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Some helpful info for anyone looking to get into bioactive. Those little pothos and philodendron plants at Walmart are essentially a ton of cuttings stuffed into one pot. If you don’t mind spending some time untangling them, you can essentially get 5 to 7 plants for about $3.

It’s a good idea to bare root plants from big stores anyways, especially if you’re going to introduce them into an enclosed ecosystem. Who knows what’s gotten in that soil while they were hanging around in the garden section. Plus you can spread them out a bit if you’re just repotting them as a houseplant and they’ll be much happier.


September 3, 2015 - back in July, while in Hong Kong, I bought three small wall planters for 12 HKD each (about 3 CAD). Yesterday, I finally had some time to install them with my three philodendron silver pots. I’m glad that the nursery pots fit nicely in the planters so I can easily take them out to be watered and not worry about stains on the wall.


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dovasolcs asked:

If you dont mind me asking, about how long did it take for your philodendron to get as long as it was?


Top images: taken September 3 and October 31, 2015

Bottom image: taken July 13, 2015 (this is just the longest one in the first two pictures)

I have a skylight that tilts towards the south so I’m getting a maximum of about 200 foot-candles on that hallway everyday (that’s very bright for indoors) so this helped the plants grow quickly.


State of the palnts Part 2: Indoor houseplants

Photo 1: The Coleus Corner! Coleus makes me so happy. So easy to keep and so many beautiful colors. I’ve had to really resist buying more seeds for other varieties.
Photo 2: is the black dragon variety and mine are slooowwwllly starting to get the red in the center.
Photo 3: Like look at this it has so much charm and beauty.

Photo 4: Aloe! What kinds? Hell if I know! Front plant was almost dead from not having been repotted in years, after some tlc and the right soil it’s doing amazing.

Photo 5: You can have my spider plant army when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

Photo 6: this house just doesn’t have good lighting for succulents guys, it pains me in the deepest part of my soul… considering I’ve fallen head over heels for how beautiful succulents. But, sadly I get bad etiolation like this a lot because it’s just way too cold most of the year for things to hang outside. I might lop this one back and do some propagating to make it look all tidy again.

Photo 7: New babies! Silver and Brasil Philodendron.


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