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Byzantine Gilt Silver Bracelet, 9th - Early 13th Century AD

An incredible bracelet made of twisted silver wire and terminating in two hammered flat silver trapezoids that flow from the wire. These are studded with small silver beads and braid.

During the 7th to 9th centuries, the Byzantine Empire was in a state of economic and social crisis, repeatedly rocked by invasions, plagues, famines, and other disasters - a time period often called “The Dark Ages”. Emerging from that period, it seems that the people of the Byzantine Empire wished to flaunt their wealth and embellish themselves with beautiful things. For example, in excavations of Byzantine graves from this period at Thessaloniki, jewelry like this bracelet are the exclusive grave items found with both men and women - but they are found in great quantities. This would have been a treasured item for a person living in this optimistic, dynamic time.

Dueling pistols, circa 1730 supposedly belonged to Prince Charles Edward Stuart. As short and wide as those barrels are, I rather doubt that you’d be able to hit anything closer than arm’s length away–but maybe that was the point?

At the Royal Collection:

Provenance: Said to have belonged to Prince Charles Edward Stuart

Duelling pistol of walnut with carved floral decoration on the stock, gold etched barrel and chased silver trigger guard and side pieces; the butt terminating in silver cap chased with profile head of a man looking left, on gold matted ground.

Remember, “said to have” is historian for “The story is most likely complete bs, but we like it too much to not tell it”.

Gruvia development + other characters

I was actually inspired by this NaLu post by jhayni-in-the-rain.  It made me think: a great deal of characters have also linked Gray and Juvia romantically too, whether it’s comedic or serious.  Many characters have picked up on Juvia’s side (she doesn’t hide it), Gray’s side, or both.

Alzack and Bisca

The first time we get a glimpse of Alzack and Bisca watching Gray and Juvia’s relationship develop is early on during a celebration at the guild.  The future couple watches Juvia pour Gray a drink, and it won’t be the only time they observe from afar.

Gray and Juvia are eating caramade franks together at the table.  Gray tells Juvia she’s way too sticky with it, so he tries to teach her how to eat it the right way.  Alzack and Bisca observe the two, and refer to Gray and Juvia acting “lovey-dovey” with each other.  Ironically, these are the two characters that end up being confirmed canon.  Alzack and Bisca get married, and have a child.  Bisca wonders how she could be active like Juvia.  Moreover, one of the canon pairings in the series considers Gray and Juvia to be “cute together” and “lovey-dovey”.  That’s an interesting note.


Lucy is constantly telling Juvia she is not her love rival, and Gray even confirms that as well in chapter 275 when both characters agree Juvia’s vision of Gray/Lucy being together will never happen.  Lucy is not a love rival; rather she seems to support Gray and Juvia together.  In the above panel, we see Lucy almost snickering at the fact Juvia wants to be Gray’s partner in the S-class exam.  It’s a common way to tease someone about their feelings.

So while Lucy has teased them, she’s also shown major support and comfort.  Juvia is near death in the Tartaros arc after defeating Keith, and all she wants is to see Gray.  Lucy reassures her by hugging the girl, telling her that she will see him very soon.


Erza is one of the biggest Gruvia supporters in the series.  The first time she makes a comment on their bond is in regards Juvia’s side.  She remarks that Juvia’s true power comes from her strong feelings for her loved one (Gray).  

It’s not just Juvia that Erza makes comments about or to.  During the Grand Magic Games, Gray and Erza talk on the balcony where even she sees what’s going on between the pair.  Erza tells Gray that he should have sensed Juvia’s feelings for him by now; giving a knowing/soft smile.  She asks him why can’t he be a little more resolute. She asks him “Why don’t you make everything clear?”  To this question, Gray turns his face and blushes.  

Erza is someone Gray has known for a long time.  They have a great relationship.  You can see the smirk she had on her face as if she knew something.  

Erza has commented on Gray and Juvia’s sides individually on separate occasions, but in the 413 days special chapter, she once again shows her support for both of them.

When Juvia reaches the guild, Erza notices she’s in a good mood.  Therefore, the requip mage asks what’s going on and if anything pleasant has happened. Juvia puts her hands on her blushing face, saying today she is going to meet Gray, and it’s the 413th day anniversary of when they met.  And so Erza asks Juvia how she will celebrate the occasion, to which Juvia replies she’s doing nothing because she is fine with it simply being a happy day.  Erza tells Juvia that isn’t right and she should make Gray a happy man (put him in high spirits) by giving him a present because it’s an anniversary. Therefore, Erza is encouraging Juvia to make a move; also wanting the two to be happy.

Later on, Erza comforts a crying Juvia after finding out it’s a mourning day for Gray.  While walking, she spots Gray wearing the homemade scarf Juvia knitted for him.  He is smiling, which results in her smiling warmly as well.  Safe to say that Erza supports Gray and Juvia together romantically, and wishes for them to be happy.


Another character that finds it extremely clear that Juvia loves Gray.  Throughout this battle, Meredy is constantly stressing the bond that Gray and Juvia have; enough to emotionally link them together through her magic.

She even felt the need to tell Ultear that Juvia is close to Gray.

After returning from Tenrou Island, Meredy witnesses the two, thinking that the relationship hasn't really gone anywhere “yet”.  The keyword here is “yet”.  Though personally, I’d disagree.  I do think the relationship has progressed, though that’s from the beginning of the series.  Nevertheless, the fact that Meredy even sees them as a potential couple says something. 

Lyon and Chelia

These two characters, more specifically Lyon, are extremely important. Lets start with Chelia though, who is a character known for love.  Love is the most important thing to her, and sees Gray and Juvia’s bond romantic by watching the two perform their attack together (don’t get me started on Mashima’s/his editor’s side text: Gray and Juvia's synchronized attack of love).

Then we have Lyon, who has known Gray since he was young.  They are rivals.  They are brothers.  Lyon knows Gray very well, and the fact that he believes Gray is being lovey/affectionate with Juvia is telling.  This is also coming from a guy in love with Juvia.  Lyon sees the bond the two share. He doesn’t only comment on Gray’s side, but Juvia’s as well:

He knows that his love will forever be one sided, thus he backs off.


Silver is, by far, the most important character that has linked Gray and Juvia romantically.  He is Gray’s father. The entire battle between Gray and Silver is extremely emotional, and for some reason, he assumes that Juvia is Gray’s woman.  She just gives off that vibe. ;)

Silver is handing Juvia a task that Gray himself could not do.  He is also entrusting his son to Juvia, telling her she must defeat Keith (which will also terminate Silver) for Gray’s sake.  Authors don’t tend to use these deep connections for characters that are only friends or will remain friends forever.  On another note, it’s interesting how Juvia calls Silver “father”, referring to him as if Gray’s dad is her own/father-in-law.

And of course, Silver tells Juvia to take care of Gray/leaves Gray to her.  Juvia promises she will.  Again, this is significant because the father-son bond is very powerful.  Gray’s father, somehow, was able to sense Gray and Juvia’s bond.

Cana, Mirajane, and Lisanna

Cana watches Gray and Juvia’s bread exchange.  Seeing their interaction, she gives a smirk, turning to Mira and asking what’s going on over there because she thought Gray shot her down (that’s linking them romantically).  Mira replies that it’s the same as always with a smile on her face.  This adds support to the claim that Gray’s rejection will not stick.  They were pointing out how Gray and Juvia’s actions were completely contradicting that rejection. 

Again, it’s to make an important point regarding Gray and Juvia.  The author constantly featuring Gray and Juvia in a positive light speaks volumes when it comes to his intentions.

So I don’t get off track, Lisanna makes a comment in the very same scene about the atmosphere in the room.  She’s not talking about some friendship atmosphere, that’s for sure.  Furthermore….

Volume 44’s extras confirms the scene has romantic undertones. Of course.

Look at that again….

This is from volume 32.  Mirajane has picked up on Gruvia’s “more than friends” bond awhile ago.  Her comment here is also on Gray’s side of things and how he wants to specifically wants to peek on Juvia of all girls.

Now if I want to nitpick, I can mention how Loke smirked at Gray asking about Juvia during the S-class exam and how Makarov sent Gray on a mission with Juvia alone (specifically to take care of her) when she first joined the guild.  Though these two examples don't necessarily link them romantically, they don’t hurt.  

Of course other ships have gotten comments from other characters as well, but what’s really important is the quality of them.  Gruvia has both quality, and quantity.  Characters that are close to them, and not so close to them see the “unspoken” or “more than friends” aspect of their relationship.  I mean, Gray’s childhood friend/rival/brother, Gray’s father, a confirmed canon couple… they are all good sources.

Gray and Juvia still have a bit to go before becoming official, but aside from this, with all the progression they have and keep receiving, the chances of Gruvia happening before or by the end of the series are very high. :)

anonymous asked:

Top 5 Gruvia moments.

Ooooooo! :D let’s see this is tough but… I’m not going to go full detail. This is just a list.

1) Chapter 416 - Gray and Juvia meet again at the end of the Tartaros arc when Juvia admits she’s the one who took down Keith/terminated Silver. THE HUG. THE HUGGGG. Gray crying in Juvia’s arms + his “thank you” and apology hehe. And of course the “you’re warm” comment.

2) Chapter 366 - Gray takes Juvia’s hand and says “I’m here with you”.

3) Chapter 322 - “Gray and Juvia’s synchronized attack of love!” HAHA! Their unison raid against Lyon and Chelia in the GMG. So powerful; so much team work. The hand holding at the end while they exchange smiles too. *shot in the feels*

4) FT special: 413 Days (The Gruvia chapter) - Basically the entire chapter… Lmao. Well if I had to pick a certain scene it would be Gray running back for Juvia’s scarf, frantically looking for it and then wearing it with a smile on his face. The symbolism was so strong too; my favorite panel is Gray digging in the snow for the scarf and Juvia looking up at the sky touching the snow right after.

5) Chapter 334 - Gray dies for Juvia. Yes, it’s tragic. But it’s also an extremely powerful moment for these two. Without hesitation, Gray sacrifices himself so Juvia could live, breaking his vow to live a life with his comrades.


There’s more of course, especially the cute moment like the Gruvia bread or them eating Caramade franks together. But these are my top 5. ^^