silver thingy

  • miles luna: okay jessica, cinder's suffered her first real loss. she's humiliated, she's seething, she's not gonna be all smug like usual. this is a great opportunity to show your emotional range
  • jessica nigri: *sweating* ahaha. yes. well. okay, but. what if. the, uh, silver eye thingies. made cinder lose her voice

So let’s talk about this asshole. What in the actual hell has happened to her eye?

Is this like the power that she stole hurting her because it doesn’t really belong to her, which tbh would this have happened to Pyrrha if the powers had been transferred to her.

Or… did she get scars from when RWBY unleashed her silver eyes power thingy magigy that still hasn’t been completely explained yet.

Either way I’m still routing for her demise for what she did for pyrrha. Also anyone else have a feeling that Blake is gonna die from the way the volume 4 intro played out?


I added Tarantulas to the Beast Wars group! He’s not very cute (I usually show eyes though the visor) but I wanted him to look mischievous and creeepy. I hope you can see him smiling when you look at that face xD (I do!) Oh and I decided to make Optimus a bit cooler and gave him those silver thingies sticking out on the sides.