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Is this Happening? Chapter 8

Is this Happening?

A Harry Styles Imagine Series


Chapter 8: First Date

Your POV

A high pitch ring from the bedside table woke me up from my sleep. 


Good morning, this is your 9 AM wake up call from Mr. Styles.


He expects you to be dressed comfortably and in the lobby by 10 AM!


Have a great day!

After laying in bed for a few minutes, I slowly climbed out of bed and took a shower.

As I finished getting ready, Madeline woke up.

“Good morning Y/N…” She yawned.

“Oh sorry did I wake you?”

“No, you know I’m a heavy sleeper. Excited to spend a day with Harry?” She sat down on the couch watching me put on my necklace and earrings.

“More nervous than anything. What are you going to be doing today?”

“Don’t be nervous. He really likes you! Niall said he can’t stop talking about you. And I’m actually going to be hanging out with Niall? I have no clue what he has planned…" 

"Oh… Are you catching feelings?” I have been wondering this for a whole week.

“I don’t know! I mean I don’t even know him that well.” She blushed.

“Well get to know him today! Have fun okay? See you tonight!” I said as hugged her.

“Yes!” She kissed my cheek. “We’re all having dinner together again! You have fun too! Don’t be too nervous! Be your lovely self.”

- - - - -

As I exited the building, I saw Harry leaning against a vespa waiting for me.

“Good morning gorgeous.” He said as he hugged me.

“Good morning Harry! Is this how we are getting around…?” I took a lap around the white Vespa with a raise eyebrow.

“Yep. I spent the last hour and a half learning how to drive this and the rules or whatever.” He smiled and handed me a helmet. 

“Awesome! Where are we going?” I put the helmet on and he climbed on the Vespa.

“Breakfast first. Climb on. Hold on tight!”

Harry took me to get breakfast at a cute Italian cafe and afterwards he took me to an art museum, where we spent two hours looking at paintings, sculptures and photographs.

“This place is incredible Harry, thank you so much for bringing me here.” I said as we were ending our tour.

“Of course. But to be honest, I wasn’t sure where to take you today, I didn’t expect our first date to be here in Milan.” He admitted as he took my hand in his.

“Oh this was perfect! I loved it!

"But the date isn’t even over yet.” Harry smiled at me as he put his arm around me and placed a quick kiss on my head and guided me out of the museum.

Harry then took me to a shopping square, where there were tons of stands and tables filled with different trinkets and items being sold all around. Harry and I made our way around the the whole square stand by stand.

“Can I have these necklaces please?” Harry handed the sales lady some money as he picked up necklaces with silver puzzle pieces at the end. 

“Y/N. This one is for you.” Harry said as he placed the necklace in my hand.

“Harry… This is so cute! I love it! Why puzzle pieces though?”

And he held up his piece showing me that they fit together, “Because you’ve become a part of me. I’m not sure how to put it in words.”

I didn’t know what to say. I blushed and looked away, not sure if this was real.

“I know, I sound bloody mad. I don’t mean too. I just- I felt like there was something missing in my life, and ever since I met you, I haven’t felt that way anymore. You make me happy. I want to see you every day. I wish I could see you everyday, I feel jealous of your friends because they get to see you whenever they want. Your smile drives me crazy and that thing you do when you’re nervous? It gives me butterflies. And when we kiss? I feel-”

“Fireworks.” I said at the same time he did.

Harry sighed with relief knowing that I didn’t think he was crazy, he pulled me into a hug.

“Let’s go, there’s somewhere else I want to take you.”

“Somewhere else?”

“I don’t know when I’m going to see you again after this weekend, so consider this as a mega-date… three dates in one day.” He chuckled as he climbed onto the vespa.

Harry then proceeded to take me to Michaelanjelo’s unfinished masterpiece and roof of The Duomo. It was all completely breath taking and inspiring. 

We then went to lunch at a local area, a lot of people recognized Harry and started taking pictures of us, some girls even asked him for his autograph and for pictures with him. 

Harry kept apologizing to me over and over again.

“Stop apologizing! I think it’s great that you give your fans the time of day. It shows you care.”  I gave his hand a squeeze and tried to reassure him.

“I know it’s just I can’t help but feel bad. I love our fans, they are the absolute best. I just can’t help but feel like I should apologize. You didn’t ask for all of this.” He said as we continued to walk around the cathedral (The Duomo).

“But I understand. I wanted to come here and spend time with you. Which means I have to be okay with your fans and the paparazzi." 

As we exited the cathedral, “Let’s get some gelato! Please?!” Harry looked like a kid begging for ice cream. It was absolutely adorable.

Harry and I spent almost 15 minutes trying to pick a flavor. We tried almost every flavor in the store, and we were being indecisive, but the girl that was working was starstruck by Harry, so she was okay with us taking our sweet time as she tried to contain herself.

After lunch and ice cream, Harry took me to our final date spot, which was a cute little coffee shop/cafe. Which he ordered us both tea. 

"I can’t believe how much we ate today… I’m going to have to run extra all next week Harry!” I said as I rubbed my belly.

“I know I’m extremely full!” He smiled at me. "but hey, can I ask you something Y/N?“ Harry said as he took my hand from across the table, and looked at me.

"Yes, of course.” I gazed into his intense, beautiful green eyes and felt shivers going down my spine. 

“Are you afraid of me hurting you?" 

"What do you mean?” I began to get nervous.

“Because I feel like you’re not opening up to me, which is okay, because I understand that we just met and we are just getting to know each other… But I feel like you’re afraid of something but I can’t figure out what it is.”

I looked down, breaking eye contact. I didn’t know what to say or how to answer him… well because he was right.

“Getting hurt is one of the reasons I guess, my ex boyfriend definitely left a scar. But there’s just another part of me that not many people know about, and I’m afraid if I show you, it’ll change things… And also because you just make me really nervous Harry.” I bit my lip nervously, not only about the YouTube thing but also my parents… I wasn’t really sure which direction this conversation was heading.

“I like you for you. Don’t doubt that. I’m sure I’ll like all parts of you. I want you to be comfortable with me and be able to be open and honest, I’ll wait until you’re ready to tell me. But anything you tell me will not change how I feel about you. I’m sorry your ex boyfriend was a twat, but I would never intentionally hurt you.” Harry brought my hands to his lips and gently kissed each hand. 

I turned red. Harry Styles sure is charming.

After coffee, Harry took me to a studio, where the other guys, their girlfriends and Madeline were hanging out and waiting for us. 

“Hi babe!” Madeline said as she hugged me.

“Hi love! Hi everyone!” I waved.

“We have to record the chorus and bridge of a new song, so we hope you girls don’t mind hanging out before we all go out tonight.” Harry said.

“I want to go shopping.” Sophia said to us.

“Oh me too!” Madeline and I said at the same time, we laughed and bumped fists, we’re such best friends.

“You guys do your thing, we will go shopping until we hear from you!” Perrie said as she stood up and grabbed her purse and hurried us out the door.

Harry kissed my forehead before I left, “See you tonight Y/N, have fun.”

- - - - -

The guys told us to meet them back at the hotel around 9pm.

When we entered the suite, the boys were found all relaxing. Louis and Zayn were playing video games, Liam was on his iPad going through his social media, Niall and Harry were jamming each of them with a guitar in hand.

Not one of our hands were empty. There were literally over 30 designer bags sprawled all over floor.

“What in the world? Did you guys buy an entire store?” Zayn shook his head as he looked through Perrie’s bags.

“Trust me, we wanted too.” Eleanor giggled.

All the girls sat down, exhausted from the last few hours of shopping.

Harry came to my side and was shocked to see that I had bags from Prada, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Valentino and Burberry, “Did you have fun? What did you buy?”

“Yeah so much fun! I haven’t been shopping in months. I got my mom a new purse that just came out, so I know she’ll be excited about that! I got my dad new ties for work… I got a few things for myself, and…” I reached into one of the bags and pulled out a new head scarf, “I got this for you. So you can wear when you go on tour.” I held it up in front of Harry.

“Y/N… I love it! Thank you!” He kissed my cheek and then proceeded to put it on his head.

“THE RETURN OF THE HEAD SCARF!!!” Niall exclaimed as he pointed at Harry adjusting his hair, and putting on the scarf.

“Oh I like that scarf Y/N!” Louis started laughing because Harry started parading around the suite like he was a model, showing off the scarf.

“Y/N and Madeline have amazing taste. They helped us all pick out outfits for tonight’s dinner.” Sophia said as Liam kissed her forehead.

“Wait. Madeline, Y/N… What do you guys do?” Niall sounded confused as he looked at our bags, seeing that everything we bought was well over five thousand, each.

“What?” Madeline looked up from admiring her new purse, “Oh ummm… I’m an intern at Teen Vogue. I told you guys that.” Madeline looked over at me, not sure if she should tell them about her parents.

“An intern…? Is it a paid internship?” Liam was curious at this point.

I nodded my head, signaling that if she wants too, she should tell them the truth. Harry noticed our silent conversation as he rejoined me on the love seat.

“Guys it’s not really our busi-” Harry started but was cut off by Madeline.

“Alright, to be honest, my mom’s a world famous chef and my dad owns a few oil company’s around the U.S., and yes my internship is paid, but I’ve sold a lot of my designs.” She said proudly, as if she was trying to hint to me to be not be afraid to tell people who I am either.

“Which restaurants does she own?? That’s so awesome!” Eleanor exclaimed.

“Oh wow that explains a lot. But all that aside, you have rockin’ taste in fashion… And god I’m jealous because you have those boots which I’ve been wanting!” Perrie pointed at Madeline’s feet.

“Yeah, these were a gift from my mom.” She smiled.

“Sorry Madeline, we didn’t mean to pry. We were just a curious bunch.” Niall hugged her as he apologized.

“No no, I figured I would have to let you guys know sooner or later,” she said as she looked right at me.

I knew it. She was pushing me to tell about my family. She told me earlier that the girls were giving us confused looks as we were shopping today and buying things left and right, but I just ignored it earlier because I didn’t want to explain myself.

I took a deep breathe. 

“My parents are the CEOs of Sony Music Entertainment…” I managed to admit.

Everyone turned to look at me, Niall stopped playing his guitar, not sure if he heard me right.

“Say what?” Perrie and Sophia said at the same time.

“Are you serious?” Liam asked as he sat up.

“No one knows that about me except Madeline.” I said with a little more confidence. Madeline immediately came to sit in front of me and took my hand.

“She doesn’t tell people because the last person she told besides me, took advantage of it.” Madeline explained.

“Well we aren’t like that love, no worries!” Eleanor smiled.

“Please don’t tell anyone…I figured since Madeline was being honest, I should too..” I trailed off.

“Of course not. That’s your business! But that’s wicked cool Y/N.” Louis assured me.

Everyone went back to doing their own thing.

“Is that what you were afraid to tell me?” Harry whispered to me as he turned his body towards mines.

“Sort of…" 

"Y/N. What your parents do, whether you have money or don’t, that’s not why I like you, those things are not important to me… never have been. I like you for who you are.” Harry kissed my forehead.

Even though I found courage to admit about my parents to everyone, there was still the fact that I’m secretly a YouTube star and I wasn’t sure how anyone would react to finding out. It has been my best kept secret for four years, and I wasn’t sure if I was ready for anyone else to know.

I really wanted to tell Harry, I wanted to let him in and trust him, but I just couldn’t.

Not yet anyway.

- - - - - - - - - - - 

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