lucien didn’t mind either way but Elain really wanted to so then of course she must have the best wedding ever. It was quite a small thing, just close friends and family. Rhys officiated (who’s idea was that? It was a terrible idea. No it wasn’t, Lucien, I was excellent) Feyre and Nesta were Elain’s bridesmaids and even Nesta couldn’t stop smiling all day because of how happy Elain looked, she glowed all damn day.
Lucien totally got the stern older sister ‘if you harm her I will hunt you down’ speech before the ceremony though. Lucien, because he is an idiot and likes taking his life in his hands sometimes, smirked at Nesta upon completion of said speech. Feyre had to stop Nesta ruining the wedding by brutally murdering the groom ten minutes before the ceremony. Apart from that it went very smoothly. Elain still does not know of this incident. Nesta and Lucien have sworn each other to secrecy on it.

NSFW stuff (because we need a little sin)

·  Lucien is a tease. The worst tease in Prythian. He can’t help it if he loves the sight of her writhing, breathless beneath him and the sound of his name when she manages to whine it through her pleasure.

·  Assertive!Elain ruins Lucien on a regular basis. Somehow, no matter how long they’re together, the sound of her growling or the feel of her yanking on his hair to direct his mouth to where she wants it now is never not going to destroy him.  The woman knows what she wants and she’s not shy in asking for it. Lucien loves this.

·  Another little bit of Lucien ascends to a higher plane of being whenever Elain tops.

·  They don’t really do the whole mating frenzy thing the way Feysand did. They definitely spend like a week locked up together in a little cabin deep in the forests. But they’re much lazier and far more indulgent and more evenly paced than feysand were. They manage to avoid denting walls and shattering picture frames at any rate.

·   All the shower sex. Because just. Yes. Lucien wandering in and coming up behind his lady and taking her in his arms and he spends a good long time making her feel excellent and then she gets all washed down by him too. None of which is his fault, she’s just too damn gorgeous and he loves her and he can’t keep his hands off of her.


·  They have many small beans. They are the first to begin having small beans. They love their small beans very very very much.

·  Lucien freaks out like the world is ending when he finds out she’s pregnant for the first time. Not that it’s a bad thing it’s a really exciting, really awesome thing but he’s not entirely sure he knows how to parent or that he’ll make a good one. Elain just gets him told so she does. He’s her mate and he’s going to be a wonderful father, she’s sure (she’s right)

·  Elain so suits being pregnant. She literally glows for nine solid months. And she somehow manages to avoid like…pretty much all the negative pregnancy things? Her morning sickness is next to nothing she doesn’t really do the mood swing thing (okay there’s a month or so where she kind of bursts into tears at really random things…like passing butterflies) and she gets a few odd food cravings but apart from that they’re all very smooth.

·  Which is good because Captain Fusspot is freaking the fuck out as it is. Especially with the first one. He doesn’t become particularly territorial or possessive (though he willsnarl at anything he deems even remotely dangerous…like those passing butterflies that made her cry) But he fusses something awful.
She gets so many baths and gentle massages and made all the food and he just wants to do everything for her because like, she is producing his small ones, she is a walking miracle and must not be required to do anything else for the full time she is pregnant. Elain is incredibly patient with him.

·  Lucien nests. Every single time. Lucien nests aggressively.

·  Lucien is a nervous wreck throughout her labour. He paces so much he wears a hole right through the carpet and he flat out refuses to leave the room because fuck your traditions that’s my mate in there having my child I am not waiting outside.
She wants him with her anyway and is pretty chilled throughout. She spends most of her time telling him to stop pacing so much, it’s fine, she’s fine, everything’s going fine, it’s a natural process. Like breathing. Please keep doing that. (though when things start getting serious and a bit painful it’s Lucien get your ginger ass over here so I can crush your hand. Which he does not object to at all)

·  Elain has to gently coax him into holding the first one because oh good grief no it’s so small and so precious and so miraculous and what if I drop it and and and- Lucien, hold your daughter. Once he does that’s it, he’s never putting her down again ever.

·  Babies love Lucien, he’s like catnip to them. Whenever any of them cries it’s like here, just give them to Lucien and that’s it. They stop. It’s some sort of magic, they all swear it is (but nothing makes Elain melt quite so much as coming in from the garden and finding both Lucien and baby asleep on the rocking chair by the fire)

·  They have a fairly large brood. They swear they didn’t mean to. But they do. They love them all so much. Elain is the stern parent (Lucien is half the reason they’re in trouble in the first place and she’s generally giving him a telling off right alongside their misbehaving offspring) but she’s also the one that patches up their little injuries and encourages them to follow their passions.
Lucien is typically the one they go to when they’ve fucked shit up and need to figure out how to un-fuck it up. As a master of un-fucking up the shit that he has fucked up Lucien is inevitably very good at this.

·  They just balance each other out perfectly as parents, really. As they do in life, they have a lovely contrast about them and they sort of cover each others flaws and patch each other’s problems. If there’s something one of them isn’t good at and can’t quite handle the other is/can and vice versa. They are the ultimate team, always.  

·  They’re the most achingly domestic family ever. The two of them having lots of children running around the house just feels right. When their own ones have grown up and moved on they adopt unwanted little ones or little ones trapped in bad households. Because Lucien is not tolerating any small one growing up under the kind of conditions that he did, oh no. Nor is Elain, so they take them in and look after them. They end up with more little adopted ones than they meant to as well but it doesn’t stop them loving them all. Or taking in more.

Okay I think that’s enough for now this got long sorry nonnie.

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5 Jily

5- Angry kiss (or, me writing something I’m fairly certain I’ve done like a million times but who gets tired from arguing turned make out fics) (also I was halfway through a drabble before I realised it was just supposed to be a description of the kiss whoops)

The door rattles in its hinges from the force at which Lily slammed it shut, causing the Marauders to jump and look up.

Her chest was heaving and she had her wand clutched tightly in one hand while she used the other to push back her mass of curly hair that had fallen into her eyes. “Everyone out,” she snarls, eyes flashing dangerously as she advanced on the group. All four boys immediately jump up and Lily reached out and shoved James back down. “Everyone except for you.” Her wand sparks and James stumbles back into the bed.

It was only a matter of seconds before the dormitory cleared out having all learnt, felt, and experienced Lily’s explosive anger at first hand, leaving the two of them alone. As soon as the door clicked shut- this time in a less violent manner than when she closed it a minute ago- she turned on him, unrestrained fury evident on her face. She reminds him of fire- red, burning, destructive. Capable of overtaking anything in the world and reducing it to its most vulnerable state.

“What the bloody fuck were you thinking?” she asks lowly.

James pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose and crosses his arms. “Going to have to be more specific, love.”

“Don’t ‘love’ me you silver tongued bastard,” she was quick to snap out in return, taking a step closer to prod him hard in the chest. Her fire begins to consume him then, a small kindling, only just smoking and smouldering. “I know you’re reckless and stupid and a goddamned idiot but did it ever occur to you that going up against five people- all of whom have a penchant for the dark arts and all of whom hate you- with nothing more than your wand and your wits was a fucking death wish?”

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