silver tee


I loveeee the way these turned out!! I wanted something summery and fun but I also wanted to practice artwork. I needed bling too! I was really inspired by Kirsty from Naio Nails because she did a sharpie flamingo recently and it was freaking gorgeous!

The products I used are Glam and Glits To-A-Tee, EZflow Silver Screen, and CND clear acrylics. I also used Max Estrada’s Gummy Jelly and No Wipe GEL Top Coat. The artwork was done with acrylic paints by hand.

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what are some of your favourite thrifted / vintage outfit? i love your style so much😍😍

hello, thank u!! i got most of my outfits from thrift shops in SG, and some of my favourite vintage ones are floral tops, high waist jeans and rompers. i’ve curated a list of outfits similar to the ones i have so u can get a sense of my style. best part is all of them are below $20!!

floral lace-up romper with faux leather sandals

“Girl Power” rose tee & strappy denim skirt

vintage floral tank top (fav!!) with silver long skirt

stripped tee with heart embroidery with vintage specs 

white floral lace tee goes with checkered tie skirt

denim paperbag shorts + pink bulldog tee

tropical print cami & paisley printed boho pants

i hope these suggestions can help u put together a perfect vintage outfit!

Snapback Princess

Luke Hemmings AU Imagine


Warnings: Smut


When you were walking around for orientation you were given pamphlets for depression, the freshman 15, student orgs, sororities, and nearly everything else you could think of. Still, somehow, you managed to miss the pamphlet on what to do with a frat boy between your legs.

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Puppy Hybrid! Calum

Pairing: Y/N and Calum

Warning: Smut

Words: 2K

Summary: Flatmate Calum has always been a little awkward, but ever so hot! You’d never seen him without a hat on and when you bought a dog he absolutely adored it! You always thought it was because he just liked dogs you never thought it was because he was one.

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You sighed as you dropped your bag on the floor of your flat. You’d had the longest day ever. Firstly when I woke up, my alarm clock didn’t go off so I was late for college. Then the hot water wasn’t on so I had to have a freezing cold shower, and as its the middle of winter it was not ok. Then when I went to the local coffee shop they had ran out of Vanilla sauce for my vanilla latte. When I finally got to college my professor gave me a strike for being late and not handing in course work on time, when it was literally in my bag and the only reason I hadn’t handed it in was because I was late. He then went on and lectured the whole class about our performance as a class and was basically saying we were failing, which is great encouragement. 

Then when I had gotten to lunch I had forgot my lunch token back at my flat so I had to go starved, but survived on the breakfast bar my friend gave me. Then worst of all when I was walking home it started heavily raining and now standing at my flat door I was dripping wet. Luckily me and my flat mate had left a towel’s by the door just in case anything like this happened. I grabbed hold of a towel and wrapped it around my hair. I hung up my coat on the coat rack and took off my top, seen as I wore a white shirt and my bra was showing anyway. I took off my wet jeans with a struggle and threw them onto a pile.

“Well what a lovely site this is” I looked up and Calum was stood there. Calum was my flatmate, we both couldn’t afford a room on campus so I bought a flat outside. But I couldn’t pay the rent on my own so I put a ad in the newspaper and Calum replied. He’s been living with me for a good year, about 6 months through the year I adopted a puppy called Marty, Calum absolutely loved the dog and he’s so good to it and it really helped us bond more, we’re kind of like best friends who flirt a lot. But man did I want to be more than that. He was intelligent, handsome and had a love for hats. I wish I could be the one he takes on dates, I wish I was the one who got to cuddle him in bed, but thats out of the question because guys like him don’t go for girls like me.

I grabbed the towel and smirked at Calum. I wrapped it around my torso. Calum walked over to me and grabbed my clothes. 

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to put your clothes in the washing machine”

“Thank you” I sadly smiled, he picked up my wet clothes and winked at me. I laughed and walked to the bed room, I took off my underwear and made my way to the bathroom wrapping the towel back around me. Calum was already in there running a bath.

“Are you taking a bath?” I asked

“No I’m running one for you, you seem stressed, thought you’d need one” 

My heart fluttered as he poured bubble bath into it. He was such an amazing human, as he was bent over the bath I got a good view of what he was wearing today and his ass. He was wearing grey sweatpants with a white tee, a silver necklace around his golden skin. A grey beanie covering his fluffy hair. Even though I’ve never seen his full head of hair you can see the front of it. I don’t know why he wears hats..Once I asked and he got all moody with me for about a week. I didn’t like that side of him so I decided never to asked again. He turned around pulled the towel from my hair and ran his hands through it.

“Whats wrong Y/N?”

“Just my professor being a dick and everything has gone wrong today”

He sighed and kissed my forehead. I reached for my towel and let it go. I didn’t worry about Calum standing there, he’d seen me naked before, I mean we both practically walk around naked. I heard Calum swallow harshly and I looked up at him and raised a eyebrow.

“I-I’m going to make you some hot chocolate” 

“You’re the best”

He walked out the bathroom and I got into the bath. I sank into the bubbles and reached for the shampoo. Our flat wasn’t the biggest flat but it was average size, we had the basic things a kitchen/living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom. It was the cutest little flat ever and having the best flat mate my home life was perfect. Especially when he brings me hot chocolate in the bath.

I reached for the plug and pulled out the bath. I wrapped a towel around myself and made my way to my room. After I had put on my panties I search around for a baggy top.  None were in my room, I walked over to Calum’s room and knocked on the door. I waited a few seconds before I heard  

“C-come in”

I walked into his room covering my breasts and strutted over to the dresser next to his bed. I bent over to find his white green day shirt, I removed some of his other shirts before finding the one I wanted.

“Jesus Y/N”

“What?” I asked innocently whilst placing his shirt over my head.

“You’re a tease you know that”

“But you love it” I whispered seductivly, he looked at me and I saw his eyes dramatically change colour.

“You should leave” he stated, I gave him a confused look and he stood up and pushed me out his door and slammed it.

“Calum what the fuck” I heard shuffling behind the door, almost like his clothes coming off. I heard silence for a while until I heard the sound of groans and the sound of something wet. I stood confused for a second before I realised something bad could be happening, does he have allergies? 

“Calum let me in”

“Piss off” he rasped

I pushed against the door and Calum was leant against the wall jacking off with incredible speed.

“Jesus Calum if you wanted to jack off so bad you could have said instead of pushing me out, I thought something bad was happening”

He stopped his movements and stood up. As he was standing up his beanie fell off. I looked at his hair and he seemed to have unusual ears on the top of his head, like puppy ears. His long tanned dick was semi hard and dripping with pre-cum.

“You know Y/N” I looked up at him and his eyes were black and clouded over with such an amount of lust that I’ve never seen in any human, that must be it, he has puppy ears and his eyes are a un human black, he can’t possibly be human.

“You’ve been teasing me for so fucking long” the harshness in his voice was turning me on so much and I was finding it hard to speak, I opened and closed my mouth a few times before whispering out 

“I-im sorry-y” 

“You’re sorry?” He questioned 

He pushed me up against the door and looked deeply into my eyes, almost like he was looking into my soul. He grabbed my neck and pushed onto it, chocking me. He leant down and started kissing over my face, he got to my lips and ran his thumb over them, he moved his head forward and his lips hovered over mine.

“So god damn sexy” He he whispered before crashing his lips on mine. The feeling was indescribable it was like a eruption of butterflies had gone off in my tummy but at the same time had traveled down south and made me soaking wet. His tongue swiped against my lips as he entered my mouth and I moved my tongue and sucked on his lips. He moaned and reached for my hands, he grabbed them and pinned them above my head and interlaced our fingers. I removed my lips from his as I was running out of air and I leant my head back giving Calum full advantage of sucking hickeys onto my neck.

“Fuck Calum”

He brought his body closer to mine and grinded into me, the sensation of his wet dick against my clothed core made me moan and lift my leg up wanting to feel more. He let go of my hands and took off his top off my body. 

“You look so sexy in my clothes”

“Cal do something else” He leant down and furrowed his eyebrows and looked at me

“What the fuck did you just say?”

“I-i please” He grabbed my hips and slammed the front of my body against the door as he kneaded my ass and pushed my face against the door. 

“Don’t you EVER fucking tell me what to do” he said huskily and spanked my ass, I moaned out and tilted my head back. He got down on his knees and ripped my panties off.

“They were my favourite pair!”

“Quit whining!”

He then sucked harshly on my clit and ran his finger up and down my folds. I could tell he was smirking because I know I was dripping wet, all for him. His finger prodded my entrance as he slid two of his fingers in. I let out a whine and pushed my ass onto his fingers and they moved in and out of me at a fast pace. I reached out my hand to find something tho grabbed hold of but it was a door so I ended up pulling on my own hair and letting out groans.

“You’re so needy baby”

“Fuck I need you” that must have snapped something inside him as he stood up, flipped me over and pushed me up against the door once more. He reconnected our lips and tapped my leg, I jumped and he edged his cock inside me. I arched my back and ran my fingers through his hair curving around the puppy ears. His cocked pumped in and out of me at a rapid pace and I felt his tip rub against my g-spot.

“Right there Cal” I mumbled against his lips

He lifted my legs up next to my shoulders and pounded into me faster than before. I started to see stars and I could feel my walls clench around him, I grabbed hold of his shoulders and came around him. I looked up and Calum had sweat running down his forehead, I reached up and grabbed hold of his puppy ears, he opened his eyes and looked wide eyed at me, his eyes flashed different colours from blue to colours I’ve never seen before. He shut his eyes and came inside me with a loud animalistic groan.

He let go of my legs and shook against me. He leant his forehead against mine and breathed in deeply catching his breath. I stroked his face and caressed his cheek. He opened his eyes and they were back to the normal shade of soft brown. He quickly stepped away from me and looked at me.

“I’m so sorry” he mumbled whilst biting his lip nervously as it trembled a bit

“For what?”

“I didn’t mean to do that, it was just..”

“Just what?”

He stood still and looked down at the floor. I walked over to wear he was standing and reached up to his puppy ears. I stroked over them and he looked at me. 

“Are you a hybrid?” He nodded and looked at me

“And what I just did was because hybrids get these things called rushes which gets them super horny” he laughed

I pulled his face down to mine and kissed him. 

“Do you regret it?”

“Not at all, I’ve wanted you too long” he answered and kissed me passionately 


Meet Claire Lockhart (Fallout OC Info Sheet)

(Many thanks go out to @madddraws for the format. I changed the order slightly and made a couple of additions, but Maddy gets all the credit! 💛)

Full Name: Osa Claire Lockhart
Nickname(s): Mama Bear (army nickname); Charmer (Railroad codename)
Biological Age: 35
Chronological Age: 245, in 2287
Birth Date: September 7, 2042
Height: 5’3” / 160 cm
Weight: 130 lbs. / 59 kg
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Ginger
Body Type: short, muscular, top hourglass shape

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stats: STR 7, PER 7, END 6, CHR 10, INT 6, AGL 8, LCK 7
Pre-War Status: former corporal in the United States Army; lawyer at Cambridge Law Offices, specializing in family law.
Current Status: General of the Minutemen; semi-retired Railroad heavy; ex-Brotherhood of Steel Knight – refused promotion to Paladin.

Relationship Status: widowed; later remarries
Spouse(s): Nathaniel Gerard (murdered); Danse
Sexuality: heterosexual
Gender: cis female
Ethnicity: Irish, Mexican
Languages: English, Spanish, and some Mandarin Chinese
Religion: a recovering Catholic, as she puts it.
Family: Osa Martinez Connolly (grandmother; deceased), Osa Connolly Lockhart (mother; died of brain aneurysm), Ennis Lockhart (father; died of liver failure), Floyd Johnathan Lockhart (younger brother; missing), Sean Gerard (deceased), Sean Nathaniel Lockhart (son; synth), Osa Haylen Danse (daughter; born in 2289), Pillar Emilia Danse (daughter; born in 2292).
Pets: Dogmeat; Athena (Danse’s rottweiler); Shroud (Sean’s black cat)

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Blue and Purple

Author: Nat
Character: Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler)
Relationship: Established; Reader/Kurt
Word Count: 728
Triggers: None
Requested: Yes - @shellykitten

Comments: I’m sorry it’s so short!!!
Send me more!!!


It’s amazing how one day someone can walk into your life, and suddenly, you can’t remember how you ever lived without them. That’s how life with Kurt is. Living in the manor, life could be hectic and chaotic. Being an X-Men, well the playoff was worth the scrapes and bruises.

It wasn’t long after Mystique brought Kurt to the school and everyone defeated Apocalypse, that you and Kurt had begun to grow close. Kurt, not being confident in his appearance was drawn to you, the same way other students backed away. Your mutation, while extremely useful, came with a side effect only a few people could understand. Purple; you were purple. From your (H/C) hair to your toes, your skin was purple. At least it was a nice purple, not a bright violet. When you used your mutation, force fields, your (E/C) eyes would go completely black.

For mutants, they were extremely judgmental; you used to say.

Before Kurt, Hank was the closest that came to understanding the hatred you had for your appearance. But even then, he could keep his mutation controlled and look normal. You, you were stuck purple.

When Kurt came to the school, it was no shock you two bonded. Months of friendship where you taught him about pop culture and helped him discover things he liked. Turns out Kurt is great at dancing.

As the months stretched on, your friendship turned to romance.

Life with Kurt was the happiest you’ve ever been since, well, forever. You had never felt more at home than within Kurt’s arms. Kurt helped you accept your appearance, and you helped him accept his.

Humming to yourself, you prepared yourself a cup of tea. A spoonful of sugar and a dash of milk.

“Perfect.” You whisper to yourself with a small smile.

Your smile grew as a pair of arms snaked around your waist and a gentle kiss was pressed to your temple.

“Hello, Kurt.” You mumbled, turning to face him.

“Hello.” He hummed, his smile growing to match yours.

As Kurt’s hands moved from your waist to your hips, his nail rubbed against your side in a way that made you squeak. Your hands quickly pushed Kurt away from you before spinning on your heel to face the counter. Your hands gripping the counter roughly as you bit your lip.

“Are you… Are you ticklish?” You could hear the amusement in his voice.

“No.” You replied, too quickly.

Kurt’s hands came back to rest on your hips, causing your body to tense.

“I think you are.” Kurt laughed, pressing his chest up against your back.

“I’m not.” You sigh, trying to wiggle out of his grasp.

Again, you went to move Kurt’s hands off you so he wouldn’t tickle you, this time more gently. Kurt, taking a half step away from you, laughed at your behaviour, allowing you to push past your boyfriend. Your eyes danced across the room before you took off, sprinting towards the door. Of course, running away from a man who can teleport was useless.

Kurt appeared in front of you with a BAMF, his arms wrapping around you as you ran into his chest. Kurt’s tail came up, snaking around your waist, keeping you anchored to him.

“I won’t tickle you, relax (Y/N).” Kurt whispered, his voice soft.

“Okay.” You peeped, looking up to meet Kurt’s eyes.

Kurt’s brown eyes looked back into your (E/C) eyes before he leaned down, his lips meeting yours in a sweet kiss, your arms wrapping around his neck, fingers tangling into his short, dark hair.

You felt Kurt’s tail uncoil from around your waist before being replaced by his hands. Kurt deepened the kiss, his tongue easily sliding against yours. Kurt’s hands slipped under the band of your shirt, coming to gently rest on your bare hips.

“Wow. My bad, didn’t mean to intrude.”

You and Kurt quickly broke apart form each other, turning to face your intruder. And there, standing in his silver jacket and band tee was none other than Peter Maximoff, wearing a smug grin in his face.

“Get some, Kurt.” Peter laughed before speeding off, leaving you and Kurt alone once again.

You started laughing, leaning forwards to rest your head against Kurt’s chest. Slowly, Kurt begun to laugh with you, his arms keeping you pressed against him.