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As a DC/DCEU fan I’m extremely happy to see Wonder Woman doing well

As a Wonder Woman fan I’m extremely happy to see Wonder Woman doing well

As a Marvel/MCU fan I’m extremely happy to see Wonder Woman doing well

As a Batgirl/Captain Marvel/Black Cat & Silver Sable/Gotham City Sirens (And the many more female centric superhero movies soon to come) fan I’m extremely happy to see Wonder Woman doing well

As a superhero movie fan I’m extremely happy to see Wonder Woman doing well

As a movie fan in general I’m extremely happy to see Wonder Woman doing well
The Joker Origin Story On Deck: Todd Phillips, Scott Silver, Martin Scorsese Aboard WB/DC Film
EXCLUSIVE: Warner Bros and DC are in the early stages of another Batman Universe spinoff movie, this one telling the origin story of the signature villain The Joker. The studio has set The Hangover…
By Mike Fleming Jr


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  • Should I create an imagines blog for villain characters? I feel like the villains don't get enough of them or when people do them, they do heroes and villains. But what if I created one just for villains? I've noticed that there are NO Damien Darhk imagines at all. I don't actually watch Arrow (I am planning to) but I do know him from Legends of Tomorrow. What do you guys think, is it a good idea?
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The Queen gets clingy and the King loves every minute of it.


Jon loved his wife with a crazy passion, he realised. Ah…How he loved his wife like he had never loved anyone this deeply and strongly before. Daenerys was beautiful, perhaps the most beautiful woman in all the Seven Kingdoms. But it wasn’t just her beauty that won him over. She was a wonderful mother to their two young boys. He loved seeing her interacting with them, ever since the boys were babies.

How loving and doting Daenerys was to their babies, feeding them from her breasts, unwilling to let the wetnurses take her precious little dragons away from her. She’d hum lullabies as they slept, swaying them gently at her bosom. Now that the boys were bigger, they followed her wherever she went, clinging to their mother’s skirt. Jon felt that he and his wife were sexually compatible and he enjoyed coupling with her. Daenerys was always as eager and insatiable as he was for her and the regular passionate sex that they had satisfied both of them greatly.

Then, there were the quiet moments that Jon loved. After the heady sweaty, passionate, lustful sex. When they were just wrapped up in each other’s arms that the whole world seemed like background noise. He relished those quiet moments with her. He would run his fingers through her silver hair, playing with it or he traced his fingers down her body, circling her breasts and tummy. That intimacy he had with Daenerys, it filled the deep emptiness Jon had always felt that was inside of him. He wasn’t alone anymore. He had his dearest wife with him and no one and nothing would take her away. He would make sure of it.

Lately, Daenerys had been quite needy in wanting his affections and Jon didn’t mind it at all. In fact, he wanted to drown himself in her love. This was what the poets were talking about. The songs sung by the bards of Old. To love and be loved by someone that she becomes a part of you and you become a part of her. His Queen wanted to hug all the time and to stay in his arms all day. Like a child who needed his attention. The way she clung to him, gripping him close, almost not wanting to let go. Her hold on him could be described as suffocating to onlookers but the King wanted to give her all the comfort she needed.

Jon had told his Hand that he wouldn’t be as available as before and Tyrion Lannister would have to make do. Because the King’s first priority would always be his wife and family. The realm was in peaceful times and even though it was still Winter, they had bought enough grains from the East to feed the people. Everything was well. After all the years of fighting, Jon had finally known peace.

“Jon…” He heard her sweet voice calling him and Jon turned, his mouth almost gaped open when he saw his wife standing there. Dressed in a thin sheer nightdress made out of pink lace.

The gods… She looked like a siren, her silver blonde tresses flowed down. He could see her full breasts and pink nipples through the sheer pink lace. And the fine fabric didn’t hide much of anything else and that pleased the King to see his Queen all beautiful and desirable for him. She was probably trembling in the cold but they had a warm brass brazier burning wood near their bed and a fire was roaring in the large fireplace.

“I missed you…” Daenerys said and she flung herself at him. He caught her, almost falling back himself as she rained kisses on his face and soon his lips tasted hers.

“I was only gone a few hours.” He said gently and he heard Daenerys sighed as she nuzzled on his neck, kissing and suckling on it. I missed you too my Love…How I missed you…

“It feels like my heart aches when you’re not around.” Daenerys said to him and Jon held her closer, kissing her lips. She moaned and rubbed her loins on his hardening cock.

“I need you Husband…I need you to fill me and keep me warm…” She purred in his ears and Jon felt his lust for her igniting like wildfire

The ocean sparks in liquid mercury
         by the mermaid’s aria.

             Good vibrations

disturbed by the dreadnought’s
                     skin of iron.

  A callous propeller cuts the siren;

         silver phosphorescence.

                      Silence –

sinks in a thousand shimmering slivers.