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[Your Affairs] The Last Will And Testament of Ithranicus Redarrow

“Elleynah.  I am sorry that I have to leave this to you.   We haven’t always been on the best of terms, but you are the only one I trust to ensure that my wishes are fulfilled.  I could say the usual “If you are reading this, then I am dead,” trite, but I’d rather not focus on that.  While my life was extremely short by our standards, it was exciting and full of adventures.  Growing old, having kids and running an estate would have been interesting but it lacks a certain…spice or flair.  To that end, I would ask that you and anyone else try not to shed too many tears over my passing (assuming you shed any at all, I suppose I shouldn’t be so arrogant).  I am going to ask you to be the executor of my will, and should anyone give you any issues please let my sister know and she will be glad to straighten out any disputes.  Though I doubt there would be, it’s not like I have a lot to give.  

Before we get the official part, Elleynah.  I know that I have a relationship with Tassandria.  We are close, and I love her very dearly.  There’s something in the will for her below.  But I want you to know that I don’t stop thinking about you, and if it’s possible to love more than one person then I…love you.  I love you, Elleynah.

Anyways, on to the official part.  To my sister, Tannisal Redarrow, I leave nothing.  She is dead, lost to me in Northrend.  To Siildore Frostlotus, I extend the same offer I have since we kindled our relationship and learned of our relationship: To take the Redarrow name and become a part of our family.  You may not be the same person you were, but I believe that you are still my sister, you are still Caeliri’s mother.  You belong among your family.

To Caeliri Dawnsworn, I leave The Ridges to you to oversee.  If it proves too much for you to manage, enlist my mother to assist you.  She doesn’t sleep, so I imagine she’ll have all the time in the world to do as you ask.  

I wish I could have been a better uncle, been there to support you through all that you have experienced, and all that you will.  Your knighthood, marriage, children.  You deserve a family that cares, and I have failed you in that regard.  Even now, I saddle you with more responsibilities.  So, additionally, it is my wish that you take a portion of the funds that you will inevitably find put under your name and take a majority of my companions, and find homes for them on The Ridges.  You may not have family in elves, but your ancestors shared a connection with the wilds that was almost primal.  I hope that you can find one among them again.

To Eldriana Fairlight, I leave Cuddles, Toothless, and Toothy in your care.  Hopefully they don’t bite Lazarus -too- much.  And yes, I know you already have three companions too many.  But they suit you, and unlike Velianor I know you will take proper care of them.  

To Synthiel Cloudseye, I leave to you the mantle of the Red Arrows.  I have found only scant traces of what they were in the few books that mentioned them, but from what I have found I think you would be the best candidate to find out what and who they were.  The books I have will be delivered to you upon the reading and execution of this will.  From there, you will have access to every tool that The Ridges can provide.  They still have their secrets, lost to the ages.  Find them, and maybe you can find yourself.

To Pyrar Delithmere, thank you for helping me with the writing of this.  I haven’t stopped drawing or map-making, and as such leave all of the originals I have made to you.  It is some twenty odd maps, with three full journals of my drawings.  I don’t know if you’ve gotten out from behind your desk, but if you haven’t then hopefully this will bring the outside world to your desk.

To Tassandria Dor’Wynn, I am sorry that we never…really seemed to go somewhere.  I hope-No, I know that you found your daughter.  I leave to you the engagement ring that I had made for when I eventually had the courage to ask the question.  And though I doubt you will take it, I invite you to find a place in The Ridges to call your own.  Siildore and Caeliri should have no issue with it.

Tassandria, I am sorry for so many things.  That I didn’t come back, that I didn’t help you find Velayn.  I did say that you’d find her, not we.

Elleynah, there is nothing that I can give you that shows how important you are to me.  If you ever need a place to call your own, you can feel free to claim any place in The Ridges.  Get out of that office, and live some.  There’s a lot of open county in The Ridges, consider this an invitation to explore it.

And that’s me.  The last thing that I will do, my last actions on this plane.  It seems comically trivial, in the scope of things.  We are supposed to last near forever, to leave our mark on the world.  I will have to be happy with leaving my mark on a select few.

At least I can use my real name now.

Ithranicus Redarrow

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kagedokai  asked:

♦ ✚

Affection Meme:

♦: Worshipping their body, slowly.

➕: Painting honey dust, edible paint, or other soft brush strokes on the body.


Madara groans lowly, desperate for friction against his arousal as he lays sprawled on his belly upon the futon, shuddering with each languid touch. He can feel Kyoumi above him, and he waits, waits, waits with anxious delight for the gentle tickle of brushstrokes or the heated press of kisses against his skin. How foolish, he had thought at first, to corrupt a perfectly good calligraphy brush for something like this. But the instant his lover held it against his skin, drug it over the sensitive silver-slick ridges of the scars that mark his flesh, Madara knew that he was the fool for thinking it foolish.

The teasing pace is excruciating, and Madara clenches his fists with each searing touch like a brand on his body - on his neck, down his spine, along the backs of his naked thighs. His breath comes hot and heavy between languid moans, and the muscles in his hips twitch desperately in pursuit of pleasure.

“Don’t tease. So cruel, my brown recluse.”

the signs as dragons (not so detailed version)
  • aries: big, friendly purple dragon with dark blue ridges up back and curly horns, always smile and protect everyone, their scales are very soft to the touch but very tough, usually very tall and wide and athletic dragons, the kind that protects a kingdom rather than terrorizes it
  • taurus: long, but lean and thin dragons with super metallic golden-bronze scales that are sharp and rough around the edges, very touch and fierce dragons at first but make very loyal friends and pets, they have long black claws and teeth and spidery long horns
  • gemini: big, usually chubby-stomached dragons, with long necks that expose the pale green underbelly which contrasts sharply with the turqiousey-teal, large scales across the back and limbs, long silver horns and ridges on the back, huge claws, very ordinary but kindly dragon
  • cancer: small pink dragons, often kept as pets, very soft and nonviolent and gentle, fiercely protective of their owner or friend or partner, with purple underbellies and long flat claws that they use only in self-defense, very friendly and docile dragons, good friends
  • leo: gigantic, brightly colored but varying dragons that are considered very exotic and valuable, very long and snakelike with wavy fins that are sharp and somewhat hornlike, with long, spiked tails and big paws and teeth, very fearsome looking but kind
  • virgo: small, very athletic and muscular dragons, that have long and slim limbs that hold them high above the ground, and their tails are short but deadly with dark matte poisonous spikes on it, which are this dragon's main defense and offense, large contrasting golden eyes
  • libra: small, snakelike dragons with huge, frisbee-sized scales that sparkle in sunlight and sort of glow in the dark, blue, flowy fins because this dragon can go underwater, with long turquoise claws that are almost a foot long
  • scorpio: small, water dragons that reside in tropical pools and only surface once a year to socialize with humans, since they're very kind and friendly dragons, and their scales are smooth and aerodynamic underwater and they are long and slim
  • sagittarius: giant, massive, towering black dragons, with matte scales that have little holes in them that glitter at night and are the size of an entire castle, usually an evil dragon, every part of this dragon is jet black with giant red eyes
  • capricorn: big, grey-green dragons with silvery ridges down their backs and long tails that they thrash back and forth when angry, huge curled horns and thick scales down their snouts, with giant curved teeth
  • aquarius: tall, giant but slim bright pink dragons, these dragons are unique in that they breathe bubbles rather than fire, and they have long golden claws, teeth, horns, and back ridges, with giant, sharp teeth that they use for intimidation and defense
  • pisces: small, classically shaped dragons with black and silver accents on their scales when they go into the light and down the ridges on their back and down their tail, and especially around their faces. these dragons are super evil and fierce do not cross