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okay literally OBSESSED with the warlord nyx/courtesan noctis and vice versa fic thing you got going on. obsessed

how about a preview of the hc? yes? sure why not. this is a small chunk of what i threw at @ckyking​ recently, so this is a pretty rough draft. it will be a fic, since this hc/outline is pretty much done.

  • A thing to keep in mind is that, is that this is a time in Eos where early, early technologies are still developing. Eos in general is slowly progressing through an industrial revolution, where Niflheim, Lucis, and Solheim are leading the charge in this.
  • It’s an interesting mix when the nomadic warlords of Galahd and Cavaugh (people who dress in leather, hides, and hand-made cloths, wearing traditional braids and beads; in general, earthy greens, browns, and blacks), nobles and royalty from Niflheim (lots of gold, bronze, whites and pale grays, reds and oranges, deep purples and burgundies) and Solheim (more vivid colors from the whole spectrum, motifs of sun gods, goddesses, and their patron dragon god of the light, and highly eccentric fashions), and the solemn Lucian royals (a sea of deep black with highlights of gold, delicate platinums and silvers, a rare flash of white, and their brilliant blue, green eyes, and amber eyes) are all in this grand ballroom together.
  • Tenebrae is the neutral country where the negotiations are being held, and so each of the visiting dignitaries has been given rooms throughout the royal grounds of Fenestala Manor.
  • Nyx almost feels right at home here, thanks to the lush green landscapes and nothing but trees for miles around.
  • Anyway, during these private festivities and as a gesture of good will, Gladio offers for his courtesan to dance as entertainment and sends Noctis off to change. Nyx sees him then, only in passing, and doesn’t think too much of it at that point. 
  • A short time later, when all the leaders are seated on comfy cushions, space has been cleared in the middle of the ballroom, the lights are dimmed and the skylights have been opened to focus the moonlight. There are servants are wandering around making sure everyone has enough food and drink, the chatter has died down to a low murmur, and a group of musicians has setup off to the side. 
  • Musicians tuning their instruments when Noctis remerges.
  • He looks pretty, simply wearing a long sort of skirt with a silver belt studded in deep blue sapphires that nearly match his eyes. His torso is bare, save for the jeweled collar he’s wearing, and he’s barefoot with his anklets and bells. There’s silver cuffs on his upper arms and wrists this time, etched with hieroglyphs depicting Solheim’s fertility gods and goddess.
  • The moment he steps into the moonlight filtering in from the open roof, Nyx is fucking enthralled.
  • When Noctis begins to dance, it is mesmerizing. All eyes are on him and Gladio is grinning with no small amount of pride. His movements alternating between slow and flowing and undulating, to quick and sharp and violent; all in time with the music.
  • Nyx had been lounging at the beginning, but he sits up the longer Noctis dances and the more the music intensifies. This poor man, his heart is pounding in his chest, and blood is singing, and he feels like he’s caught in some kind of spell; he recognizes this dance, but it’s been so long, he only somewhat remembers the story of it.
  • It’s meant to portray the story of two lovers across time, how their love spans the heavens and the stars, how in every new incarnation, they unknowingly search for each other and find each other, but only recognize bits and pieces of one another from previous lives. The gods favor them and continue to allow their reincarnation in the hopes that in a future life, they will be reborn with their past memories and find each other sooner.
  • Nyx doesn’t know his eyes are wet with emotion until they start to sting and he has to blink away the unbidden tears.
  • The intensity of his gaze apparently catches Noct’s eye and towards the end of the dance, meant to represent the two lovers reuniting in one final life; Noctis dances right up to him (much to the surprise of Gladio and his retinue, and the shock of the court considering no one is ever so bold in approaching an Ulric clansman).
  • Noctis dances his circle around him (like the two lovers meeting again, their cycle come full circle), and Nyx’s eyes follow him, his hands itching to reach for him, and he feels that odd pull for Noctis. So when Noctis takes his hands to pull him up to join him in the end of the dance, it’s almost as natural as breathing (like they’ve done this before).
  • They fall into step naturally and it’s a strange silence that falls over the court, because no one has ever seen Nyx Ulric proactively participate in things like this. He always comes off so very stoic and forbidding.
  • Neither of them pay this any mind. They’re too lost in the dance. Noctis, just a little bit curious about this fearsome warrior who knows this dance, this beast of a man with eyes like a winter sky. Nyx, beyond curious of this beauty, of the haunting eyes and the uncanny sharpness in them.
  • Their worlds have narrowed to each other and it’s no surprise that both of them feel something of that draw, something like their souls practically singing with the proximity.
  • At the end of the dance, it’s silent for several minutes because no one knows how to react.
  • Until someone starts clapping quietly and the spread of it finally breaks them apart. 
  • They had been staring at one another, too intensely, too deeply; it’s the noise and the calls for an encore that draws them apart. Nyx returns to his own retinue and Noctis gracefully bows out to change again for another dance. 

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