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‘The Shadow (Pink freud and the Pleasant Horizon)’ by Andre Von Morisse

Defined by a unique creative process, the hyper-real compositions of Andre Von Morisse reinvent traditional boundaries between painting and photography. Often using paintings as the starting point for an elaborate photographic process, Von Morisse is influenced by everything from Manet and pop culture to retro futurism and sci-fi landscapes. This surreal image is from a series entitled Pink Freud and the Pleasant Horizon, which consists of six photographs of paintings the artist first executed in black and white.

Polyjuice Potion

[Otayuri: Hogwarts AU]

Yura is a Slytherin, and is the best in his class in terms of studies, even surpassing his classmates from Ravenclaw. He is very popular among the students in the fifth year from all the four Houses. He gets a lot of letters, gifts and love confessions, but he gives so little attention to these things. But beyond what people think about him, lies a desire that he has never mentioned to anyone…

° • ○ ● ○ • ° • ○ ● ○ • ° • ○ ● ○ • °

Beka, the Gryffindor Seeker in his seventh year, the mysterious tough-guy who excels in playing Quidditch and being attractive. He’s also good in class, and is liked by a lot of students from different Houses and years. But his heart has been captured by someone long ago.

° • ○ ● ○ • ° • ○ ● ○ • ° • ○ ● ○ • °

Yura notices it, he always does; in between classes when he’s walking from his previous class to the next one, in the Great Hall during meals, or during Quidditch matches or practices when he’d sneak around to watch. He notices how Beka, the famous Seeker, always glances towards him. And when Yura meets his gaze, he’d look away.

Why? Does he have a problem with me? Yura thinks to himself. Or maybe he wants to tell me something? What’s with that Gryffindor Quidditch player?!

One night, Yura wanders off, taking a walk on the grounds of Hogwarts. It’s quiet, peaceful… And then something catches his eyes; his heart started racing. It is a silver figure of a tiger, a beautiful beast. It moves gracefully, taking every step with elegance. Yura takes every single ounce of self-control that he has to stop himself from chasing the mystical white tiger. He decides to watch it from a distance, so fascinated, he starts smiling to himself. A pure, bright innocent smile.

Concealing himself in the shadow, Beka is the one conjuring that Patronus. Yura’s smille surprises him, for it’s been so long since he last saw it. Yura has been projecting a smile which always seemed so empty, like it was meant fake happiness. But this one is different, it’s perfect. This is the smile Yura gave him back then, when they first met. Yura, your smile is beautiful, he whispers to himself as he allows his Patronus to fade.

The next day, Yura approaches the Charms teacher, Professor Nikiforov.

“Professor, you instruct your students on how to conjure their Patronus, right?” Yura asks.

“Indeed, I do, Mr. Plisetsky. Do you want me to teach you how to conjure a patronus too?” Professor Nikiforov suggests.

“No, Professor. I just want to know; do you know anyone who conjures a Patronus in a figure of a tiger?”

“Among all the students I teach now, I know only one with a tiger as his Patronus: it is Otabek Altin, a Gryffindor” the Professor answers.

This catches Yura’s interest. That seventh year Gryffindor looks at him a lot, and his patronus is a tiger? Is this just a coincidence? By the way, Yura loves cats, wild cats included. Wild cats like tigers. He has Muggle stuffs with tigers on it, like Muggle t-shirts and jackets with tiger prints. He keeps them hidden, though. Because his parents hate Muggles.

Is it just a coincidence? Yura wanted to know. He then spends the next month brewing Polyjuice Potion. He gets it done well enough to disguise himself as someone else for about an hour.

Professor Nikiforov’s image is the perfect choice, he decides, so he can ask Beka as a professor, and avoid suspicion.

He takes the potion, and again, he wanders off to where he saw the tiger Patronus. And there it is again, as beautiful as it was when he first saw it. He decides to chase it, intending to find where the conjurer in hinding.

“Mr. Altin? I know you’re around. Show yourself.” Yura, as Professor Nikiforov, announces.

“Yes, Professor.” Beka steps out of the shadows.

“What are you doing out here in the middle of the night? You’re supposed to be in your dormitory.”

“I just wanted to have a little practice on conjuring my Patronus, Professor.”

“I’ll spare you from detention, Mr. Altin. But I’d like to ask you something, what do you think of when you conjure your Patronus? It has to be a powerful memory for you to produce such a fascinating image of a tiger,” Yura asks, doing his best to sound formal.

Beka, though confused by this question, answers with the truth to avoid the detention.

“It is the memory of someone I met in the Diagon Alley long ago. We were younger back then. There was this boy, he was holding a small stuffed tiger. He was looking at a broomstick, his eyes were sparkling. I walked towards him and heard him say, ‘When I grow up, I want to play Quidditch too.’ He looked so happy and excited. And then he turned to me, and asked ‘What about you? Do also like Quidditch?’ I told him that I like Quidditch too, and that I actually love it. He said that maybe someday we can play Quidditch together, and then smiled at me. His smile was so beautiful, it made me so happy, it gave my heart an amazing warmth. That boy, he got into this school when I was in my third year. He was sorted into Slytherin, but he doesn’t play Quidditch. They say he’s the best in his class. I’m still hoping that maybe we can play Quidditch together, and maybe I can see him smile again, that smile he gave me when we first met and when he saw my Patronus.”

Beka’s eyes shine brighter than all the stars above them as he tells the story. Yura watches him too intently, that he did not notice that the potion was starting to wear off…


Yuri Plisetsky! So smol so much angst.

(though tbh i’m leaning more towards Yuri Katsuki…)

The animal prints are water transfer decals but the lines are freehanded. Didn’t want to have too much black so went with the white tiger+red instead of tiger+black.

Colours used:
cirque carpe diem
nails inc 043 baker street
nail holic sv002
catrice ultimate nail laquer 19 fred said red
maybelline colour show 220 blackout 

(Random yay I’ve managed to grow out my nails hopefully i can keep myself from biting them from now on)

i also did Victor’s and Yuuri’s stammi vicino pair skate and Yurio’s On Love: Agape!

Cheating - Soryu ( Chap. 2. )

Tagging: @voltagelifee @silver-red-rose @crystal-tigers

My eyes slowly escalated to meet Soryu’s distinct face, his eyes piercing arrows into my heart. When I gazed at him, the tears that once ended had soon come to haunt me again.
“S-S…” The shock and fear prohibited me from speaking, making my arms and knees wobble once more. I clung to Eisuke’s suit, trying to recenter myself.
“It’s alright..” Soryu awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck, darting his eyes away from me and the bidders. “I came here to talk to you.”
I begged my soul and body to function once more, but stricken down with fear my lips remained sealed. Soryu heaved down on one knee and extending his hands to me. Those hands, those hands touched another women other than me. Scared of my own thoughts I shrieked away, rotating my head to ignore Soryu’s face. Behind my back, I could sense that Soryu’s heart dropped and sunk into his stomach, the tears I desperately tried to hold in were speeding down my cheek, wetting Eisuke’s now rugged suit. Soryu heaved a sigh, his eyes filling with more sadness then there had ever been.
“I’m sorry, but can we talk. Can we all talk?” Soryu’s eyes didn’t meet mine, he icily glared at Eisuke who glared straight into his soul. Eisuke looked at me and waited for my approval for us to discuss the matters at hand. Nodding and wiping my tears away, they gathered near my bed with Soryu, not uttering a single word to spill from their lips.
“I’ll make some tea..” I managed to make my voice not shake and help myself walk to the kitchen. Choosing each of the cups, I started to brew boiling water when I suddenly heard Ota and Soryu discussing something.
“Was she good?” Ota softly said.
“What?” Soryu’s expression was painted with shock, not expecting such a personal question.
“Was she good in the bed?” Ota rolled his eyes, blowing a piece of hair away from his face.
“That’s not something you ask.” Baba’s usual light and airy tone had condensed into a serious monotone voice that vibrated through the air. Ignoring their conversation I patiently stood near the stove until the water was ready, then I heard a loud bang.
“YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY DISGRACEFUL!” Eisuke’s booming voice shook the tea cups, making one slip and fall.
“DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU JUST SAID?” Hurrying to gather the tea, I messily dunked the tea bags and waltz into the room when I heard the faint clasp of a hand interfere with Eisuke’s face.
“You don’t know anything!” Brimming with tears, Soryu balled his hands into fist, his knuckles turning a frosty white.
“You can’t just say that, Sor.” Mamoru had lighted another one of his cigs and had a stern facial mask on his face.
“The tea is r-”
“SO WHAT IF I LIKE HER?! SHES SOMETHING I’VE NEVER SEE-” His declaration was interrupted with me dropping the tray, spilling glass and tea all over the wooden floor.
“Yuki!” My eyes, my ears, my heart, I couldn’t feel anything.
“Yuki! I-I did-”
“How..” Instead of crying and pitying myself, I angrily clutched my heart.
“I can’t do this..” I felt my emotions slowly leave my body as I ran out the door and slammed out the calls of my name.

Character Design Challenge 2!

A sequel to our other design challenge post! The rules are the same: there’s a color, object/animal, and a genre, and you design a character using at least one of the things listed. Try to see if you can use all three, though. Have fun! Thanks for 1000 followers!

1: Yellow/Ribbon/Mystery

2: Red/Frog/Cyberpunk

3: Teal/Piano/Fantasy

4: Orange/Tree/Cyberpunk

5: Brown/Wolf/Horror

6: Pink/Belt/Mystery

7: Peach/Necklace/Realistic Fiction

8: Green/Ice/Comedy

9: White/Snake/Science Fiction

10: Plum/Knife/Historical Fiction

11: Blue/Torn-up Jeans/Mystery

12: Yellow/Playing Cards/Cyberpunk

13: Navy/Sandals/Steampunk

14: Chartreuse/Top Hat/Horror

15: Grey/Yo-yo/Science Fiction

16: Lavender/Candle/Cyberpunk

17: Mint/Treble Clef/Fantasy

18: Red/Horse/Tragedy

19: Gold/Stopwatch/Romance

20: White/Candy/Steampunk

21: Brown/Praying Mantis/Science Fiction

22: Silver/Tiger/Mystery

23: Blue/Banjo/Romance

24: Black/Scarf/Realistic Fiction

25: Tan/Paper/Historical Fiction

26: Green/Teacup/Cyberpunk

27: Cream/Vinyl Record/Comedy

28: Purple/Gum/Realistic Fiction

29: Gold/Mug/Science Fiction

30: Red/Fedora/Mystery

31: Light Blue/Fireflies/Romance

32: Orange/Virus/Fantasy

33: Yellow/Lotus/Historical Fiction

34: Black/Pitcher Plant/Fantasy

35: Lavender/Meteor/Horror

36: Blue/Snake/Steampunk

37: Crimson/Feather/Horror

38: Gold/Knight/Cyberpunk

39: Mint/Panther/Cyberpunk

40: Lavender/Coat/Fantasy

41: Red/Bed/Romance

42: White/Apple/Horror

43: Grey/Jester/Tragedy

44: Pink/Television/Tragedy

45: Blue/Cheese/Comedy

46: Silver/Crow/Fantasy

47: Magenta/Tree/Steampunk

48: Green/Wolf/Mystery

49: Red/Moon/Steampunk

50: Teal/Birdhouse/Romance