silver root


Just took a couple inches off my overall hair length, shortened the back a bit more, textured the heck out of it, and darkened up the silver roots. I’m pretty sure I’ve never liked my hair this much. I’m soooo in love with this cut!

Big thanks to Marji at Compass Salon in Chandler, AZ. She’s been guiding the evolution of my hair since the beginning of my transition, and she does amazing work. If you’re anywhere near here, you have to let her work her magic for you!

Happy Sunday everyone!
Kaydee 💕

Where We Were

You and I –
Rendering the light lost between us
A happenstance of lust, its rendition
Caught on silvered roots of time

We became chance personified before
We had the chance – a gerund of
Motion levitating as shadow

Reclaiming our youth as forewarned
In a theater of The Absurd, at all
Clarified by night’s weight of dreams –

I dream its edges softened like
Daguerreotype, a freefall of conscience,
Sunlit to the breach of a life in ruin

So I apologize to the ocean
Of love I’ve lost to you I, a vessel
Without course nor recourse
I am sorry –

© K. James Ribble