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Magickal Folk Names for Herbs

Having knowledge of herbs and plants (either magically or medicinally) during the Middle Ages, often was reason enough to accuse a woman of being a “witch,” so there is no doubt some of the country folk at the time took these herbal folk names literal.  Chances are, these names were used merely as descriptors to help remember them easier.  Most plants were given names descriptive of their uses and others were given names for something they generally resembled. Spells written by witches in ancient times were often written with such descriptors, which personally i believe to be a form of secret coding.

Here is a small list of “witchy” herb names (most of these are already floating around the community) that you can use in your craft when you create your spells.  This list could be a great addition to any Grimoire and i hope you find them as useful as i do.

Enjoy ~~~  Cannawitch


Aaron’s Rod - Goldenrod or mullein stalk
Absinthe - Wormwood
Adder’s Fork - Adder’s Tongue Fern or Bistort
Adder’s Tongue - Dog’s Tooth Violet (or Adder’s Tongue Fern
Ague root - Unicorn root
Alison - Sweet Alyssum
Angel Food, Archangel - Angelica
Angel’s Trumpet - Datura
Ass’s Ear - colt’s foot or comfrey
Ass’s Foot, Bull’s Foot - colt’s foot
Auld Man’s Bells, Old man’s bells - wood hyacinth, Hyacinthoides hispanica

Bad Man’s/Devil’s Oatmeal/Porridge - hemlock
Bad Man’s/Devil’s Plaything - Yarrow
Bastard - false Dittany
Bat flower - tacca
Bat’s Wing - Holly leaf
Bat’s Wool - moss (which moss?)
Bear’s Foot - Lady’s Mantle
Bear’s Grape Bearberry Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
Bear Paw - ramsons Allium ursinum or the root of male fern Dryopteris Felix-mas
Bear weed - Yerba Santa Eriodictyon californicum
Beard of a Monk - Chicory
Beggar’s Lice - Hound’s tongue
Beggar’s Buttons - Burdock
Bird’s Eye - Speedwell Veronica officinalis
Bird’s Foot - Fenugreek Trigonella foenum-graecum (Also bird’s foot violet and bird’s foot trefoil)
Bird’s Nest - carrot, Indian pipe
Bishop’s Wort, Bishop’s Elder - Wood betony Stachys betonica
Bitter Grass - Ague Root Aletris Farinosa
Black Sampson - Echinacea
Blazing Star - liatris
Blind Eyes - Poppy
Blood from a head - Lupine *
Blood from a shoulder - Bear’s breech *
Blood of a Goose - Sap from a mulberry * Morus nigra
Blood of an Eye - Tamarisk gall * (probably the tannin extracted from)
Blood of Ares - purslane *
Blood of Hephaestus - wormwood *
Blood of Hestia - Chamomile *
Blood - sap of the elder or bloodwort
Bloody butcher - Valerian
Bloody Fingers - Foxglove
Blue Bottle - Bachelor’s buttons
Boy’s Love, Lad’s Love: Southernwood
Brain Thief - Mandrake
Bone of an Ibis - buckthorn * I am not sure if this is Rhamnus cathartica or sea buckthorn Hippophae spp If I can find a recipe containing this, I will know for sure by comparing its purpose to their very different qualities
Bread and Cheese - Hawthorn
Bride of the Meadow - meadowsweet
Bull’s Blood - beet or horehound
Burning bush - false dittany, also a modern name for species of Euonymus
Cow’s Horn - Fenugreek Trigonella foenum-graecum
Bride of the Sun - calendula
Brown Dragon - wake robin
Buttons - tansy

Calf’s snout - Snapdragon
Candlemas Maiden - snowdrop
Candlewick - mullein, the flower stalk
Capon’s Tail - valerian
Carpenter’s Herb - bugleweed Lycopus europaeus
Carpenter’s Square - knotted figwort
Carpenter’s weed - Yarrow
Cat - catnip
Cat’s foot - white balsam, black cohosh, ground ivy
Cat’s herb - valerian
Chameleon star - bromeliad
Cheeses - marsh mallow
Chocolate flower - wild geranium (I don’t buy it)
Christ’s eye - wild clary Salvia verbenaca
Christ’s ladder - centaury
Christ’s spear - adder’s tongue fern Ophioglossum vulgatum
Church steeple - Agrimony
Clear eye - clary sage
Cleavers - bedstraw
Click - goosegrass
Clot - great mullien
Cocklebur - Agrimony
Cock’s comb - amaranth
Colt’s Tail - fleabane
Crane’s bill - wild geranium
Crow’s foot - wild geranium, or wood anemone bulbous buttercup (verified)
Crowdy kit - figwort
Cuckoo’s bread - common plantago
Cucumber tree - magnolia
Cuddy’s lungs - great mullein
Crown for a king - wormwood

Dagger flower - blue flag
Daphne - bay laurel
Dead man’s bells foxglove
Death angel - fly agaric Amanita Muscaria
Death cap - fly agaric Amanita Muscaria
Death flower - Yarrow
Death’s Herb - Belladonna
Delight of the Eye - rowan
Devil Plant - basil
Devil’s Apple - Mayapple or Mandrake
Devil’s beard - houseleek
Devil’s bit - false unicorn root
Devil’s cherries Belladonna berries
Devil’s plaything - yarrow
Devil’s dung - asafoetida
Devil’s ear - wakerobin
Devil’s eye - henbane or periwinkle
Devil’s flower - bachelor’s buttons
Devil’s fuge - mistletoe
Devil’s guts - dodder
Devil’s herb - belladonna
Devil’s milk - celandine
Devil’s nettle - yarrow
Devil’s Shoestring: Various varieties of vibernum, esp Black Haw, cramp bark, hobblebush
Dew of the Sea - Rosemary
Dog Berry - wild rose hips
Dog’s mouth - snap dragon
Dog’s tongue - hound’s tongue
Dove’s foot - wild geranium
Dragon - tarragon
Dragon Flower - blue flag (really, wild iris? not an arum or a Antirrhinum?)
Dragon wort - bistort
Dragon’s blood - calamus

Eagle - ramsons Allium ursinum
Earth apple - potato
Earth smoke- fumitory
Elf’s wort - Elecampane
Enchanter’s plant - vervain
Englishman’s fruit/ White man’s foot - common plantain
Everlasting friendship - goosegrass
Eye root - goldenseal

Fairy smoke - Indian pipe
Fairy fingers - foxglove
Fat from a Head - spurge *
Felon herb - Mugwort
Five fingers - cinquefoil
Fox’s Clote - burdock
Frog’s foot - bulbous buttercup
From the belly - Earth-apple. * potato?? Did the writers know about potatoes? When was pgm written?
From the foot - houseleek *
From the loins - chamomile *

Goat’s foot - morning glory
Goat’s Horn - Fenugreek Trigonella foenum-graecum
God’s hair - hart’s tongue fern
Golden’s star - avens
Gosling’s wing - goosegrass
Graveyard dust - mullein (and sometimes it’s just graveyard dust)

Hag’s taper - mullien stalk
Hagthorn - hawthorn
Hair of Venus - Maidenhair fern
Hairs of a Hamadryas Baboon: Dill Seed *
Hare’s beard - mullein
Hawk’s Heart, Old Woman - Wormwood Artemisia absinthium crown or seed head *
Hind’s tongue - hart’s tongue fern
Holy herb - yerba santa
Holy rope - hemp agrimony Eupatorium cannabinum
Horse tongue - hart’s tongue fern
Hundred eyes - periwinkle

Innocence - bluets

Jacob’s Staff - Great Mullein
Joy of the Mountain - Marjoram
Jupiter’s Staff - Great Mullein

King’s Crown: Black Haw vibernum
Knight’s Milfoil - Yarrow
Kronos’ Blood - sap of Cedar *

Lady’s glove - foxglove
Lamb’s ears - betony but more likely lamb’s ear Stachys byzantina
Lion’s Hair - The extra little roots that stick out of the turnip bulb or the base leaves Brassica rapa *
Lion’s tooth - dandelion
Little dragon - tarragon
Love in idleness - pansy
Love Lies Bleeding - amaranth (Not so ancient, a modern ornamental variant)
Love Leaves - burdock
Love man - goosegrass
Love Parsley - lovage
Love root - orris root

Maiden’s Ruin - Southernwood
Man’s Bile - Turnip Juice *
Man’s Health - Ginseng
Master of the Woods - Woodruff
May Lily - Lily of the Valley
May Rose - Black Haw viburnum
May - Black Haw viburnum
Maypops - Passion Flower
Mistress of the Night - Tuberose
Mutton Chops - Goosegrass

Nose Bleed - Yarrow

Old Man’s Flannel - Great Mullein
Old Man’s Pepper - Yarrow
Old-Maid’s-Nightcap - Wild Geranium

Password - primrose
Peter’s Staff - Great Mullein
Poor Man’s Treacle - Garlic
Priest’s Crown - Dandelion leaves

Queen of the Meadow Root - Gravelroot
Queen of the Meadow - Meadowsweet
Queen of the Night - Vanilla Cactus

Rats and Mice - Hound’s tongue
Ram’s horn - valerian
Ring a Bells - bluebell
Robin run in the grass - goosegrass

Scaldhead - blackberry
Seed of Horus - horehound
See bright - Clary sage
Semen of Ammon - Houseleek *
Semen of Ares - Clover *
Semen of Helios - White Hellebore *
Semen of Hephaistos - Fleabane *
Semen of Herakles - arugula *
Semen of Hermes - Dill *
Seven Year’s Love Yarrow
Shameface - Wild Geranium
Shepherd’s Heart - Shepherd’s Purse
Silver Bells - Black Haw viburnum
Snake Root - black cohosh
Soapwort - Comfrey or Daisy or maybe Soapwort
Sorcerer’s Violet - Periwinkle
Sparrow’s Tongue - Knotweed
St. John’s Herb - Hemp Agrimony
St. John’s Plant - Mugwort
Star Flower - Borage
Star of the Earth - Avens
Starweed - Chickweed
Sweethearts - Goosegrass
Swine’s Snout - Dandelion leaves

Tail of a Pig - Leopard’s bane *
Tanner’s bark - toadflax
Tartar root - ginseng
Tears of a Hamadryas Baboon - Dill Juice *
Thousand weed - yarrow
Thunder plant - houseleek
Titan’s Blood - Wild Lettuce Lactuca virosa *
Torches - mullein flower stalk

Unicorn’s horn - unicorn root or false unicorn root
Urine - dandelion or maybe urine

Wax dolls - fumitory
Weasel - rue
Weasel snout - yellow archangel
Winter wood - wild cinnamon Canella alba
White - ox eye daisy
Witch’s Asprin - white willow bark (this is ancient?)
Witch’s brier - wild brier rose hips
Wolf claw - club moss
Wolf’s foot - bugleweed
Wolf’s milk - euphorbia
Woodpecker - herbLpeony
Worm fern- male fern Dryopteris Felix-mas

Yerba Santa Maria - epazote

Plant Parts/Body Parts

Blood - Sap or juice
Eye - The disc of a composite flower, or a seed
Foot - Leaf
Guts - Roots, stalks, tangly bits
Hair - Very stringy roots (sometimes silk or tangly stems)
Head - Flower head or seed head
Tail - Stem
Tongue - Petal, sometimes stigma
Toes - leaf or bud
Paw - sometimes bud, usually leaf
Privates - Seed pod
Worm - stringy roots
Wool - Moss


A Snake’s Ball of Thread - soapstone *
Blood of a Snake - hematite *
Crocodile Dung - Soil from Ethiopia *
A Physician’s bone - sandstone *

Animal Parts

A Snake’s Head - A leech *
Blood of a Hyrax - A rock badger, * small weasel-like/rodent-like (but actually neither) creature native to Africa and the Middle East
Blood of a Hamadryas Baboon - Blood of a spotted gecko *
Bull’s semen - the egg of a blister beetle *
Lion Semen - Human semen *
Kronos’ Spice - Pig Milk *

* From Ecloga ex Papyris Magicis: Liber I, V, xxvi

More Sources for verification -

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  • Paulus Aegineta, Corpus Medicorum Graecorum IX/2 vII
  • Dioscorides De Materia Medica
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EXO REACTION:  unexpected pregnancy


Minseok had noticed that you’d rub your breasts and whine in discomfort during the short time he got to spend with you. He thought it was just your normal monthly ordeal, until you started to turn down the food he brought home. 

That’s when it hit him. The two of you were intimate for the first time without protection for your anniversary. So when he came home the next day, he was equipped with a pregnancy test. He shoved it into your hands and pushed you to the bathroom. 

Once you were done, you returned to him, cupping his face as he gave you a sleepy smile. “I hope it’s positive,” he whispered, leaning into your palms. “In three minutes times, our life could be completely different…”

The buzzing of his phone made him pull away from you to go check the stick while you stayed in place. You heard a yell of joy from the bathroom, followed by him coming to wrap you in his arms. “We’re going to be parents!”


Junmyeon had been coming home in the am, exhausted and hungry. You’d made sure that his pyjamas and a plate of food were waiting for him before you went to bed.With tonight’s food there was a small sticky note wrapped around the fork. 

You’re going to be a Daddy~ Make sure you’re free Monday so we can go to the scan together!  

The plate was completely forgotten about. He wandered to the bedroom, kneeling next to you sleeping figure, eyes on your stomach. “I’ll be there,” he promised, leaning to kiss your head before he pushed up the shirt of your pyjamas. “Daddy has to be away for a little while. Look after Mummy, okay? When I come home, I’ll spoil the two of you.”


You’d promised Yixing that you’d wait for a break in his schedule to take the test. The more you stared at it on the counter, the more you wanted to do it, to find out of the two of you would become parents. After staring at the box, you gave into the urge. 

You watched the numbers on your phone slowly decrease to zero. When it jingled, you grabbed the stick, squealing when you saw two lines in the small window. Clutching the stick, you ran to your phone, calling your boyfriend. 

“It’s positive!“ you cried down the phone. “Two lines! We’re having a baby!” you grinned, eyes still on the two lines. “You took it without me, huh?” his sweet laugh filled your ears. “I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist,” he hummed. “I’ll be home before midnight. Try and stay up for me so I can kiss you, okay?”


“Y/N talk to me…” Baekhyun begged from the other side of he door. “I hate seeing you like this,” a soft thud signalled that he’d slumped back against the wood. “Whatever it is, we can work it out… Please don’t push me away.”

The sound of the door unlocking made him stand straight. When he finally saw you, he wrapped you in his arms, holding you close. “Talk to me,” he breathed into your hair. “I’m pregnant,” you whispered, hoping he wouldn’t hear, and the ordeal could be forgotten. “You’re not?” he pulled back to look over your face. “That’s amazing…” a smile had replaced the frown. “You better send me texts every hour letting me know how you’re doing when I’m away.”


Jogndae had collapsed next to you on the sofa he got home. You were quickly used as his pillow, his arms wrapping around you while he got comfortable to sleep. “How was your day today?” he asked, lips pressing to your neck lazily. “Boring. My doctor left me waiting nearly an hour,” you mumbled, fingers brushing through his soft locks. “You’re sick?” he frowned, looking up at you through sleepy eyes. 

“No,” you smiled, your turn to press a kiss to his skin. “Then why did you go to the doctor?” he moved closer to you, almost laying on top of you. “I wanted to see if my gut instinct was right,” you shrugged, pulling a blanket over him while his droopy eyes looked over your face in confusion. “I’m pregnant,” you laughed, another kiss was given to his head. 

“Why must all the exciting things happen when I don’t have the energy to celebrate?” he whined, his face nuzzling into your neck. “When’s your next check up?” he placed a hand on your stomach, rubbing lovingly. “Next week,” you spoke softly, trying to coax him into sleeping. “I’ll be there.”


Chanyeol suspected something was wrong when you weren’t waiting up for him when he came home. During his free hours, he decided it was perfect to talk to you about why you were avoiding him.

“Is it because you don’t like what they’ve done to my hair?” he asked, now leaning against the counter as he watched you. “I wanted to tell you after the promotions were done…” you sighed, moving so you could plate up the food. “It’s just hair. I’ll change it in a few weeks,” he frowned. “It’s not that,” you turned to look at him. “I’m pregnant,” you set the plates down on the table. 

When he didn’t reply, you turned to him, to see him staring at you. “You’re pregnant..” the shock turned to a toothy grin as he pulled you close. “This is brilliant!” he exclaimed. “I’ll make sure to be with you every second I can.”


You finished the icing on the cake, each letter was piped with love and care. You made a cake for each win your boyfriend bagged. This cake would be different this win. It read ‘Congratulations on being a Daddy’ instead of the usual ‘Congratulations on the win.’ 

The sound of the door unlocking made your heart race faster, the nerves finally hitting you as you tried thinking of what to say to him when he found out he would be a parent. 

You skipped out to greet him in the hall, arms wrapping around him as you peppered kisses to his face. “Smells delicious in here,” he hummed, returning the kisses to you. “I make the chocolate cake we love so much,” you grinned, taking his hand and leading him the the kitchen. 

He stilled as he read the top, eyeing it for what seemed like forever before he turned to you. “Really?” he breathed, hand coming to your stomach. “Really,” you confirmed, making him beam with delight. “I love you so much,” his arms brought you close to him. “Both of you.”


“Sorry I couldn’t be there when you woke up,” Jongin murmured, laughing as you tried calming your bed head. “It’s okay,” you smile at the screen before moving to get more comfortable. “I put something in your bag,” you informed. “It’s not your main gift, but I think you’ll like it,”

He left the phone at the table to go look through his bag. He returned with the silver box and pursed his lips as he tried guessing what it’s contents could be. “Just open it!” you whined.

Once the lid was removed and he could see the white stick with two lines, his eyes began to fill with tears. “This is the best news I’ve heard all year…” he gazed lovingly at the stick before looking back to you. “I wish I was there to kiss you and talk to our baby…” he frowned slightly when a knock at the door signalled that he needed to go. “I promise I’ll make it up to you when I’m free.”


Sehun let his bag fall off his shoulder the moment he got through the door and went to flop down on the sofa next to you. “You looked good today,” you smiled, stroking his hair. “You watched?” his brow rose as he looked to you. “Of course I did,” your words made him smile and lean to kiss your cheek. “How was your day? Do anything interesting?” he asked, taking your hand and kissing over it. “Found out we’re going to be parents…” you shrugged while his eyes widened. “You’re pregnant?” a nod was given in reply. 

“You’re mad…” you frowned, trying to take the stick, but he closed his palm around it. “I’m not mad at you. I’m mad that I can’t probably get to be with you for the next month. I can’t hold you if you’re sick, or be here to calm you down when your hormones are crazy.”

Ra Al Ghul’s Granddaughter (Jason Todd)

Request: Nope.

Prompt: You’re Damian’s older half-sister and have been sent to Bruce with him to keep him safe.

Relationship: Jason x Reader, Brother!Damian x Sister!Reader

Warning: Smut is written in BOLD! Also cursing

Word Count: 4485

A/N: Feel free to request because I’m struggling with ideas, they don’t have to do with the batboys, they can be with any DC character.


(Y/N)’s POV

Look after your brother for me. He’s the future. I watched as Dick and Damian trained, while Tim and Bruce were over at the computers along with Alfred, and Jason was brooding in the corner, “If he’s the future, then we’re all doomed” I muttered as I left the cave and headed towards the kitchen, “You shouldn’t creep up on an assassin, especially me” I warned as I turned around to see Jason, “Well, it’s a good thing I’ve already died then” He said, I raised an eyebrow and turned around again to grab the crisps, “Why are you here again?” He asked gaining my attention, I sighed “Mother’s orders” I say, “Which were…?” He trailed off, “To look after the devil child” I say.

He hummed as we made our way back to the cave, “Why are you interested in me, all of a sudden?” I asked leaning against the railing, “Because everyone’s got a partner, Bruce has Alfred and Tim, Dick has Demon” He said making me smirk, “And we’re just outcasts” He said, I hummed and offered him some crisps, which he accepted, “Outcasts, together?” I say, he smiled slightly and nodded “(Y/N) you never share food! Are you feeling alright?!” Dick called over, I flipped him off “I’m hurt” He said making me roll my eyes, “So, how’d you die?” I asked as I sat cross-legged on the railing, “The Joker beat me with a crow-bar and then placed me in the same room as a bomb” he said.

“Oh damn, that sounds way more exciting than me” I say, he raised an eyebrow “You’ve died?” He asked with disbelief, “I know, it’s incredibly hard to believe because of how good I am now, but yeah. My grandfather wanted to see how good I had gotten and demanded a duel, which he won but since I proved that I had potential I was brought back, after a year, by the Lazarus Pit, which heightened my senses making me the thing I am today” I say, “Wow” He said, I nodded “Exactly” I say, “I don’t understand. How is she doing it?” I heard Dick asked making me turn to see him failing miserably to copy me, I smirked “You don’t have my senses Dick! Give up!” I call over to him which made him fall on to his back, causing Jason and myself to chuckle.


“Hey (Y/N)! Jason’s wondering if you’d go on a date with him!” Dick yelled as he avoided Jason’s attacks, I chuckled at their childish behaviour, “Pick me up at 8” I say as I walked upstairs making them both freeze in place and stare at me, “Ha! I told you! Erm…Jay?” I heard Dick yell making me shake my head as I went into my room and fell on to my bed, they was a knock on my door making me sit up as Alfred entered, “I’ve just been told by Master Richard, that you and Master Jason are going on a date tonight” He said, “I see the news travels fast” I say as I stood up, “Have you any idea, where he’s taking you?” he asked, I shook my head “Not in the slightest, all I know is that he’s picking me up at 8” I replied.

He smiled “Well, I guess it’s a good thing I came to you then. You go bathe yourself and your outfit will be out ready for you” He said, I nodded “Thank you Alfred” I say as I entered my ensuite, after bathing I exited the ensuite in my robe and my hair in a towel, “Would you care for me to do your hair?” He asked, I shook my head “I think I’ll be fine on my own now” I say, he bowed and left my room, I dried my hair and pinned half of it back before putting on the dress and heels Alfred picked out, it was a red knee-length dress and 4 inch silver heels, along with a sparkly silver clutch purse, I went into the ensuite to apply my makeup, when I was putting the finishing touches on there was a knock at my door and Jason came in wearing a tuxedo, “(Y/N)?” He called out, “One second” I say as I put the makeup away and exited the ensuite.

His jaw dropped, “You look…” He trailed off “Awkward?” I finished off, he shook his head, “Beautiful” He finished off, I smiled “Thank you, you look quite handsome” I complimented making him smirk as he straightened the suit jacket, he extended his arm to me which I took and we made our way downstairs, “Don’t be out all night” Bruce warned, Jason groaned but nodded making me smile slightly, “Have fun!” Dick called after us as we got into the limo as Alfred took us to the restaurant.


“(Y/N), Jason, you’ll be on patrol tonight” Bruce said, Jason and I smirked at each other, “Bruce, are you sure about that one?” Tim asked before I covered his mouth, “If you’re smart, you’ll keep quiet” I whispered, “(Y/N), come on!” Jason called over, I let go of Tim and climbed on the back of the motorcycle, we arrived at the location of our vantage point, I got off the bike and looked up to the vantage point, “Race you up?” Jason asked, I raised an eyebrow, “Think you can beat me?” I asked, “I can try” He said making me chuckle as we raced up to the top, myself winning, I rested a hand on my hip as Jason got up, “I win, what’s my prize?” I asked as he removed his mask coming towards me.

He leaned down to kiss me but stopped due to an explosion making us sigh, “Something always interrupts” I say, he nodded in agreement “I’ll give you your prize when we’ve dealt with that” He said making me smile before we made our way to the explosion.


“Jay, you’re wasted” I say as he latched on to me, hugging me from behind, we had just arrived at his apartment after we went to the bar on our night off, “Give me one good reason, you should go” Jason slurred and hiccupped, “I have ice-cream waiting at the manor for me” I smirked, “I’m delicious too” He whined burying his face into my neck, I chuckled as I leant against his chest before gasping as his right hand slid to the front of my leggings and sticking a finger between the folds and rubbing it.

“J-” I whined as he continued to rub but he suddenly stopped and turned me around to face him, to see that he was smirking, “Now, if you don’t stay here tonight, you’ll miss out on all the fun…” He trailed snaking his arms around my waist, “But, should you stay, we can have as much fun as you want” He finished off as his hand brushed over my butt, unable to control myself I pulled him in for a passionate kiss by his shirt, without the need of lip biting we were engaged in an intense oral battle of dominance.

Jason pushed me against the wall making me gasp allowing him to completely excavate my mouth with his tongue, claiming dominance, unknowingly, we both were pushing each other to his room, as soon as we had gotten in he kicked it shut while full on making out with me, he then pushed me on to the bed and leaned on top of me, attacking my neck, more importantly my sweet spot, at first it was a kiss, then he bit harder and harder until they was a noticeably large red mark there, during that process he had removed my shirt revealing my black lace bra, “Kinky” He breathed out, I smirked “Wait until you see the matching underwear” I whispered.

“Your pussy’s gonna be destroyed tonight, darling” He cooed into my ear sending shivers down my spine, he unclasped the bra, leaving my breasts exposed for him to exploit, he grabbed one mass of flesh in one hand, pinching, twisting, and squeezing every which way, as the other one was being attended by his tongue, which wrapped itself around the bud, gently nibbling just to make me squirm and whimper, which greatly pleased him, he then switched breasts, keeping my reactions alive.

Kissing from the cleavage all the way to the garter of my leggings, Jason takes the cloth between his teeth and pulls it down, leaving me in nothing but some rather soaked black laced underwear, unfortunately for him, though, I quickly sat up, pushing him down, and became the dominant one, I began kissing him passionately, as I pulled his shirt over his head, revealing a well-toned chest, I kissed down, leaving marks here and there, claiming him as mine.

Then I yanked down his pants, a stiff bulge prominent as ever beneath a thin cloth, I smirked at him as I straddled him, he smiled back weakly, loving my dominant side, at an agonizingly slow pace, I pulled down his boxers, leaving him fully exposed, I spread his legs and leaned down slowly, and the lower I went, the more he blushed, I flicked the tip with my tongue, making him scream in pleasure taking a handful of bedsheets in each hand, then I began to take in more of him, my teeth grazing here and there as he continuously screamed out my name, and eventually released his bitter seed into my mouth.

“Mm..” I hummed licking the excess off my mouth. “You are delicious” I say, "What did I tell you?” Jason winked, suddenly he pushed me hard and fast onto the mattress making the entire bed bounce, he yanked off my pants, no longer caring about teasing me as I could tell he just wanted more and more, he dove in, sticking his tongue inside, expanding my walls as much as his pink muscle could do, and just like him, I came into his mouth, “Yum,” he remarked, getting up.

He then scanned me from my face, to my wide-open womanhood, to my feet, all of me, I could tell that was all he wanted to see, to feel, to be a part of, with full force, Jason plunged into me, leaving me to be a moaning, screaming mess, he did this continuously, at the same rate, going in harder and harder each time, my walls grew tight as he found my spot, “Jason!” (Y/N)!” We screamed in unison, and with that, Jason collapsed next to me, his arm automatically around my waist, and the both of us grinning like the idiots, “Did I ever tell you that I love you?” Jason asked, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear, “Not enough,“ I replied, grinning, “I don’t think there’ll ever be an enough” He smiled, and with that the two of us drifted off to sleep.


I arrived to where the Heretic and Damian were battling only to see Damian get impaled, my eyes widened in horror “No!” I screamed as I jumped down behind the Heretic, stabbing him with my hidden blades that had traces of poison on, I jumped in front of him and kicked him down before running to Damian’s lifeless body, “No. No, please” I cried as I cradled him in my arms, “(Y/N)-No” Bruce said as he ran towards me, he collapsed to his knees I put Damian down and stood up “(Y/N), where are you-?” I cut Dick off by barging past him and running back to the manor, I slammed the door open “Miss (Y/N), are you alright?” Alfred asked as he emerged from the kitchen, “He’s gone…” I trailed off as I dropped to my knees, “Who’s gone, miss?” He asked coming over to me, “Damian, I was too slow. The Heretic…” I sobbed, “Master Jason” Alfred said as a shadow over-casted me, Jason just ignored us both and went up to his room.


Bruce threw himself down in the computer chair complaining about another criminal he was after didn’t give him any answers before he knocked him out, I let out a frustrated sigh and I grabbed him by the throat and picking him up, knocking the chair over, “Perhaps, if you didn’t let your anger control you, you would be able to get some answers instead of blaming one of us!” I growled, he just glared at me “You may dress up as the Batman, but you’re just a shell” I spat as I dropped him, “It’s your fault, I’m the shell” He said getting up, “You’re blaming me for Damian’s death?! You may have lost your son, but I lost my brother, who I saw grow up in front of me!” I snapped, “Enough! Damian wouldn’t want you fighting” Jason snapped gaining both of our attention, only to see him walk out of the cave.

I sighed and went to follow him but Dick stopped me, “Y’know, telling him about your little secret might brighten his mood” He said, I gave him a deadpan look before barging past him and went up to Jason’s room, I knocked on the door before opening it, “Jason?” I called out, “Go away” He said from his bed, “Jay, please talk to me” I say, “What do you want me to say?! My little brother is dead! And I can’t do sh*t about it!” He yelled standing up, “I know exactly what you’re going through” I say, “No you don’t!” He snapped coming closer to me, my eyes widened as I placed a protective hand on my small bump, backing away from him, “Yes, I do! You weren’t related to him! He was my blood brother!” I yelled, “Shut up!” He yelled punching the wall next to me causing me to flinch, “Just get out” He muttered, I wasted no time in doing so and retreated to my room, I leant against my door holding back the tears then I just lost my sh*t and trashed my room before collapsing to my knees, curling up into a ball and crying, which eventually lead to me falling asleep.


I shot up in my bed, panting from a nightmare, I groaned running a hand over my face before getting up and making my way to the kitchen, on my way back to my room there was muffled shouting from Jason’s room, “I don’t care, Jay! I found her on the floor asleep with a tear-stained face!” Dick yelled, “Why are you telling me this?!” Jason snapped, “Because she’s carrying your child, arsehole!” Dick snapped making me mentally curse at him and returned to my room, I glanced towards the duffle-bag I’ve had packed for months, I sighed and picked up my phone calling someone, “Hello” They answered, “I’m in need of a favour” I say.


Selina stopped the car outside the Leagues gates, “You sure about this?” She asked, I nodded “Positive. Thanks again” I say as I got out with my luggage, “I owed you one, so now we’re even” She said, I walked through the gates and into the main part of the building, one of the guards tried to stop me making me kick them through the door where my mother was, “I’m back” I sang as a smirk appeared on my face, “(Y/N)? What are you doing back here?” she asked, “To resurrect my brother” I say bluntly, her face turned dark “You let him die?!” She yelled as she withdrew her sword and pointed it at me.

I glared at her, “I’ve brought his body, so put him in the Lazarus pit” I growled, she eyed me up suspiciously, “Now” I demanded, she sighed and put her sword away and mentioned for me to follow her, “How long has he been dead?” She asked, “4 months” I replied, she nodded and Damian’s body was lowered into the pit, it was a couple of minutes before he gasped loudly, re-surfacing from the pit, and seemed to not have any side-effects, “Damian?” I asked stepping closer, he looked at me “(Y/N)” He said, I nodded and mentioned him to come over to me, which he did and I gave him a hug.

“Now that the heir has been brought back to life, neither of you shall leave” Mother demanded as we were surrounded by assassins, “Try and stop us” I smirked as Damian withdrew my sword and we stood back-to-back, “Ensure that they’re in their designated rooms” She ordered as she disappeared somewhere, the group of assassins came to attack us making me chuckle darkly as drove my hidden blades into the neck of two of them before snapping another’s neck, after taking them all down I grabbed a hold of Damian’s hand and ran to where Selina was waiting, “Welcome back from the dead” She said before flooring it.


After sneaking Damian into his room, I returned to my room to find it tidied from my tantrum, and someone asleep on my bed, I tilted my head as I approached it to see Jason hugging a pillow, that had tear stains on as he slept, I smiled as I laid down myself facing him, I moved his white tuff of hair from him face causing him to wake up, “(Y/N)?” He groaned before his eyes shot opened and he stared at me, “(Y/N)!” he yelled hugging me, I chuckled as I hugged him back “I’m so sorry for being a huge arsehole” He apologised as he pulled away and placed a hand on my bump.

“I can’t believe I didn’t notice this” He said, I smiled “I’ve been wearing looser tops for a reason, I mean it is small but it’s noticeable” I say, “How far?” He asked, “Five months” I answered, “Five months?! And you’ve been going out?! What if you got shot?! What if you were kidnapped?! What if-” I cut him off with a kiss, “I didn’t and I won’t go out anymore, alright?” I say, he just stared at me before nodding and pulling me on to his chest as he wrapped an arm around me and placed both hands on the bump.


“Argh! Damian’s come back to haunt me!” I heard Tim yell as I woke up, I wriggled myself from Jason’s grip and went out of my room to find Tim cowering behind a plant as Damian just stared at him with a deadpan look, I sighed “Family meeting in the kitchen, now!” I yelled, I went down and found that Bruce and Alfred were already there, Dick ran in closely followed by Tim, “Stay here” I whisper to Damian, he nodded and I entered the kitchen, “So, last night, I may have gone back to the League of Assassins to bring Damian back” I confessed, they all stared at me with a blank look on their faces, “I’m not lying” I say as I pulled Damian into the kitchen, all their eyes widened before they all ran out of their seats and tackled him with a hug, “Drake’s touching me” Damian whined making me chuckle and shaking my head “Suck it up, demon-spawn” Jason said as he came into the kitchen and over to me, pecking my cheek.

They all broke apart and regained their composure, “In other news, (Y/N)’s pregnant” Jason announced as he sipped his coffee, they all looked at me in shock, minus Dick, “Gonna be an uncle!” Dick sang as he danced around the kitchen, “This one’s not going to be another demon, is it?” Tim asked as he gave me a hug, I rolled my eyes and shook my head “Not as I know of” I say making him smile as he pulled away and disappeared, “I knew you were fatter when you hugged me last night” Damian said folding his arms, I raised an eyebrow “Thanks Damian” I say, he nodded and left the kitchen, I turned to glare at Jason only to find him smiling at Dick’s dancing.

Bruce cleared his throat, “(Y/N), can I talk to you?” He asked, I nodded and followed him out of the kitchen, “What’s-” I was cut off as he pulled me into a hug, “Thank you” He said, I accepted his hug and then pulled away, “Why?” I asked, “For giving Jason happiness and bringing Damian back” He answered, I smiled “And I’m sorry for blaming Damian’s death on you” He apologised, “I didn’t take it to heart” I reassured, “Also, no more patrols or missions until the boy’s thirteen” He said, I groaned “Why thirteen?” I asked, “Because I said so” He said folding his arms, “And he’s going to know his mother’s skills because Jason got jacksh*t” Dick commented as he exited the kitchen and avoided a pan being thrown at him.

“F*ck you!” Jason yelled as Dick ran away laughing, “He’s also going to need his mother by his side as his Dad, Uncle’s and Grandad are out cleaning the streets” Jason said as he wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head on my shoulder, “Why does everyone think it’s going to be a boy?” I asked, “Have you seen the gender ratio here, it’s bound to be a boy” Tim stated from the staircase, “Just because you’ve said that I hope it’s a girl to rub it in all your faces” I say, sticking my tongue at them “What about you Alfred, boy or girl?” I asked looking at him, “It would be nice for another woman in the house Miss (Y/N)” He smiled.


After the next four months, I gave birth to twin girls, we agreed to name one after Jason’s mother and the other after Bruce’s, I was currently taking them upstairs to bed when they was an explosion from the study making my eyes widened as the twins began to cry, I climbed up to the chandelier and hid on top of it as I calmed the girls down, “Search the place!” Someone ordered, as a group of men ran up the stairs, I noticed Alfred on the phone in the kitchen “Daddy’s going to be here soon, girls. Don’t worry” I whispered as I held them into my chest, Alfred noticed me with the girls and his face dropped before he gestured for me to get down as he created a distraction.

I nodded and he disappeared, there was a loud collision from the living room making all the men run towards that area, I dropped off the chandelier and made no sound, I ran into the kitchen and was met by Alfred who took Martha off me, “Are you okay?” He whispered, I nodded before the counter was shot at making me take cover sheltering Sheila, they stopped firing and I looked to Alfred, who shook his head “Not in the house, Miss (Y/N)” He pleaded as I handed him Sheila, “No promises” I say as I got up and exited the kitchen, “You know what’s worse that pissing off an assassin?” I asked, they all looked dumbfounded “Pissing off a mother who’s an assassin” I answered as I took down two of the men with my hidden blades, snapping a third one’s neck, then placing a single bullet in each off the remaining men’s head.

“(Y/N)!” Jason yelled as he ran into the manor only to me stood in the middle of the dead bodies, “Welcome home” I greeted as the other four stood behind him, “Alfred, it’s safe to come out” I called out, he came out of the kitchen with the girls in his arms, “I’ve got my work cut out for me” He commented on the dead bodies, “I did say no promises” I smiled as I tossed the empty gun on the floor, “I thought we promised no assassin life until the twins were thirteen?” Bruce asked, I gave him a deadpan look, “You expected me to just chill on that chandelier until you got here?” I asked mentioning the chandelier above our heads.

“You took the girls up there?!” Jason asked, “You should give her more credit, Master Jason. She managed to drop down from there without dropping the girls, or making them cry” Alfred complimented, “Thank you Alfred. Now, it’s well past your bedtime” I say as I took Martha from Alfred’s arms and went for Sheila, but Jason picked her up and followed me up to our room, we placed them in their cribs before I sat on the bed removing the gauntlets that contained the hidden blades, “You wear them when you’re with the girls?” He asked, I nodded “They’re fascinated by them” I replied, “What if you stabbed them?” He asked throwing his arms in the air, I sighed looking up at him, “I wouldn’t stab them because in order for the blades to come out, I need to do a certain movement, they’re basically child proof” I say, he sighed running a hand over his face as I stood up, “Would you relax? They’re safe and are going to be fine” I say cupping his face, “It’s not them I’m worried about” He said looking at me, “Jason, I’m fine. I’m Ra al Ghul’s granddaughter, for god sake, and I’ve died” I say reassuring him, he sighed before kissing me.


“Master Bruce, we have intruders…again” Alfred said through the com making my eyes widened as I glanced at Jason, he nodded and we jumped on his bike before racing to the manor, the girls have only just turned 13 and this was my first patrol since everyone found about me being pregnant, we arrived at the manor and burst through the door to find Martha and Sheila, stood back to back, in their Pjs, as a group of men laid unconscious around them, “Hi Mum. Hi Dad” They said in unison as they smiled at us, Jason and myself just stared at them, while Alfred exited the kitchen and looked around at the bodies, “At least they didn’t kill anyone” He said, “See what I meant by them needing your skills” Dick said as he approached the left of me, “I haven’t trained them” I replied, “Then who did?” Jason asked, “No one” Martha said, “We observed you all training and used that” Sheila said, I sighed pulling them into a hug, “So, you’re not mad?” They asked, “At you knocking multiple men unconscious? No, but if you end up using these moves on a kid at school then, yes I will be” I replied pulling away from them, they high fived before Jason cleared his throat “You two should be in bed” He said, they groaned rolling their eyes as they trudged up the stairs to their room, “You’re such a buzzkill” I commented, he shrugged making me smile.

If I say yes will you go to the meeting? (Tony Stark x Reader)

Pepper leaving ruined him. He couldn’t deny that to anyone, they could all see it. He stopped sleeping, he barely ate, and he was far more crude and grumpy than usual. They were even worried he’d drink himself to death.

Then you showed up. Despite how little he wanted to, he knew he needed to replace Pepper. He couldn’t get through the day without an assistant. That’s where you came in. You had a stellar resume. You had worked for the best of the best. After interviewing at least twenty people, you were the only person who could keep up with everything he threw at you. He hired you not realizing that you were exactly what he needed.

He had hired you over two years ago. From the time you came he started getting back to his old self. He didn’t see it but the others did. He was sleeping, eating, and he actually tried to keep up his appearance. You were a good assistant too. You kept his schedule pristine and you got him where he needed to be better than Pepper ever had. Even if he could be difficult, you loved your job. What you didn’t love was the constant flirting.

“Come on (y/n). I’m the most, I repeat, the most eligible bachelor in New York. Don’t you want to change that?” He leaned over the kitchen counter you were sitting at and tilting his head a little.

“Really? Last I heard Steve was the most eligible bachelor. So you’re second. Sure I’ll change that. Hey Steve I’m free on Saturday morning.” You answered him not taking your eyes off of the computer you were typing on.

Steve’s head shot up from the comic book he was reading his eyes snapping to look at you. He opened his mouth to say something but Tony sent him a glare. Steve shook his head turning back to his book.

“Just one date. Then you can decide whether or not iron man is your favorite avenger.” He gave you a charming smile.

“No. Besides my favorite avenger is Natasha.” You answered reading over another email.

Tony huffed a little sitting down and sipping his coffee that you had picked up for him before work. He watched you run a hand through your hair and bit your lip like you always did when you were frustrated. He frowned unconsciously and put his coffee down.

“You have a meeting at 4 with the governor.” You sighed as you typed.

“No. I’m not going.” He shook his head.

He didn’t want to go. Those meetings never ended well and he couldn’t stand them. He’d rather work on his suit. He almost took back his words though as you looked up from the computer. Your eyes narrowed and he could see the tired bags under your eyes.

“Anthony Stark. You are going.” Your voice was low and he almost flinched at the sudden change.

“Not gonna happen….unless….” his lips twitched into a smirk.

“Unless what?” You sighed exasperated.

“Unless you make it worth it.” His voice seemed to purr out at you.

“Fine. If I say yes to a date will you go to the meeting?” You asked looking him in the eye.

“That sounds worth it to me.” He smirked.

“You’re going to be the death of me.” You sighed putting your head in your hands.

“I’ll pick you up at eight. You know how to dress.” He turned grabbing the coffee and walking away.

You picked up your tablet following him your heels clicking as you ran to keep up. You followed him briefing him on everything he needed to do for the day. Surprisingly he did everything without complaints. You helped him pick out his suit for the day, picking a navy blue suit. He didn’t really need your help but he knew if you picked it out it meant you liked it.

You ushered him into the car you had waiting as fast as possible before he could decide not to. He complained the whole ride and you couldn’t help the smile that crossed you tired face. There were times when he really could make you laugh.

“I swear this whole meeting is just an excuse to jump down my throat about Steve.” He huffed fixing his sunglasses.

“Just get through this without causing a fuss please?” You asked him leaning back into the seat of the car.

“Fine fine but just because you can’t be mad at me on our first date.” He teased laughing.

You smiled softly to yourself. His laugh always did sound like music to your ears. It was rare you heard his real one. Mostly he was sarcastic and mocking when he laughed. You glanced over at him once more as the car pulled up to the governors office. The two of you made your way up the stairs and into the office. The governor was waiting for you as you stepped inside ushering you into his private office. You sat off to the side taking notes. Tony had been right, this was awful.

You rubbed your temples as the two of you left. Tony was even in a slightly bad mood as you sat back down in the car. You busted out laughing the moment you had started back to the tower. Tony raised an eyebrow but couldn’t stop himself from laughing along with you.

“Oh you were right. I can’t stand those meetings.” You breathed out when you were done laughing.

“Told you. Hey. You can head home early. Gotta get ready for our date.” He smirked at you lowering his sunglasses a little.

“Okay Stark. I get it. We’re going on a date.” You huffed closing your eyes for a second.

You rode in silence the rest of the way. You fought to keep your eyes open only really waking up when you got out and the cool breeze chilled you. You packed your things saying goodbye to everyone quickly before rushing home.

You weren’t quite sure why but you were on edge. You weren’t sure you even had something nice enough for wherever Tony was bound to take you. He rarely if ever went small. You were about to give up when you remembered the dress Tony had bought you for your birthday. You had never had a chance to wear it before now. It was a knee length navy blue dress that had a lace overlay. You slipped it on pulling on a pair of navy heels. You left your hair down and you put on a silver bracelet. Checking yourself in the mirror a few times, you liked what you saw. You grabbed a nicer silver purse putting your wallet in it and stepping outside just in time for Tony to pull up. He got out of the expensive sports car opening the passenger door for you. You smiled at the gesture getting in.

Tony was awe struck as you walked over to the car. You were stunning normally but now, now you were more beautiful than he thought was possible. He sat in the drivers seat looking over at you. He took a deep breath gripping the steering wheel. He couldn’t seem to get out any words.

“I’m surprised you didn’t switch suits.” You smiled glancing over at him.

“Oh… yeah. Well since you picked it I figured you’d like it.” He mumbled his confidence gone.

“I do. It’s my favorite one of your suits.” You mused.

“You look beautiful.” He blurted before sighing.

He sounded like an idiot he was sure of it. He couldn’t keep the picture of you standing there out of his mind. He pulled up to a huge fancy restaurant. Your eyes were wide as you took in the sight of the gorgeous white pillar and huge oak doors. You felt slightly out of place as he helped you out of the car.

“Like what you see?” Tony finally smirked getting his confidence back.

“It’s beautiful.” You breathed out looking around.

Tony held his arm out to you leading you into the restaurant. No one stopped him as he walked you back to a booth hidden away from everyone else. A waiter was there in an instant and Tony ordered white wine for both of you.

“Tony this is… wow. This is too much.” You glanced around at the velvet seating and oak table.

“Hey. Nothing’s too much for you.” He winked flirting.

You blushed a little. Sure he flirted with you all the time but this was different. The way his eyes softened as he looked at you. You were about to respond when the waiter came back to take your order. Tony ordered for both of you somehow knowing exactly what you wanted.

The night went amazing. It was one of the best dates you had ever been on. He made you laugh and blush and at one point you almost spit wine out of your nose. As you finished your meal you realized how late it was. Both of you had work in the morning and it was almost 11 o'clock.

“Tony this was amazing. But we both have work tomorrow. You have a 7 am meeting.” You reminded him yawning a little.

“Told you any date with me would be amazing. But you’re right. Don’t want to be tired for another boring meeting.” He teased before dropping down the cash to pay for the bill and a large tip.

He offered his arm to you leading you to the car. You tried to fight it as he drove but eventually your eyes fell shut. You’d been up all night the night before getting Tony’s speech ready for the next big event. Tony glanced over at you seeing you asleep. He smiled driving to your house.

He didn’t want to wake you up as he parked in your driveway. He moved gently unbuckling you and lifting you up. You wrapped your arms around his neck burying your face. He gave a low chuckle as he grabbed your spare key. He was suddenly very grateful he knew where it was. He shut and locked the door behind him carrying you to your bed. He tried to set you down but you wouldn’t let go.

“Come on (y/n). You’re home.” He said rolling his eyes at you with a smile.

“Stay?” You mumbled quietly and he almost didn’t hear you.

“Okay. Let me do something real quick. You put your pajamas on.” He laughed setting you down.

You slowly kicked your heels off as he left the room. He sent a few emails canceling the 7 am meeting. When he walked back into the room you were in a tank top and shorts already curled up into your pillow. He smiled down at you kicking his own shoes off. He was glad he wore an undershirt as he carefully took his suit off. He had just taken off his button up as you reached out and grabbed his hand. He smiled even wider as he flopped next to you. You cuddled up to him letting sleep take over.

Tony didn’t expect this to happen. He wasn’t complaining though as he felt you lay your head on his chest. For the first time in a long time he fell asleep without a drink in his hand or his head on his work table.

The next morning you shot up checking the clock. Seeing the bright red numbers you made out the time. 12:30. You jumped out of bed waking Tony up as you did. He sat up on his elbows watching as you threw your closet open.

“We’re so late Tony!” You shouted grabbing a shirt.

“Calm down. I postponed all of my meetings. I told everyone I was sick.” His voice was low and rough with sleep.

You calmed down but you gave him a disapproving look. You sighed dropping the shirt and getting back into your bed. Tony smiled laying on his side and pulling you into him. You blushed as he did your body pressed against his.

“You know… I don’t want to get up. We’re staying here.” Tony laughed sleepily running his hand down your arm.

“Sounds good to me, Mr. Stark.” You laughed a little your hand on his chest where the reactor was.

“I don’t want to wake up without you… ever again.” Tony whispered softly his eyes half lidded as sleep tried to grab him again.