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Neck Deep//Silver Lining

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Betty Grable, whose legs were insured by Lloyds of London for a million dollars in 1943                                                                                                                                    

Gavin, Meg & Ryan Go Heisting

So I had this idea that Geoff sometimes sends a very special team out to deal with particular threats, not one most are expecting, Crazy Mad or The Lads generally do the crew’s scare work or enforcing.

Sometimes he knows a job with be long, hard, dangerous and need a special brand of chaos. So Geoff sends his Golden Boy, The Vagabond and last but certainly not least Dollface The Silver Siren; Queen of Death.

Meg and Ryan are old partners, hardly a word needs to be exchanged between them in the field. Consistently on the same page in every situation. Danger and Death personified into perfect harmony and Gavin?

Gavin is their amplifier, their conductor. Directing their chaos with seamless brilliance to obliterate all in their path. The one people never expect, the one the underestimate at their own peril. He’s often called The Gilded Clown as if it was an insult.

The Vagabond, The Silver Siren and The Gilded Clown.

Their first job together happened to be a masquerade ball infiltration gig.

So of course they needed outfits of appropriate merit and masks because Ryan and Meg were already all about them. Gavin couldn’t resist joining in on the fun and gifted the pair with a brand new set, masks that they don to this very day whenever Geoff sends them out together.

Gavin “The Gilded Clown” Free dressed in all the golden finery for which he is named wears;

Meg “Dollface” Turney  in all her brightly died hair, skin as white as porcelain and gowns of silken silver finery dons;

Ryan “The Vagabond” Haywood dresses the most classically of them all with a mask that is perfectly suited to his most theatrical self **;

Known collectively on the street as The Three Venetians it takes hardly any time at all for the people of Los Santos to fear these masks just as much if not more than the faces of a lone black skull or a broken porcelain doll.

**When the fun begins Ryan will sometimes switch back to the notorious skull mask, neither of his crew mates take it personally**

Sophia Loren-Magazine Cover 8 may 1968

Sophia Loren relaxing on the set of the film Boccaccio ‘70 between her sister Maria

anonymous asked:

what songs do you think would fit each mm character? :3

Oh my gosh, okay. I honestly think there are a lot of songs that could fit each character wonderfully but these are the ones that I, personally, think would suit them quite well. (❁´ω`❁)

Jumin: Butterfly - BTS

You’re like a Butterfly
I stare at you from afar
If I touch, will I lose you?
This mud like night, you light it up
A little gesture
And I suddenly forget about reality

Be by my side
Will you promise me
If I touch you I’m afraid you’d fly away or break
I’m afraid afraid afraid

Zen: Sirens - Cher Lloyd

I carry the weight of you in my heavy heart
And the wind is so icy, I am numb
I carry the weight of you heading back to start
With the thousand eyes on me, I stumble on

Lay down here beside me in the shallow water
Beside me where the sun is shining on us still
Lay down here beside me in the hallowed water
Beside me where the silver lining stays until
The sirens’ calling

707: Sober - Big Bang

Hey TAXI TAXI, take me away
Because this place is too hard to be in
So I can at least breathe for a few days

It’s hard for me to be sober
I can’t do anything
I hate being sober
I can’t fall asleep without you

Yoosung: Tonight - FM Static

Never thought not having you here now
Would hurt so much.

Tonight I’ve fallen and I can’t get up
I need your loving hands to come and pick me up
And every night I miss you
I can just look up
And know the stars are
Holding you, holding you, holding you

Jaehee: By The Grace Of God - Katy Perry

When the truth was like swallowing sand
Now every morning, there is no more mourning
Oh I can finally see myself again

By the grace of God
There was no other way
I picked myself back up
I knew I had to stay
I put one foot in front of the other
And I looked in the mirror
And decided to stay 

V: If This Is What It Takes - Shawn Mendes

‘Cause underneath the darkness
There’s a light that’s trying so hard to be seen.
And I know this ‘cause I’ve noticed
A little bit shining through the seams.

And if this is what it takes,
Then let me be the one to bare the pain.
Ooh if this is what it takes
I’ll break down these walls that are in our way,
If this is what it takes.

Cause if you don’t understand yet
Then I’ll never let you forget
That you don’t have to do this on your own.

Rika - Nobody’s Home - Avril Lavigne

Her feelings she hides.
Her dreams she can’t find.
She’s losing her mind.
She’s fallen behind.
She can’t find her place.
She’s losing her faith.
She’s fallen from grace.
She’s all over the place.

Unknown / S***** (Don’t want to spoil his name): So Far Away - Agust D

Right, I’m living because I can’t die
but I don’t have anything I want to do
I’m in so much pain and loneliness but people around me
keeping telling me to regain my consciousness
I try to vent my anger but I only got myself
so what’s the point of venting my anger
I’m scared to open my eyes everyday and start breathing

It feels like I’m all by myself,
 I hope everything disappears when I’m alone
I hope things disappear like mirage,
I hope things disappear, I hope my damn self disappears
I’m abandoned like this in the world,
in this moment I’m drifting away from the sky
I’m falling


Urartian Silver Pectoral, c. 7th Century BC

The pectoral is decorated with sirens walking in profile, five in the upper register and seven in the lower, interspersed with palmettes (possibly representing a sacred tree), each frieze with a raised band above and below, the panel bordered above and below with a punched double-triangle motif, the curved panels and each end decorated with a profile figure of a winged genius (benevolent spirit) in the ‘Knielauf’ (kneeling-running) position, each holding a situla (a bucket-like vessel associated with purification rituals in and around the ancient Mesopotamian region).

The region of Urartu (map) corresponds to the mountainous plateau between Asia Minor, Mesopotamia, and the Caucasus mountains, later known as the Armenian Highlands. The Urartian Kingdom rose to power in the mid-9th century BC, but was conquered by Media in the early 6th century BC. The heirs of Urartu are the Armenians and their successive kingdoms. Urartu is cognate with the Biblical Ararat