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Hey guys! We’re selling this lil set of stuff for $45 (with free priority shipping in the US). Self standing rose quartz, clear quartz, and amethyst polished points, an amethyst cluster from Uruguay, and a handmade necklace on faux suede with an oxidized silver plated pentacle and black tourmaline crystal beads. 

If interested, please message me your paypal email (but make sure not to put .com in it, becuase tumblr will delete the message). Payment must be prompt or it will go to the next interested party. 

Finally got around to uploading my updated altar for you guys! I took this picture a few days ago, and these candles are freshly made and oh so lovely <3 I have them scented with some of my favorite blends.

The Goddess candle (Red) is scented with my Pomegranate & Vanilla blend.
The God candle (Purple) is scented with my “Drunk As I Like” blend, which includes Grape, Raspberry, and Plum.
The Working candle is scented with my “Crossroads” blend, which includes Orange Blossoms, Jasmine, Grapefruit, Patchouli, and Myrrh.

On the left side, I have a Freya statue symbolizing the Goddess, with some fake mahogany-colored flowers tucked into it. My offering of handmade apple juice is in my chalice, with a bowl of rain water. I have a statue of a Summer Angel beside my green glass bottle of Gemstone Elixir (I add a small bit to my bowl of water each time it is refilled). I have my wand which is made out of glass, silver, and gemstones, my Tiger’s Eye pendulum, and a few gemstones (Labradorite, Amethyst, and Smokey Quartz) are set around the entire altar.

On the right side I have a Dionysus statue symbolizing the God, with my handmade antler smoke cleansing fan (It has a piece of raw amethyst on the front). I have my brass cauldron filled with sand and a charcoal disc. My handmade althame sits at the front with my brass bell, and I have my handmade oil lamp at the back. At the very front I have my three-tier candle holder, my silver pentacle disc, and my wooden offering bowl with some fresh-picked blueberries from the Farmer’s Market.


These three Altoids Witchcraft kits are on sale, too! One in RED, one in BLUE, and one in MAROON, each for $13.00 USD with FREE shipping in the mainland USA! These include:

  • One black velvet bag 
  • One large empty filter/tea bag
  • One silver pentacle charm
  • Two incense cones in the scent of your choice (see below)
  • One block of charcoal
  • One feather
  • Four birthday candles (pink, blue, yellow, white)
  • Eight slips of parchment paper
  • Five small seashell beads 
  • One US Quarter Dollar to burn the incense on
  • One safety pin
  • Two dried bay leaves
  • One dried hibiscus blossom
  • A length of #20 hemp cord twine in your choice of colour (see below)
  • Two small corked glass bottles (one contains sea salt, the other is empty)
  • A quartz crystal point 
  • One secondary crystal of your choice (see below)


Please note each of the following variations in your altar kit. For now I offer the following alterations:

  • Hemp cord #20 can come in an colour from the following: undyed (original brown shown), magenta, hot pink, dusty light rose, white, sea foam, teal, electric blue, brown, redwood brown, coffee, green, lime green, mint green, black, light grey, or dark grey
  • Incense cones can be one of the following: dragon’s blood (shown), sandalwood, or nag champa 
  • Along with the quartz crystal, you can choose a secondary crystal of the following: amethyst (one, shown), citrine (two), rose quartz (a few chunks, will be placed in the empty corked glass vial for safety)

IF YOU DO NOT NOTE WHAT VARIABLES YOU WOULD LIKE, it will be sent with all the variable items set to RANDOM!

These DO NOT come with the bell shown! Instead, they will include TWO black birthday candles! 

Shoot me a message or email at if you’re interested! These MUST GO before June 10th!!

Get to Know Your Fellow Witches

Questions by @horned-deity​ tagged by @safran28

1. Are you a religious witch?

Not precisely. I have my patrons, but my worship and my craft are two separate things, and I consider myself spiritual more than religious.

2. What is your preferred herb?

Depends on what I’m doing, really. Basil and Rosemary are my go-to herbs for many, many things, with Green Sage following close behind. I like my White Sage, but only because I grow it myself. (I don’t recommend buying White Sage from occult shops, as it’s usually wildcrafted, and wild populations of White Sage are badly overharvested. Alternative herbs are easy enough to find.)

3. What is your preferred gem?

Moonstone. I’m always wearing at least one, preferably more. It used to be three every day, but…well, one’s been replaced by a very pretty little emerald. :)

4. Do you do divination? What kind?

I have a personal set of runes that work very well, but I’m fairly shite with everything else. Cards, ogham staves, pendulums, scrying, tasseomancy… forget it.

5. Favorite tarot card?

Strength. In The Golden Tarot, Strength is a red-haired maiden restraining a lion, and the card has a lot of symbolism for me.

6. To curse or not to curse?

For me, to curse. For anyone else, that’s their decision and no one else’s. I am known for being very curse-positive, meaning I firmly believe in and advocate for each individual practitioner’s right to decide when and whether and how to use baneful magic.

7. Do you have a familiar?

I do! He’s an old black cat named Sebastian, and he’s effectively retired due to his advanced age. My gingerboy Havoc is in training and shows the potential to be a very good witchcat. But out of respect, I won’t take on another familiar while Sebastian still lives. I’ve worked without a familiar for years, so it’s no burden to me to let the dear old grump live out his days in peace.

8. Favorite candle color?

Black, or red-orange. This is largely because my two favorite Yankee Candle scents are Witches’ Brew and Apple Pumpkin, which come in those colors.

9. Favorite rune?

I don’t really have a favorite rune, but my favorite ogham letter is Saille.

10. Do you celebrate full moons, the solstices, etc?

Some of the time. I’m not nearly as dedicated as some witches I know. I don’t celebrate the esbats, and I even give some of the sabbats a miss if I’m super-busy or just don’t have the funds or the energy to do anything special. However, I always make sure to celebrate Imbolc, Lughnasadh, Mabon, Samhain, and Yule. Part of this is to honor my patrons, and part is because I have my favorites among the holidays. And also, it’s hard to get away from doing SOMETHING for the winter holiday season, so we combine Christmas and Yule.

11. Do you wear a pentacle?

Yes indeed! I’ve had the same small silver pentacle for many years now, and it hangs on a necklace with my favorite moonstone pendant. I have a moonstone ring with crescent moons and pentacles on it, which I bought for myself when I first became a witch. I don’t wear it anymore (see above comment about the emerald) but it holds a place of honor by my altar. I also have other pentacle rings and earrings that I wear occasionally, and I’m always on the lookout for something new and interesting.

And if you count body modifications, I also have a pentacle tattooed on my back.

12. Have a broom?

Yup! I have several, actually. There’s a twig besom hanging beside my altar, and a simple decorative one over my office window. I’d still like to get one for over the dining room window or the front door.

13. Have a pendulum?

I own a few, but I don’t use them for divination. They’re more for altar decoration and occasionally for finding things.

14. Have an athame?

Indeed! It’s a rather plain dagger with a golden-plated handle. My father bought it for me many years ago; it was my first knife. I also have a bowie knife of Damascus steel that was a gift from Ragnar, and she’s the anchor for our household wards. Neither of the knives gets used very often, except for the annual recasting. I also have a couple of bolines, one that’s purely decorative and one that’s for gardening.

15. How often do you meditate?

Not often, really. I don’t have the focus for it, and it’s not really required for anything that I do.

16. Do yoga?

Nope. Could probably stand to, for flexibility and weight loss purposes.

17. Favorite tea?

Celestial Seasonings Raspberry Zinger :)

18. Do you support manipulation magic?

To a point, yes. I support persuasion and command spells for certain things. I draw the line at love spells, though. Love spells should ALWAYS be consensual and should not circumvent free will. It’s one thing to impose your will on another to try and sway a situation to your benefit or banish them from your life; it’s quite another to force someone to love you.

19. How many altars?

Just the one. It’s the household altar and it’s also where the holiday offerings are placed. One day, when we have a house, I’ll build another one that’s just for the patrons, with statues and dedicated offering bowls, instead of just shot glasses that get bring out for special occasions and then put away again. (It’s not a requirement, but it is something I’d like to do someday.)

20. Do you do magic outside often?

Not so much. We live in an apartment complex without any private outdoor space. The little lawn space that we do have near us reeks because it’s where people walk their dogs. I used to do magic outside fairly regularly when I lived in PA, and I certainly will again when I have a house and a yard.

21. Read palms or tea leaves?

Nope. Completely hopeless with both, although I’d love to learn to read tea leaves.

22. Open own metaphysical shop?

Oh man, LIFE GOALS. If I ever win the lottery and don’t have to work anymore, I’m going to pay off a shit-ton of bills and loans for several people, and then I’m going to open my own little pagan shop, with good reliable info sources, quality herbs, spell kits, and homegrown advice. -wistful sigh-

23. Is your third eye open?

Yes it is, and I wish to all the gods that it wasn’t.

24. Do you like astrology? Whats your sign?

Taurus in the Year of the Boar. I don’t put a ton of stock in Western interpretations of astrological symbols, but I’m told that I’m very typical of both. (Pretty much boils down to “Earthy, Loyal, and Stubborn As Fuck.”)

25. Favorite flower or tree?

Favorite flowers are lilacs. Favorite trees are oaks and willows.

26. Do you have an animal guide?

Not as such, but I have animals with whom I identify on a spiritual level.

27. Favorite type of magic?

Herb- and plant-based, that one’s easy. I’m better at writing spells than I am at performing them, but warding spells do come sort of naturally.

28. Out of the broom closet?

Yup. Way out. There are very few people among my friends, family, or acquaintances that don’t know that I’m a witch. It’s at the point now where I’m kind of like, “You can like it or lump it, but it’s who I am and it’s not changing.”

30. Hereditary or self-discovered?

Self-trained and self-decided. I don’t believe that being a witch is something that’s inherited unbeknownst or suddenly “discovered” like in Charmed or Harry Potter. The only way that I believe witchcraft is hereditary is if your family teaches it to you and it’s an inherited practice. The only preternatural thing you can inherit in regards to being a witch is an affinity for magic that makes it easier for you to learn than it might be for others. (And mediumship doesn’t count. That’s a separate matter.)

31. Coven or solitary?

I tried sitting circle with other witches for a while. It didn’t work out. I’ve been a solitary witch for most of my witchy career, and it’s worked out pretty well so far.

32. Want to be in a coven? How big?

I don’t really feel the need to be part of a formal coven, or to lead one (since people have asked). I don’t need to tell other witches what to do, and I don’t need someone else telling ME what to do.

33. When did you become a witch?

In my early twenties, after much soul-searching and discontent, and after discovering the link between herbal medicine and herbal magic. Took a few years to really find my niche, but I’m quite comfy now.

34. Do you make your own spells?

Oh lord yes. I’ve probably written over a hundred at this point in my witchy career. Hell, there’s a whole BOOK’S worth that you can buy on Amazon (shameless plug), and there’s a sequel coming out next year.

35. Make your own sigils?

I’ve made a few in my time. I used to make them a lot more often, but the ones I have work pretty well.

36. Why are you a witch?

Because on this one crazy day, I discovered that it was possible to harness my own power to make things happen, and I liked that a lot better than going through life just hoping everything would work out to my benefit. So…empowerment. Empowerment and tiny jars.

37. Favorite element?

Earth. Very solidly Earth. Ask anyone who knows me what my home element is, and that’s what they’ll tell you.

38. Do any misc. Magic (dragon, sex, etc)?

Not really, no. My strengths are in the cottage-variety magics, so that’s where I stay.

39. Magic/anything you wont do?

Love magic. I’ve done precisely one love spell in my life, it worked out exactly the way I’d hoped, and I don’t foresee a need to ever perform such a spell again.  Also, with very few exceptions, I won’t cast spells on behalf of other people. Spells never work out as well when the caster doesn’t have a personal stake in the outcome.

40. Strangest way a spell is backfired?

Generally, my spells either work or they don’t. There’s not really any backfiring.

…Well, there was this one thing. I put anti-theft wards on my car, and I wasn’t specific enough with the wording. So when I accidentally locked my keys in my car one day, it took the combined efforts of four or five different people to get the door open. And when I took it to the garage because the driver’s side door had stopped working, they discovered that instead of the slimjim popping up the lock, the mechanism had actually COME APART rather than unlocking the door.

I had a good laugh about it afterwards, even though at the time it wasn’t very funny.

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