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You know, all these "customer gets mad that we don't have chip reader" stories got me thinking. You'd think customers would realize that if their credit/debit cards still have that weird generally black or silver strip thingy on them THAT THEY HAVE LITERALLY ALWAYS HAD, they'd still be able to swipe if the chip isn't able to be used... But I suppose that takes too much common sense for the species known as "customers." :/


Pairing: Remus Lupin x Slytherin! Reader

Request: Yes!  @bluenekox3:   Hi there sweety! Can i request you an imagine? Maybe a Slytherin girl x Remus and he is teaching her to make a patronus a hers is a badger and it gets cute ? Please?

A/N: Repost! I made it again because I didnt liked it the irst time and it didnt had the things that @bluenekox3 wanted so I made it longer. Hope you like this one better!

“Today we are learning to cast a Patronus Charm!” The voice of Professor Flitwick entered the classroom.

I  was currently in Charms with the Gyffindors, and I was talking to ellow Slythern when professor Flitwick entered anouncing todaays class. When I heard Patronus Charm I was interested in the theme. I’ve read about the Patronus Charm in one of my detentions with the charms professor in thirth grade and ever since I was looking forward to this class. Now three years later I was finally having it.

“Now I am going to get you in pairs, I will name a Slytherin and then a Gryffindor they wiil both come to the front and wait until I got you all in pairs and you will sit with your partner” And he started calling names, everyone was angry that we had to pair withour worst enemys but I didnt care I just wanted to cast my patronus.

“Y/l/n, Y/n and Remus Lupin” I went to the front wth my partner.

“Hi, I’m Y/n” I offered my hand and he looked at me like I was a weird species. “What? Is it bad or a Slytherin to say hi to a Gryffindor? They are called manners”

“Sorry, it’s just I never knew a Slytherin that haves manners” He said giving me his hand. “I’m Remus, Remus Lupin” I smiled at him.

When we got to the places that professor Flitwick assigned us he started explaining. When he finishe we all standed up and got to work. 

“If you can’t make a Patronus in the next hour and a half, you will come back ater dinner with your partner and you will keep trying” Proffesor Flitwick said going between everyone to see their work.

“Bloody Hell” Remus said as he looked at James Potter cast his Patronus while his wand was just barely letting a few silver drops out.

“Dont worry, you would get that, I mean, I havent cast mine neither”

“Expecto Patronus!” he screamed. A silver wind-ish thingy came out of his wand

“Well, that is more than just dropps, may I ask what memory you are using?”

“The time I met my three best friends, I thought that was happy enough, guess not” he said looking down.

“Try with another then”

“I cant think of any other” 

“Well while you think of another I will try”


“Expecto Patronus!” Nothing “Expecto Patronus” Nothing “Expecto Patronus” Only a few silver drops. After a couple of tries I saw Remus’s face light up.

“I got it!” he exclaimed “May I?”

“Of course, not like I was nailing it so yeah do it”

“Expecto Patronus!”  And suddenly something that looked like a wolf came out of his wand, it was a werewolf, I looked at Remus, he was happy, or at least that’s what I saw, he looked at his three friends, who had already casted their own Patronus and were looking at Remus with an concern look.

The bell rang indicating the end of the class and breaking Remus’s concentration making the Patronus dissappear.

“Bloddy hell” we both said, me, because I didnt casted my Patronus, and him, well, I didnt knew why he said it.

“Well, at least one of us casted it, what memory did you used?”

“I-I dont- It is a secret, sorry, see you after dinner” he said walking away

“See ya’“ I said wondering why he suddenly looked upset.

In dinner I was looking for him, but he didn’t came to dinner. What was wrong? Aren’t  you supossed to be happy when you cast your Patronus? I looked at his table one last time beore I leaved at I notice that James Potter and Peter Pettigrew were there and they were looking at me.

I rushed to the stairs to go to Flitwick’s classroom.

When I got there, there were already the other two pairs that couldnt cast their Patronus. I waited a few minutes and Remus entered the classroom. I followed him to the center of the classroom and we got started.

Professor Flitwick was in his chair when two Patronus made their way trough the classroom and then dissapeared.

“Expecto Patronus!”  I exclaimed, just silver air.

“You can make it! Just think of the happiest memory you have” Remus said 

“That’s what I am thinking of! Why dont you try it again? Maybe that will give me the courage to cast mine?”

“I dont realy think like doing it”

“Look, I dont know what happened during the class, ou were happy for a second and the other you were upset, your friends looked at you with concern loooks and you didnt showed up at dinner, if you dont want to tell me, but it is ok,we both know that the patrons is the light and happiness that we all have, so dont feel bad about it, now we are going to cast our Patronus and we are gonna be happy about it”

“Ok, you are right”




“Expecto Patronus!”  we both said and from our wands came out our Patronus. from mine a beutifull badger came out and from his it was a another werewolf. They both made their way in the classroom and I was following them very close but then I stepped a book and I fell.

But I didnt fell, a strong pair of arms catched me and now I was looking to Remus’s eyes. He wouldnt let me go and I didnt wanted him to.

“A badger, it is beutifull”

“I didnt had time to tell you this in class, but yours is amazing, and very rare, wich makes it even more beutifull” I told him. We were still looking to each other eyes but then the magic broke

“Oi, Remus my friend, good catch” we separated and looked to the owner of the voice. Sirius Black.

“Shut up Sirius!” he said looking back to me “W-would you like to go to Hogsmade with me on Saturday?” 

“If is only the two of us” I looked at his friends and then my looke went back to him “Yes, I would like to go to Hogsmade on Saturday”


So the lovely @seitsuya tagged me to share my lockscreen, homescreen, last song I listened to and the last selfie i have taken with the public. So here I go again, making a face at my reflection, judging my decisions. I am back at it again with the Naruto-phase yes.
Tagging my girl @fuckgrimm, as well as @rinmatsuoka, @psychohelmet, @katzuyas and purrhaps @amaanogawa, my angel. Remember ladies, this is not compulsory! :) and thank you so much baby for the tag ;___; you gave me and my blog a new life *giggles*


Snow White Warrior Princess Custom Funko

I’ve been trying to decide how I could do this look forever and it came suddenly because of @maleficentsunicorn.  So it’s on her.  Her head is a live action Belle painted black with silver hair thingie.  Her body is Belle with her shoulder’s shaved down to not be puffy and a surcoat added.  Sadly she is top heavy and Belle doesn’t come with a stand so she doesn’t totally like to stand but I like her anyway.

I will take commissions to replicate this funko, please contact privately to discuss price as the market for the figures in which I make these out of can change wildly.  Ask me about my etsy shop.


I added Tarantulas to the Beast Wars group! He’s not very cute (I usually show eyes though the visor) but I wanted him to look mischievous and creeepy. I hope you can see him smiling when you look at that face xD (I do!) Oh and I decided to make Optimus a bit cooler and gave him those silver thingies sticking out on the sides.

  • miles luna: okay jessica, cinder's suffered her first real loss. she's humiliated, she's seething, she's not gonna be all smug like usual. this is a great opportunity to show your emotional range
  • jessica nigri: *sweating* ahaha. yes. well. okay, but. what if. the, uh, silver eye thingies. made cinder lose her voice
Sehun Jealousy? (Taohun)

(I ship Taohun, it’s obvious enough. I legit think they have something going on…and I have a gay brother so I’m familiar with these kinds of interactions >__>)

I think Sehun is constantly jealous of Tao and Kai’s interactions. Let me further explain:

Tao hugs Kai cause Kai was crying, then Sehun pops outta nowhere to slap Tao’s butt and tell him to stop. Sehun also said something to Kai in the 2nd gif, leading Tao to slap Sehun’s arm like “hey, stop it. He’s crying”.

External image
External image

Same scenario happening again. I watched the full video (can’t find the link anymore, though), and saw that Sehun purposefully searched the ground for a good minute to find a good enough silver string-thingy to put on Tao. At first, Sehun witnessed Tao comforting Kai once more, he stared, got uncomfortable, then went about looking for a string to distract Taokai interaction. lol.

Self explanatory, this set of gifs. ;)

At last, when EXO appeared on weekly idol (the 2nd time around, that is), there was this one segment where the MCs told Luhan to kick Kai’s butt for being disrespectful. Luhan didn’t kick Kai hard enough according to the MCs, so Sehun automatically was like “I’ll demonstrate!!” and he walked up to Kai and kicked him pretty hard. I wonder if it’s because there’s some underlying jealousy LMAO. Kai’s expression after the kick was like “I saw that coming….”.

Just mah two cents.


So yeah more Frozencast stuff

Basically Martyn can control plants and tries to hide it away but accidentally makes the kingdom be overrun by plants and it slowly grows into a giant rainforest-like thing during his coronation to become king (also it turns from winter to summer ha). Zoey, his sister (they both are associated with nature and Zoey has had green streaks in her hair so it works) has to team up with mountain girl Fiona to try to bring back her brother and save the kingdom.

Other Characters:
Hans- Lalna
The Duke- Ryth
Sven- Teep
Olaf- I still don’t know maybe some random tree-person thing?? People have suggested Toby or Honeydew and I’m like “Do I really want a tree-Toby talking bout being impaled or having no bones”

Also Martyn has his hair slicked back and a silver branch-like crown thingy so during Let It Go Grow he throws off the crown and shakes out his hair C:

And I’m still designing the… plant suit????? and the tree-castle (much better than a treehouse)

I’m really glad I got back into this crossover because it’s really fun trying to re-design the outfits C:

So let’s talk about this asshole. What in the actual hell has happened to her eye?

Is this like the power that she stole hurting her because it doesn’t really belong to her, which tbh would this have happened to Pyrrha if the powers had been transferred to her.

Or… did she get scars from when RWBY unleashed her silver eyes power thingy magigy that still hasn’t been completely explained yet.

Either way I’m still routing for her demise for what she did for pyrrha. Also anyone else have a feeling that Blake is gonna die from the way the volume 4 intro played out?

it gets deep into my hate bones whenever people say that fairy tail is based of rave master....

yes it has things that are alike, like gray and musica, and plue being in both shows, and the rave stone being alike gray’s necklace, and the unison raids being like the silver unison attack thingie, and JELLAL AND SIEGHEART…

but the characters and the story are completely different so please sTOP!

that the author is the same doesnt mean the story will behave the same… actually it has even less possibilities for that to happen since mashima, being the same author, would do his best for the stories to be different in story matters, dont you think? 

yes, some situations can be alike since it all comes from his headand he has his own way of thinking and interpret things and got his own tastes, but please, just stop thinking certain characters are going to die or something will happen to them basing your punchs in rave.

i dont even know why people do that, i dont remember any part of rave’s story being alike fairy tail’s at all. heck not even the the characters that have a counterpart in rave hve the same personalities… mostly of the things that are alike are kind of a “fanservice” he makes for the readers of rave…