silver snake ring

Roman Silver Snake Ring and Bracelet Set, 1st-4th Century AD

Roman Imperial, probably from Roman Britain or another far province.

The snake was one of the most popular motifs in Roman jewelry, symbolizing fertility and used to ward off evil. The simple, flattened style, with round eyes, suggests a Celtic influence, as much Roman art in Britain had.


Galadriel my six foot White Lipped Python. This girl has it all beauty, brains, and personality! She is my pride and joy! White lips are known to be aggressive and many suggest they should be display only, I disagree with this completely. With handling and lots of respect my girl is puppy now a doll, she still pulls attitude on occasion (a bit cage defensive at times) and hates certain people but she never bites. I would love to get a male and try my hand at producing CB WLP as there are not many out there and none that I have found so far in Canada. 

EDIT: I have a male now

pastell-give-em-hell  asked:

Do you ever think about students at Hogwarts when they're out shopping they think they only have to buy things that fit with the aesthetic of their house? "Mom, I want to get this green sweater and silver snake ring." "Honey, I thought you liked purple and dolphins?" "I'm a Slytherin now, Mom! It doesn't work like that!"

Yes 😂 when I was younger I had a snake ring with green emerald eyes just because I was a Slytherin 👌🏻👌🏻


Jenny Holzer
With You Inside Me Comes the Knowledge of My Death
Zurich, Switzerland: Parkett, 1994
4.1 x 8.8 x 5.5 cm.
Edition of 75 signed and numbered copies

A sterling silver snake ring with one of Holzer’s less common truisms, housed in a felt-lined wooden box. Produced for Parkett magazine’s 40/41 issue.

wizardingoneshots  asked:

Hey! As I see you're giving out great Slytherin fashion advice I was wondering if you could help me. I'm trying to get a cool look for autumn and winter and I'm moving to the south of England for university so I need to keep toasty. I have already bought a knee length camel colored trench coat and I have some black ankle lace up boots but what else could I have under the coat and accessorize wise to show my Slytherin pride? ^.^ - Jess :) x (P.S I love your blog.)

Suggestions from a Slytherin friend:

Camel can sometimes be difficult to work with depending on the shade as it doesn’t go well with every color, so I think the safest rule is to avoid patterns and stick with solid colors. Particularly, I would suggest a solid white, grey, or black shirt/sweater underneath. With black boots, I would also suggest black or dark navy jeans tucked into the boots if the pants are tight enough and the boots are high enough. Overall, avoid most other browns or khaki.

As for specific Slytherin flair, I would again suggest sticking with the colors black, charcoal grey, and emerald green. You can find a scarf or bag in these colors or some other accessory. Jewelry is also a great way to show flair, which you would want to choose simple yet striking earrings, necklaces, or rings. Usually in silver or with onyx stone. You can even find silver snake rings/earrings if you want to go all out Slytherin.

I imagine a camel coat over a dark charcoal sweater and a black or hunter green cloth scarf (or a short wool scarf for winter months) draped loosely around the neck. Necklace is optional as it may often be covered by the scarf, but I would go for a long pendant necklace (silver). Pants are a dark navy/black tight jeans tucked into knee-high black boots. Hanging silver earrings and carrying a black bag. 

Hope this helps!

-Justin (Slytherin)