silver summit

One day, probably, maybe, I’ll get round to writing the Artist Silver!AU I promised @silversflint a totally unacceptable number of months ago now. Until then, this. 

Silverflint Artist AU: John is a mature student studying for a degree in fine art. Miranda is a tutor who holds evening life drawing classes open to the public every fortnight, which her students are encouraged to attend. One week, the usual life model has to cancel at the last minute and so after much cajoling and persuading she manages to convince her good friend, one James McGraw, to stand in for that session. James is ex-military, now a psychiatrist specialising in treating patients with PTSD, and together he and Miranda run an art therapy programme. Silver is very much in favour of the change in model (terribly enthusiastic 75 year old ‘Nearly Naked Norman’ was beginning to haunt his dreams) and after a few conversations by the coffee machine, and some more prodding by Miranda, he and James begin to meet outside of the classes. John has a prosthetic leg made to his own design (a souvenir of the accident which held him back from university for many years), and he dreams of starting a company that designs and creates affordable prosthetics which are beautiful as well as functional. Unsurprisingly, having many ex-military contacts, James knows just the market for them.


Silver Star Mountain is an amazing alpine zone. The altitude is not high, but a fire in 1902/3 cleared the trees away, and many never grew back, leaving windswept alpine plants and meadows. The views are tremendous, and especially colorful on a winter day. From the top, six major Cascade peaks can be seen: Rainier, St. Helens, Adams, Hood, Jefferson, and North Sister.

Geologically, the mountain is a granite pluton that formed the plumbing of an ancient volcano. Several sub peaks, including Sturgeon Rock and Pyramid Rock, are old basaltic andesite flows that came out of the former volcano. The view is nearly unparalleled, and the mountain is one of the highest for a long ways, allowing for such an unobstructed view.

These are from November 4th of this year. Total mileage for this day was 13.2 miles.