silver sequence


One Punch Man S1 mid-episode sequences 1-12

Facts About The Legend/The Bad Neighbors

What to expect from tonight’s Wander Over Yonder:

- Binglebops

- Flying Guitars


- Leaves

- Mermaids

- Potato Salad

Some random facts:

- THE LEGEND is our riff on those classic “Three kids talk about Batman” comics and cartoons.  It’s also all about you guys, who love the show enough to take what you love and spin it off into weird, cool, awesome ways. This is for every fan, original character, role-player, role-switcher, headcanonist, fanfictioner, and star nomad out there.  

And most especially, my three favorite Wander fans, my nieces and nephew, Angela, Melodie, and David!

- In keeping with that idea, each story was actually boarded by or in the style of a different crew member: board revisionist James Suhr (Notebook Segment), Justin Nichols (X-Treme 90s Segment), Mark Ackland (Silver 7 Segment, and @gingerhaze​ (Tumblr Segment)

- The Silver 7 sequence in The Legend may be the single longest setup to a joke we’ve EVER done.

- When we pitched The Bad Neighbors, our execs were a little concerned because they felt it might come off like a random generic episode of King of the Hill.  Craig countered that that’s exactly what makes it a weird episode of Wander Over Yonder.  It would be like if Hank Hill suddenly became an Intergalactic Dictator.

- We were having a really hard time wrapping our heads around the endless possibilities in The Bad Neighbors.  Then SPECIAL GUEST WRITER Sam Riegel suggested we focus on one very specific (and totally unsurprising coming from him) bad neighbor, and the whole thing fell into place.

- Desperate Peepers is the best Peepers.

So enjoy, you guys.  Welcome to the beginning of the third chunk!  Let’s hope our heroes survive it!