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OK so the first thing i envisioned when Amy said she saw Shadow flying was him in a hot air balloon. Then SEGA decides to release a new trailer, AND SINCE I CANNOT ACCEPT THAT MY SON HAD BECOME EVIL, this is the explanation that my sleep deprived self comes up with.
Johto Legends: Music from Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver
Johto Legends is a cinematic, orchestral recreation of the soundtracks to the Game Boy classics Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver.

Hey Tumblr! Long time no see. :)

I recently launched a Kickstarter for my newest project: Johto Legends, a licensed album of orchestral music from Pokémon Gold and Silver. We’re so excited to be working with live players, a professional sound engineer, art designers and a CD manufacturer to make this project a reality – but we need your help!

There’s only 1 week left to make this musical tribute to Gold and Silver a stunning success, and we’ve already raised ~$20K! If you love game soundtracks and Pokémon, please consider backing the project and spreading the word. Thank you!!

~ Braxton Burks, creator of Pokémon Reorchestrated and Kanto Symphony


Your demons are a part of our reality. Such is the nature of the influence you wield. Some of those demons I’ve come to know, but the one in whose name this war is to be fought is still a stranger to me.

Some stuff I would love to see in Sonic Forces


-Along with Eggman having basically destroyed the world, I would love to see the concept of roboticizing brought back from the SatAM series in some form. I think it would fit in great with this new post-apocalyptic thing we’ve got going! And we already have the idea of a “resistance” built up similarly to the Freedom Fighters in SatAM so roboticizing would be amazing to see, and build up Eggman’s villainous deeds as even more threatening to our heroes.

(Would also love to see the name Robotnik brought back but let’s face it, it ain’t happenin)

-Some decent writing for the plot. I have high hopes, but the Sonic franchise isn’t exactly known for good writing. I really want to see some good dialogue and development for everyone in the game and while some may disagree and say that gameplay matters more, these characters are so beloved and amazing and I think Sonic and friends have way more potential for good storytelling than they are given credit for! (See the Archie Sonic comics pls). As good as Sonic Generations was its story was REALLY underwhelming for what was presented and I think that it should really be worked on for Forces. I’m pretty sure it’s been made clear that the world has become like this because of Sonic’s failure to stop Eggman. I really want to see some character development around this!

(i.e. please dark SEGA give me that angsty Sonic ;P)

-SILVER. THE FRIGGIN HEDGEHOG. C'mon now yall. Burning post-apocalyptic world, alternate timelines, this is quite literally Silver’s territory! I think he’s a great character and with more work done on him he can potentially have great gameplay too! I’m so done with this wasted potential of a character to just become an “IT’S NO USE” punchline (as funny as it is hehe). And we’ve already seen improvement in his boss battle in Sonic Generations, I really think that can be built upon and redeem Silver in a way that he deserves.

-A decent final boss. I’m a bit wary of this one. Generations, Lost World and even Colors in my opinion, had some of the weakest final bosses to come up in the franchise. Personally I’m expecting the final boss to be on the magnitude of Unleashed and the Adventure games.

-I do not want a third entity to be a major contributing factor to Eggman’s success and general villainous actions. We’ve been seeing this a lot lately. The idea of the “true” villain being something like Dark Gaia, Time Eater, etc etc. I think these concepts really steal Eggman’s spotlight away. What I’m saying is, let Eggman be a villain to his fullest potential. The guy has an IQ of 300 after all, let him put that intelligence to better use! I want to see him truly outwit Sonic all on his own (like the opening cutescene in Sonic Unleashed, which I LOVE by the way), and succeed in taking over the world without some third party helping him and eventually turning on him.

-An interesting hubworld. I dunno about you guys but I’d love to casually traverse that apocalyptic clusterfudge of a universe the gameplay trailer showed us! Just keep it small like Unleashed’s hubworlds and maybe add some interesting inhabitants or sidequests and you’re golden! I wouldn’t mind not having a hubworld but I would still like one :D

That’s about all I’ve got for now! Feel free to add your thoughts!


Elisewin’s character design from my project “The Lighthouse & The Whaler”

The final design for Elisewin was very challenging, because of her particular eye and overall face shape. There were so many times where I put her eyes a little too close, or made her cheecks a little too puffy and suddenly she wasn’t recognizable anymore.

I wanted her to somehow resemble the surroundings of the lighthouse, so I imagined her hair being very soft and almost weightless, white as a cloud.
Her eyes have a subtle lillac tone, but are overall pretty dark.

Wee Crochet Claire

So for the last few months I’ve been working on a gift for the amazing, fantastic, and wonderful @mybeautifuldecay! And I’m proud to say, she’s finally finished. It’s time to make her debut! She’ll leave with me and be my travel companion until she can be united with her very own Wee Crochet Jamie and live across the pond! I had so much fun making her and I’m excited to share her with you!

Heres a Shou headcannon: Since he’s probably been around the world a few times, I like to imagine he uses alot of slang no one in Salt city understands. He’d probably try to teach it to the other three, only Teru would actually use any though.