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“You fucked the dairy goat?”


Crystal Star

Description: The second transformation brooch Usagi Tsukino receives to transform into Sailor Moon.

First Appearance: Episode 51

Last Appearance: Episode 91


  • Moon Crystal Power, Make Up
  • Moon Crystal Power

Trivia: Each gem on the Crystal Star represent the Inner Senshi. The red gem represents Sailor Mars, the blue gem represents Sailor Mercury, the green gem represents Sailor Jupiter, the orange gem represents Sailor Venus, and the pink gem in the center of the brooch represents Sailor Moon.

the-blindeyes  asked:

Can you post the type of dressing styles by the different star signs?

I hope this is what you mean:

An Aries Woman is always going to dress boldly. This could take form in wearing bright colors or if they aren’t into flashy shades they may still wear fierce designs. For example they may wear a simple white shirt that has lace and is sexy or a little black dress with one line, arrow, collar, etc. that stands out.

An Aries Man is still going to look sharp. They tend to wear more professional clothing even if they are just going to class.

A Taurus Woman usually wears something cute and feminine. They want something that is classy and elegant without looking like they are going out to a dance. A pale pink sun dress, a green or blue blouse with some nice jewelry, or a sequence or patterned shirt that looks chic is their style.

A Taurus Man dresses incredibly casual. Unless they are off to work expect shorts and a black T-shirt, sweatpants, the same jacket for days, and if they add flavor it would be something like a plaid shirt.

Most Gemini Women love to play with patterns and colors. They want something that stands out and goes along with their electric personality. Imagine bright finger nail polish, a yellow polka dot dress, or a blue shirt with a pattern that looks like paint splotches, a breezy themed dress, or a striking flower pattern jacket.

Gemini guys can also play with patterns and colors a bit. You know that guy who wears the bright blue sleek jacket? That might be a Gemini. They also love having nice shoes.

Think of the colorful Nike. A more low-key Gemini guy will still look like he knows what he is doing. He could be wearing a clean white shirt with a snazzy black jacket with of course, nice, new shoes.

Cancer both male and female tends to like to wear clothes that were handmade, from a thrift store, or are hand-me-downs. This is because Cancer’s can be sentimental and will appreciate clothes someone made or is giving to them. Because they are creative they might make some of their own clothes. A lot of Cancer’s also like the vintage and originality of clothes from a thrift store. For other clothes Cancer’s tend to like solid colors, especially white, grey, and blue.

A Leo woman is going to wear something dramatic and that has flair. What they wear might not be the comfiest but it is going to represent them. Colors like gold, red, and orange are popular. Patterns that are popular for Leo are animal fur or a pattern of an object like a flag or star.

The Leo man is going to dress fashionably. He won’t forget accessories like a belt or scarf depending on his style.

The Virgo Woman is all about simplicity. A solid colored shirt and go light on the make-up is their style. As for patterns look to stripes.

The Virgo Man is also about simplicity, they have a neat and perfectionist style. They may arguably be the cleanest men out of the zodiac.

Some Virgo men and women have a preppy style.

A Libra Woman’s dressing style can be described as pretty. Imagine light colors, flower and heart patterns, great jewelry, and some layering and accessories.

A Libra Man’s fashion might not stand out but he isn’t messy, he looks nice and presentable.

 The Scorpio Woman tends to wear dark colors and alluring make up. They are good at dressing sexy without revealing too much. A lot of times this sign dresses how they feel. It will be a dark shirt that might hang off one shoulder or a black v-neck and then one day they will come out with a sunny outfit. Some days they will wear a T-shirt with their favorite band on it, of course with some tight shorts ;)

The Scorpio Man tends to wear clothing that shows off his interest. A band or movie t-shirt is his kind of thing. Maybe he will wear skater shoes all the time because he goes to the skate park every day, or look like he is always in the mode to go hike a mountain. Sometimes it can be as simple as having a camera around his neck every day of the year.

Sagittarius Women usually dress uniquely. The style is always their own with an exotic pattern, a strange cut, or outrageous design like a big bow on the back of a shirt, frills on the shoulder, or leggings that normally don’t go with that kind of outfit. Whatever they choose to wear they somehow make it work even if they blend colors you wouldn’t think to put together.

A Sagittarius man is much more relaxed and may dress for practicality. Because Sagittarius tend to be sporty and outdoorsy a lot of the men dress in that sort of fashion.

A Capricorn Woman is going to always dress very classy. Sweater dresses, a blazer, slacks, a long coat, and a nice quality wallet or bag are the elements for their style. When they feel like being casual they will be covered up with a pull-over sweater and jeans. Colors like grey, black, tan, olive, white, and green are in their pallet.

A Capricorn guy keeps it classy and will have a handsome style. Imagine a jacket/vest that matches their pants over a simple shirt or a long black, professional looking coat.

Aquarius is the hipster of the group. So for the Women imagine kooky colors and designs with a splash of vintage. Feathers in their hair, rainbow shirts, cow girl boots, gaudy jewelry from their grandmother, or an outfit that looks like they are from the future is how they may dress.

An Aquarius guy is going to do the same, bowties, indie band t-shirts, a fedora, whatever.

To be honest, a lot of Pisces don’t have a sense of fashion. They wear whatever is comfortable, that has their favorite character on it, or that is their favorite color. But for those few that are into fashion can get really creative.

A Pisces Woman will probably like the colors blue, silver, and aquamarine. Glitter, sequence, and metallic can get their attention. They may even dress to a theme in their head. One day they may wear something that to them represents a mermaid or an Egyptian queen.

A Pisces Man if into fashion may also follow a theme in their dressing style. But instead of it changing day to day or week to week like their female counterpart it will stick with them for a while. For example, they may be into the trends of another country for months or even a year. They may try to dress like a gangster, character, or sports person for a long time and make it part of their identity.


Word Count: 2838

Rated: PG-13

The town was buzzing about the ‘royal ball’ that was going to take place on Friday, I swear every dress shop in town was jam packed with girls of every age looking for their 'perfect’ dress. I wasn’t planning on going, I didn’t even like wearing dresses. Out of all people I knew this was only so the prince could find his soulmate, or another fuck buddy for the year. I wasn’t too fond of our future ruler.

My distaste for him came along when my twin sister went to a party and slept with him, after that she would not shut up about him, I guess she said it was 'love’, but I of all people know it was not love, but lust. I hated relationships and I hated men with a passion. I didn’t think I would ever get married or have the family I dreamed of because most every man I came across was the same, and if they couldn’t sleep with me they would sleep with my sister.

I walked into my house feeling the warm air squeeze me tight in a welcoming hug. The Autumn air was bitter and had a mean bite to it, so the warmth of my house was like heaven- or hell since hell is warm.

“Honey I’m home!” I called walking through the mud room.

I dropped my bag on the floor as I was greeted by silence. The only sound in the house was the sound of my two dogs running towards me in excitement. I laughed dropping to my knees in order to pet them. Ash my white German Sheppard barked before licking my face while Lady tried to place herself in my lap jealous for attention that she was not getting.

I giggled at the two large dogs before I stood to my feet. The walk home had made me thirsty and the only thing on my mind was the two liter of soda had  bought the other day for myself.

My feet carried me to the kitchen in direction of the fridge where I found an unexpected note left by my mother.

     Y/N, I took your sister to get a dress.


My mom always did so much for my sister, and the bad thing was is that we were twins. Everyone just seemed to like her more. Ever since I was younger my mother would take her company over mine and I think it is because she was more girly than I was and my mother always dreamed of having a daughter she could dress up like a princess. I began to wonder if my mother knew how big of a slut my sister was at school, but I guessed not because in my mothers eyes my sister was a saint.

I rolled my eyes crumbling up the note and tossing it on our cluttered table that was placed in the middle of the kitchen where we often didn’t eat, but set our food.

As my right hand opened the fridge and went to reach for the soda I had, my phone went off at the same time. I groaned reaching with my left hand to grab my phone from the waist band of my leggings.

I guessed it was my friend Halie because she was the only person I really texted. Closing the fridge door with my foot I set the soda on the table and unlocked my phone to read the text message I just received.

'You’re coming with me to get a dress.’

'Hal I’m not going.’

I replied setting my phone down in order to take a drink of my soda. Halie’s mother is practically forcing her to go to the dance just because she believes Hal will find true love there. I honestly believed it was her mothers thirst for money hence the reason Hal’s father is like fifty and her mother is only thirty seven. Her father was a successful business man that worked for the royal council trading with other kingdoms.

Hal had a father that loved her but her mother was a different story and all she wanted was money and the inheritance when her husband died. Sometimes Hal would tell me how she wished her father would divorce her mother, or how she wished her father would write her mother out of his will.

'Yes if I have to, so do you.’ She texted back.

'Hal, no.’

'I’m outside I’ll be in, in a second.’

I didn’t bother texting her back because no matter what I said or did, she would find a way to get me to a shop in search for a dress, even if that meant she had to drug me and drag me there. She was not fond of dress shopping alone especially when she knows I wont attend if she doesn’t make me. She was just upset my mother didn’t care that I went because my mother knew no man would take an interest in me who had such class and money.

The door opened and I heard the dog jump off the recliners each of them made their own. Hal’s voiced echoed through the empty house as she pet Lady and Ash. Her mother didn’t allow pets like my mother did but her mother was also allergic to pet dandruff or so she said.

I glanced over in her direction as I put the soda back in the fridge closing it securely.

“Hurry up slow poke, my aunt closed the shop so we can have first dibs before everyone swarms it tomorrow.” Hal grinned like a spoiled child.

“Okay dork.” I chuckled grabbing my shoes that sat beside her on the rug. “Let me grab my purse.”

“Nope on me.” She spoke abruptly grabbing my wrist and pulling me out the door.


“How about this one?” Hal asked with a small smile. I could tell she wasn’t sure about it but as soon as I liked up I could tell that it was the one.

“Yes, you’ll definitely get dick in that.” I smirked locking my phone and setting it in my lap.

“Y/N!” Hal squealed playfully as she looked at her reflection once more. “I think you’re right though.”

Hal chose a beautiful green and blue dress that fit her form perfectly. It was as if Karen -her aunt- knew she was going to love it and made it specifically for Hal. I grinned when I saw her making silly faces at herself in the mirror. Hal was the sweetest girl I knew and if any guy at that stupid ball broke her heart or played her I was going to break their balls.

I got up from my spot finally going to search for a dress that I could wear Friday and look presentable to the world. With every rack I couldn’t really find any interest in the dresses I saw considering they were very revealing or too colorful for my eyes. I cringed with every dress I saw that I knew would look wither way to terrible, or way too colorful and cheery on me.

With a sigh I almost felt like giving up and it had only been three minuets since I even attempted to find a dress I semi-liked. I hated being a girl sometimes. Everyone expected so much from you. You had to look elegant, and you either had to be very rich or very smart for society to accept you into their world.

Why couldn’t people just accept you as you are? I think everyone just liked to feel better about themselves that’s why. Stupid people. I thought as I passed another cringe worthy dress.

“Y/N, honey you don’t have to cringe at every dress.” Karen frowned jokingly. “What are you looking for pretty girl?”

“Something simple and colorless.” I spoke without thinking completely. I didn’t want to sound too needy or like I was ungrateful I just wanted something that was me and not society.

While Karen left to go look for what I may consider wearing I continued to rummage through the racks of dressed that seemed to be more and more unappealing to me the longer I spent looking.

“Don’t worry Y/N.” I heard Hal say trying to give me hope but I didn’t think it was possible. Until Karen came around the corner with the most beautiful dress I had ever seen.

It was black and the top was cut low between the valley of the breast yet it was still beautiful as ever with a silver belt. At the bottom it was slightly puffy with the black fading into silver sequences. The back went  just below the shoulder blade area so I knew I wouldn’t reveal too much of my backside.

“Go try it on.” Karen smiled widely handing me the dress.

I walked quietly to the dressing room still surprised that I liked the dress as much as I did considering it was a dress. I tried to change as quickly as I could and as gently as I could so I didn’t tear to damage the dress. For some reason I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

I walked out of the dressing room holding the front of my dress to my body in search of Karen so she could zip me up. To my dismay I bumped into someone. It was a man I could tell that much by how tall they were and how hard their chest was. They must work out.

“Oh sorry.” I spoke looking up to meet a pair of tinted sunglasses that his whoever’s eyes.

“It’s alright.” He spoke with a strong Irish accent. “That is a lovely dress. Would you like me to zip it up.”

“Would you?" I asked turning around so he could.

A warm hand was placed on my shoulder while the other one magically zipped it up. I was surprised it fit me as well as it did.

"You should get this one. It looks lovely on you.” He smiled

“Thank you.”

“I’m… Horan.” He grinned holding out his hand for me to shake or so I thought.

“Y/N." I replied placing my hand in his, but before I could shake it he lifted the back of my hand to his soft lips and placed a long kiss on my skin.

I could feel a small blush creep up my neck but I tried not to show it by looking down at our feet.

"Will you be attending the ball this Friday?” He asked slowly.

“Sadly.” I mumbled looking up once more to examine his flawless face.

He frowned seeming quiet hurt by my words but I tried not to dwell on it.

“Do you not like the prince.”

I chuckled at the irony of his guess.

“He slept with my sister a while ago and she wouldn’t shut up about him, it got quite annoying and now all I hear is her and my mother talking about it, plus I don’t like dresses and dancing.”

“I see, well I hope to see you there.. Red.”


“Wear red, on your lips.” He spoke pressing a kiss to my cheek before he walked towards the exit of the shop.

I touched the spot where he kissed. This was definitely my dress.


The greeting hall was crowded and girls of all shapes and sized were gathered talking about the prince and other sorts of things. My sister was at my side eyes scanning the room surely looking for you know who. I rolled my eyes scanning the room myself, but I on the other hand was looking for Hal who came with her aunt. Karen only came because she was here to support her brother.

When my eyes landed on the black haired girl a smile crossed my face and I made my way over to my friend leaving my whorish sister to do what she does best.

I walked down the stairs earning a few glares from girls who seemed to be the type of people that liked to criticize everyone and everything. Keeping my head up and casually walking over to Hal and Karen. I smiled brightly when her eyes landed on me however she gave a small frown raising up a mask. Knitting my eyebrows together I looked around noticing half the guests were in masks, a masquerade. I mentally spoke to myself noticing guards handing out ones to certain girls that matches their dresses. At least they matched.

“Hello.” I smiled crossing my arms over my chest.

“Hey love.” Hal winked scrunching up her nose. “Apparently Prince Niall wanted a masked party so we all get these stupid things.”

I shrugged my shoulders not much caring for the idea but not much complaining with the idea either.

We all made small talk while waiting for the doors to be opened. Prince Niall was apparently running late, and I still hadn’t been handed a mask yet. Everyone had one, everyone! I started becoming self conscious while the people stared at me for not having one.

“Y/N!" I heard a somewhat familiar name. Turning around I noticed Horan running towards me. I could only tell it was him by the way he smiled.

When the skinny blonde boy made his way over a smile still plastered across his face he enveloped me in a warm hug. A very warm hug. He smelled like old spice and after shave put together in one. His hands rested on my shoulders as he pulled away from me only to examine my body and my face.

"You look absolutely stunning.” He smiled touching his thumb to my red lips. “I have something for you.”

Horan pulled a black lace mask from behind his back and pressed it to my face. Before I could even say anything he tied the ribbon to hold the foreign object to my face. A smile crept upon my face as his blue eyes locked with mine. It was the first time I could actually see his eyes, yet the rest of his face was covered by a large mask.

“You look very handsome as well.”

“I must go but I will meet up with you right after the princes speech.” He promised.

“Alright.” I nodded turning away to go and find Hal.

Everything was silent as we all waiting for the prince to make his big appearance. Somehow I found myself wandering the halls of the castle in search of the bathroom where a guard had misguided me because the second door on the right was a staircase. Why me?

The more I walked the more tired I became. I couldn’t find a single soul that could direct me back to the party because they were all at the party. I was growing irritated, because I was tired and I wanted to sit down and wait for Horan to find me but the chances of that were slim to none.

Ten minuets passes and I was yanked into a room by my arm. Well shit.

Their large hand covered my mouth but it was too dark to see what the person looked like.

“I’ve been looking all over for you.” Horan?

“I got lost.” I replied.

“We have to hide, so we’re going to stay here. A neighboring kingdom charged an attack on the castle and we are short on arms for now.”


Horan flicked the light to the room on while running to close the curtains so no one could see inside. That’s when I knew. He was the prince. Niall. Oh lord what are the odds.

I began shaking my head while resting it in my hands wishing this was all just a sick dream where I would be stuck with one of my sisters ex flings. Even if Niall was dreamy and god like that doesn’t change the fact he slept with my sister.

“Did you find your soulmate?” I asked softly as I sat on the large bed in the middle of the room.

“Indeed.” He spoke pacing around not meeting my gaze.

I gulped audibly causing him to stop where he was. “It’s you.”

My body grew light and my head began spinning. This couldn’t be happening to me. I can’t be his soul mate.

“Y/N, don’t you see I slept with your sister because she was like you so there was this small connection, but not as half as strong as the one we share.”

“Why can’t I feel it?”

“You’re blocking it with your feelings and emotions of how you see me.” He responded.

Niall leaned in causing me to hesitate for a second before his soft lips that were kissing the back of my hand the other day were now pressed firmly against my own lips. He was gentle and smooth with his movements getting me to relax in his arms. It was only a matter of time before I was kissing him back.

“You’re mine.” He growled pulling away just to kiss me harder than before.

I was his.

Facts About The Legend/The Bad Neighbors

What to expect from tonight’s Wander Over Yonder:

- Binglebops

- Flying Guitars


- Leaves

- Mermaids

- Potato Salad

Some random facts:

- THE LEGEND is our riff on those classic “Three kids talk about Batman” comics and cartoons.  It’s also all about you guys, who love the show enough to take what you love and spin it off into weird, cool, awesome ways. This is for every fan, original character, role-player, role-switcher, headcanonist, fanfictioner, and star nomad out there.  

And most especially, my three favorite Wander fans, my nieces and nephew, Angela, Melodie, and David!

- In keeping with that idea, each story was actually boarded by or in the style of a different crew member: board revisionist James Suhr (Notebook Segment), Justin Nichols (X-Treme 90s Segment), Mark Ackland (Silver 7 Segment, and @gingerhaze​ (Tumblr Segment)

- The Silver 7 sequence in The Legend may be the single longest setup to a joke we’ve EVER done.

- When we pitched The Bad Neighbors, our execs were a little concerned because they felt it might come off like a random generic episode of King of the Hill.  Craig countered that that’s exactly what makes it a weird episode of Wander Over Yonder.  It would be like if Hank Hill suddenly became an Intergalactic Dictator.

- We were having a really hard time wrapping our heads around the endless possibilities in The Bad Neighbors.  Then SPECIAL GUEST WRITER Sam Riegel suggested we focus on one very specific (and totally unsurprising coming from him) bad neighbor, and the whole thing fell into place.

- Desperate Peepers is the best Peepers.

So enjoy, you guys.  Welcome to the beginning of the third chunk!  Let’s hope our heroes survive it!

Anon requested: can you do a Shawn imagine please

Missing you:

2015 has been a hectic year honestly, my names y/n and I’ve been in a 3 year relationship with my boyfriend, Shawn. Me, and Shawn both have amazing careers. He sings, and so do I. With that life, comes a lot of touring, and currently me, and Shawn were both on tour. Today, I had a show in my home town, Chicago. It was my dream to preform at the Allstate Arena, and it’s finally coming true. Shawn is coming to Chicago too, a day after my show. The messed up thing about this all, is our 4 year anniversary is today. Shawn doesn’t come in until 11:30 at night which means we can’t really have a proper date. But I guess I’m happy in a way, because 6 days ago when I announced my stop here, and put the tickets online they sold out within 2 hours, and I had to add more. I was expecting 2,000 fans which made me really happy.

I was backstage doing a meet, and greet. I noticed, a lot of fans were Shawn Mendes fans which didn’t surprise me, but the way they were acting was as if Shawn were here, but I knew he wasn’t because he texted me earlier with a picture of him boarding his flight. Whatever, I shrugged it off and completed my meet and greet with no issues. I went back stage, and changed my outfit. I was wearing some dancing joggers, with a silver sequence beaded bra top. My long hair curled down perfectly. I applied a layer of red lipstick, and sat down on the sofa waiting until I was called out. I decided to post a message on Instagram. I got a picture of him teaching me guitar “life stands still when I’m in your presence. 4 years, 4 amazing years of memories, well spent with you. I remember the day we met like it was yesterday. You were at a secluded park where no one would find you hiding from fans, I went there to clear my mind. I was walking down the board walk, and cried. While you stood sitting on rocks, I was in thought when you sat down next to me. "It’s beautiful isn’t it” you smiled at me, as I stared at the sunset. “Yeah” I huffed out a laugh “why is some as beautiful as you crying…? If you don’t mind me asking” your face shifted towards me. I explained everything to you that happened, and you gave me advice. When it was dark, I decided to leave but you didn’t want me walking alone. You walked me home, which wasn’t far from yours. I remember feeling butterflies. As I was about to leave, you asked for a hug. You were shy at first but asked for my number and I happily gave it to you, giving you a kiss on the cheek. 4 years later, 358 thousand texts and over 10 fights, we are strong, and I’m happy I have someone as positive as you are to guide me through the darkness life presents me. I can’t see myself with anyone besides you. I love you and can’t wait to see you and have a proper date Friday 💕" with that I posted it. I heard a knock at the door, quickly did the cross on my chest, and went out. I heard my name being chanted which made me even more nervous. I got strapped up with my mic, and waited on the side of the stage. I sent Shawn a quick text, and headed on stage.

I was having fun, forgetting all my problems and just having fun. The power millions of fans, have over a performer is indescribable. It was towards the middle of my show when I decided to do a little cover of Calvin Harris’s song “How Deep Is Your Love”. “Okay, you guys are making me so happy” I smiled, as the fans cheered, “enjoy this cover” I smiled. The music started, and I started singing with passion, keeping Shawn in my head and how proud he’d be if he were here.

“Open up my eyes and
Tell me who I am
Let me in on all your secrets
No inhibition, no sin”

I felt so much adrenalin, and happiness. I was about do another line, when the music ended abruptly, I stood there confused realizing I was alone. I’m guessing there was an issue backstage. I sat Indian style, and just began talking to the fans. “You know you guys make me happy” I smiled. “I get to preform where I was born, and raised with a ton of people that got me here” I chuckled “you guys are truly amazing”, they aw'ed but suddenly started screaming. I didn’t know what was going on, I just sat there thinking it was for me. Until..

“Oh, her eyes, her eyes
Make the stars look like they’re not shinin’
Her hair, her hair
Falls perfectly without her trying
She’s so beautiful
And I tell her everyday”

Bruno Mars? I heard screaming and pointing, I stood up to be presented with a chair by one of the dancers. “No looking back until the end” she smiled. I sat there confused, I really wanted to peak. I listened and rocked side to side to the song. Until the very last part. I started to realize Bruno Mars wasn’t singing the song, it was someone else. I finally got up.

“When I see your face
There’s not a thing that I would change
‘Cause you’re amazing (amazing)
Just the way you are (are)
And when you smile
The whole world stops and stares for a while
'Cause, girl, you’re amazing
Just the way you are”

I turned around, and my whole world fell…. In a good way. I crouched down, silently crying to myself as the fans chanted. There stood Shawn with roses, a big teddy bear and chocolate. Looking adorable as always. I got up, and scurried to him. He opened his hands wide engulfing me into the tightest hug. “What are you doing here?” I cried pulling back as he handed me the roses. “I wouldn’t miss our anniversary for the world” he smiled giving me a quick peck. “How did you do this” I smiled in shock, looking around. “Don’t doubt the Mendes army” he chuckled. He handed me the rest, of the things as I set them aside. “I’m so glad to have you here” I smiled hugging him again. “Me too, now keep performing. I wanna watch my girlfriend kill it” he beamed with joy as he took a seat in front of the fans. “I love you” I kissed him, “I love you too” he smiled.