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Sveriadun is a half-elven druid hailing from the small hamlet of Skovenmark close to the Border Forest, east of the Anauroch desert. When tragedy born of elemental chaos struck her home, she travelled south with a handful of other survivors, searching for answers - but instead found her half-brother Telorast and the unbridled madness of the demon lords within the Underdark. She’s very compassionate and inquisitive, wielding healing magic and elemental spells in battle. At her side flies Yngwi the owl, a steadfast and wise companion.” ~Again thank you Charredlore, for the appropriate lore ;)! 

This lovely woodland half-elf druid belongs to (and was a birthday present for) an adventurer in Charredlore’s Dnd Team. 

(My colleague and friend is called Yngwie, so he is an owl now I guess, haha :P)

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I've always wondered why Slytherin's locket was made of gold instead of silver, considering the House colours are dark green and silver, respectively symbolising the sea, lakes and the water element. Could Slytherin crest have a different connotation if instead of silver, it had gold? (though I don't know what this colour would represent in such a case tbh, perhaps some kind of yellow underwater plant meaningful to Salazar Slytherin?) Thoughts?

Actually fun fact : both the locket and the sword of Gryffindor are made of metals with the opposite colour of their house. I’m not sure if it has a deeper meaning though, it could just be gold, because gold is worth more than silver ? Also, in the movies the locket is silver !

- Céline

a queen to me

a pawn to you pt. ii

pairing: percy x annabeth (still annabeth centric)

rating: teen audiences

genre: angst


if you thought annabeth chase was just going to sit down on that rock and wait for her boyfriend well than you thought wrong.

listen to this during the last few paragraphs if you want the full crying effect that i had. also please excuse any typos, i am. a mess.

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#throwback to one of my more awesome book hauls! I think this was sometime at the latter part of last year? Since then I’ve only read City of Glass, Silver Shadows, The Ruby Circle and The 5th Wave. I feel like I need to reread The Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy before finally picking up Sinner. 😊❤️📚

“When you finally came back to me.”

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After escaping from the saviors, Daryl and you finally meet again to stay together this time.

Request by prince-of-edolas: Daryl x Reader are married but Negan has Daryl with him at the sanctuary but Daryl escapes and succeeds. So after Spencer dies, Rick and the group return to the Hilltop thus reuniting with Daryl and the reader and Daryl have a romantic moment with each other.

I think this is like the second part of my last story, so you can read it if you want to “The moment I get back to you.”

  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • Words: 2.020
  • Warning: None.

(Thanks to my best friend who helped me with some cute words. And Sorry if you see any grammar mistakes. I will try to fix it.)

“We’ll find a way to get you back…Okay?” He heard your voice in his mind. “Just be strong, please. The only thing they can not take away from you is your humanity. You just have to be strong.”

With the light steps of a professional hunter, Daryl walked in silence through the halls, in the middle of those cold and gray walls. The small chance of escaping from that place was shaped like a key, and he hid it in the pocket of the trousers he stole from Dwight’s room, not without first destroying his carved figurines on the table. He was agile to avoid the saviors, silent as he took that pipe, and ran down the aisles turning in the right corners to leave the place, hiding his face under a cap.

Finally, Daryl opened the door to get out of the building and ran to the first bike on the line.

“What the hell…” Fat Joey looked at Daryl who looked at him back, holding a calm, but completely threatening look. “Wow. Wow…” Joey dropped the half of his sandwich and raised his hands in the air to show he was harmless. “It’s cool. I swear…” Daryl approached him, slowly, his gaze fixed on the frightened prey in front of him. “Buddy, you can walk down that back gate there and I won’t say anything to anybody. I’m supposed to be there now, but… listen… I… I’m just trying to get by, just like you… Please…”

But Daryl lifted the pipe and smashed it into Joey’s head. Again and again in the midst of the fury he held all that time. He remembered the brutality with which he was treated, the fear, and the anger that exploded inside him right there.

Jesus ran to him from behind some trucks, stopping at the bloody commotion.

“Daryl…” Jesus said, but Daryl didn’t stop while the blood splashed on his clothes and part of his face. “Daryl…”

He stopped, looking at what was left of Joey.

“He was just walkin’ by here…” Daryl breathed out and dropped the pipe. Rick’s gun was hanging from Joey’s waist and Daryl took it, straightening up himself to look at Jesus as Daryl breathed hardly. “Ya know anythin’ about ma wife?”

Jesus looked at Joey quickly before looking at Daryl, still surprised by what had happened.

“Carl said she’s fine so don’t worry. You will be with her again very soon.”

Daryl nodded absently thinking of you and walked again to the bike as Jesus bent to take a walkie-talkie.

“I got the key. Let’s go.”

As the others entered the Hilltop through the tall wood gates, your owl brooch slipped from your shaky hands in the middle of your way there. You were so nervous, and you stopped yourself to pick it up. The brooch was two silver owls sitting on a branch, and it might have been cheesy if you had received it in the world you used to live, and although Daryl said that too when he gave it to you, the gift was a reminder of him and a reminder that you all were going to fight to set him free.

You walked through the gates, stopping yourself again as you held the brooch a little harder when you saw Daryl pulling away from Rick’s hug when Daryl looked at you. Rick smiled at you two before patting his back so that Daryl would come to you, walking without stopping looking at you. You felt the tingling in your chest, something moving inside you, like the flapping of thousands of butterflies. And you understood the meaning of the expression “I’ve got butterflies”. He picked you up from the ground, taking you in a warm embrace as you wrapped your legs around his waist, with his strong arms around your back that held you tight. Still holding the brooch, you hid your face in the crook of his neck as you felt a total relief to see him safe.

“I made it, darlin’” He said breathless and pulled apart a little to look into your eyes. “I made it thanks to ya.”

But shook your head saying no, and you pushed his hair away from his eyes.

“You made it because you’re strong.”

He kissed you quickly before putting you on the ground again: because it was time to talk to Gregory.

After the failed attempt to convince Gregory to fight against Negan, you all went to see King Ezekiel looking for help, but it didn’t work either. Despite the good intentions of King Ezekiel in wanting to give Asylum to Daryl, he rejected it believing that the lack of strength from the king against the saviors wasn’t going to help you all beat Negan and his people. It was a waste of time for Daryl, so with all of you standing in the middle of the street in the Kingdom, he put his hand on your back to make you turn and Daryl walked with you out of there.

One by one, the group walked to the exit too.

“Hey. Open it up.” Daryl said to the man in charge of the gate. “We’re gone.”

The gates made a metallic sound and it opened for the group who walked out of there.

“You’re not.” Rick said to Daryl.

In the middle of Daryl’s confusion, he took your hand to stop you.

“I ain’t staying here.” He said looking at Rick.

“You have to. It’s the smartest play. You know it is. Try to talk to Ezekiel. Whatever it takes. We’ll be back soon.” Rick walked out of the kingdom and looked at you both before the doors closed. “We’ll come back for you two.”

Later that day, as you and Daryl were lying down on a bed in the kingdom, you had part of the view of the outside through the curtain of the window: the sunlight coming in, the green garden of the outside, people’s voice that seemed to be safe in there thinking they would be safe forever. Even if Daryl didn’t want to stay there he had to. It was necessary for him to stay in the kingdom to be safe from the saviors. However, he seemed to be enjoying your hand massaging his hair. His eyes were closed, growling softly once in a while every time you touched a good place. Everything seemed to be okay when the world was as quiet as it was right now, nor the grunting of the walkers, nor Negan’s voice that had no mercy.

“Stop thinkin’ about it, darlin’” Daryl said softly opening his eyes. He looked at you kindly, taking your hand away from his hair to hold it in his. He watched the ring in your finger, the place where it should be and where it belonged to. “We’re gonna be okay. I promise.”

You two were lying facing each other, and you got lost in his blue eyes. There was a time when you thought your heart couldn’t keep beating, but he made it work again. There was a time when he thought he was giving his last breath, but you made him breathe again. That’s what love was about: helping each other, living for each other. Your love for the other was like the roots of a tree, growing inside you two, clinging to you both forever.

“I’m sure you won’t believe this but I would love you the same no matter which world we are live in. in this one or in the last one. I know you think I wouldn’t have stayed with you if the world hadn’t become what it is now. But I’m sure that you wouldn’t have looked at me either.”

Because of that, Daryl snorted.

“Ya kidding? I would have followed ya everywhere with ma eyes. I know a redneck like me couldn’t have offered ya much in that world, I can’t offer ya much in this one either, but I promised I would protect ya from everything and I’m gonna keep ma word. I’m sorry I didn’t do much when Negan went to Alexandria. But no more games now, no more fear. We’re gonna fight against Negan and we’re gonna win.”

“I do believe we can find a way to beat Negan, Daryl. We are smarter than him, we are stronger than him. And I really believe we are the ones destined to win. That’s why Rick asked you to convince Ezekiel. He knows you can do it.”

“Yeah, right. ‘Cause I’m so charming.” He mocked.

“You are to me.” You said as simple as that, making him blush, and he looked away from you.

You were not surprised how shy he could be sometimes. Being so far away from people had made him a lonely person, but in the end, he managed to become what he always was: a good man with a good heart, with a desire to help and protect the others. And on that path of self-healing, you found each other to grow together.

“Do you know why I married you?” You asked to attract his attention. He didn’t look at you directly, dropping his gaze as he usually did when he was insecure, shy of what you were going to say. “There is so much in yourself I would like you to be able to see, Daryl. Your way of helping, even if that puts you in danger. You don’t talk much, but your silence says it all sometimes. Your present give me confidence just like it does to our people. You just need to see… that you are important in their lives, in my live.”

Daryl looked at you ring, and then he finally looked at you. Without shyness this time, exposing himself completely to you, as he did every time you were alone, because it was easy for him to be who he was with you. It was not perfect but it was real. He wasn’t perfect but you loved him sincerely. Your love it was the kind of love he never thought he would get, but there you were: loving him like no one else did.  

“I wish I could have found ya in a better world.” He said. “It would not be perfect but I would have worked hard to give ya all the things ya deserved, I would have done everythin’ to make ya the happiest woman in the world.”

You smiled at him. This was one of those times when he could be completely honest with his feelings.

“I’m already the happiest woman… in this apocalyptic world.” You chucked a little, just to not give so much importance to the world in which you two lived now. “I am, Daryl, I really am. I promise you couldn’t make me any happier than I am now. I’m happy just because you’re with me. While you’re here, I don’t need anything else.”

Daryl didn’t know how to take so much love from you. You two didn’t have to have a deep conversation to prove your love for each other, but from time to time, it was nice to hear those words. They made him feel more alive. They made you feel you could live and not just survive.

He got close to you, so close you felt his nose brushing yours. Daryl stroked your cheek softly, and you closed your eyes to just feel him as he did it too. The eyes were easy to fool, but you two felt the true of your love in each other’s touch. It was truth, it was sincere, and it was impossible to break.

“I love ya, Mrs. Dixon. Yer the only one for me and it’ll be like that for the rest of my life.”

After saying that, Daryl pressed his lips against yours. It melted you like honey, so sweet like his love for you. He came back to you to stay for real this time. And you two would fight to keep it that way. You two would against Negan. Against any enemy who tried to pull you two apart.

Percabeth One-Shot: Hurt

((I’m so so so so SO sorry! I absolutely suck, but here it is! It took forever and a half, and I’m not actually done with college, but I’m ignoring responsibilities for a moment to do these 😊 Hope you enjoy! I’m so sorry if this is horrible. I tried!)) 

The slam, following the sharp opening of the Athena cabin door, rattled around the crowded room, and a hush fell over the bodies surrounding the blonde on the lower bunk.

It had been a warm, droopy summer afternoon around Camp-Half Blood. Orange shirts littered the sand as campers splashed around the canon lake, and a cool breeze skipped around the camp activities littered along the grassy hills. The strawberries rested in golden streams of sunlight. A volleyball bounced around the packed court, and the relaxed mid-summer time lulled over the peace of the camp. That was, until, Percy Jackson heard that Annabeth was hurt.

“What happened? Who was watching? What-” The questions started rolling from Percy as his strides took him inside. Younger campers split like waves the grown man could control. Sand trickled over the wooden floor and water shaped his foot prints as he swooped past the doorway. He was a man on a mission, and the campers knew better than to get in his way.

“Percy-” Annabeth tried, watching his rigid form glance at the campers milling around the cabin.

“Who let this happen?”


“Was no body watching them?”


“What did Chiron say?”


“Is it-”

“Seaweed Brain!”

The nickname snapped him out of his detective mindset, and his sea green finally latched onto her grey.

“Hi there. Good to see you.” Annabeth sarcastically started, raising an eyebrow at him.

Percy’s body was at her side in seconds, a wet squish coming from his trunks smooshing onto the bed.

“And there go my sheets.” She muttered, earning a couple chuckles that never hit Percy’s ears.

“Are you ok? What happened?” Percy glanced around the room, feeling more like a soap opera than a person, “Everyone that can’t heal her magically can leave.”

The scamper of feet practically trampled over one another to get out, and a quite rumbled across the frantically emptied room. Percy’s eyes fell on a single remaining figure who took his sweet time packing up his equipment. The completely relaxed demeanor of Will Solace lingered around the large desk on the far side of the cabin. He snapped shut the little clasps of his box and finally let his eyes move to the couple on the bed as he collected his things.

“Does it feel ok now?” Will asks with a small smile, his eyes not even needing to flick to Percy’s still protective position. Dressed in shorts and a brightly colored, loose tank top, Will looked more prepared to sun bathe rather than take care of Annabeth. Not that Percy didn’t trust Will… this was just Annabeth.

“It feels much better. Thank you, Will.” Annabeth replies, equally as calm.

“You can take the brace off soon, just want to give the ambrosia a little help with the healing. Take care of yourself. Percy.” Will’s final word pulled Percy’s attention from Annabeth to him.

Percy offered the blonde a small nod. He was grateful. Despite his protection, Percy knew that Will took care of her before he knew about the accident. If there was one person Percy knew would do his job right, it was Will. Annabeth didn’t seem in pain, and Percy was more panicked about it than she was. That meant Will must have done something right… right?

The son of Poseidon’s eyes moved back to his girlfriend, his hands softly moving to her left arm. A beige arm brace covered the tan skin from her elbow to her fist, her slim fingers and fingernails poking out happily. She even wiggled them for good measure as he analyzed the scene. Percy swore he could see a bit of bruising inside the brace, but a small voice in his head deiced it was just his nerves.

“What happened?” He asked once again, his voice much more under control.

The defensive, protective boyfriend softly slipped away, and a soft concern fell over his eyes. She looked completely fine besides the arm. Her blonde curls were in a high ponytail, one or two strands out of place and hanging beside her ears. Her camp shirt had its sleeves rolled up, and her black jean shorts matched her converse. Little silver owls dangled on her ears, and her grey eyes happily looked back into his own. She looked fine, minus the arm, and that alone gave Percy some relief.

“It was a total accident, Percy,” Annabeth reassured as her good hand moved to brush across his jawline, “I was asked to help supervise some new campers on the climbing wall and, on the way down, something happened with the wiring of one girl’s gear. Luckily, I broke her fall, so she wasn’t even half as hurt as I was. It’s just a sprain. Will gave me ambrosia and the brace. I’m ok. Hey,” his eyes pulled from her brace, “I’m ok.”

Her words pushed a rush of relief through his body, and Percy let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. It was an accident. Just an accident. Plus! It was a sprain! Annabeth had dealt with sprains before. She easily could take a sprain. A small nod came from Percy, and the first small smile since he entered the cabin.

“As long as you’re ok. I-”

Percy was interrupted as a gentle knock came from the door. The small head of a girl popped in, and both demi-gods turned to look at her. Bulky dark brown glasses rested on her face, and the shyness on her face peaked over the lenses. Her shirt was a bit big on her, and she had a few scrapes on her arms and knees.

“Anna-Annabeth?” The girl asked, her voice matching the same softness her body leaked.

“Hi Riley, Riley, you know Percy. Percy, this is Riley. She’s the girl I helped today.” Annabeth introduced.

Percy flashed a smile at the young girl, and a hot blush went over her face. Her eyes flicked all around the cabin, and her words grew more stuttered as she continued.

“Uh, um hi Percy. I, uh, I just wanted to say thank you for today. But I-I can come back.”

Riley was out of the door before either could object, and the couple was in their own comfort once again. Percy frowned gently.

“Did I do something?” He wondered, watching the closed door with worry. He honestly wasn’t that scary.

A laugh slipped from Annabeth, and Percy raised an eyebrow as her. She shrugged gently, moving both arms lazily onto his shoulders.

“Hmm, I don’t know. It could be that you’re just really scary, or… ya know… it could be the fact you’re completely shirtless.”

The surprise registered across Percy’s face, and her glanced down at himself. Water droplet from his swim earlier rolled down his bare chest, and speckles of sand laid in patches across his chest. He let himself get wet sometime while he swam, and it was a warm enough day that he wanted the feeling of the cool water. In his rush of worry, he completely forgot the first he put on the sand by his shoes, high tailing it from the sound to the cabins. He had handled the entire situation in just a pair of dripping swim trunks and bare feet.

A sheepish grin falls across Percy’s lips, and a shrug follows close after.


Annabeth smiled back, her head leaning to let her lips meet his. They kissed a moment, their noses brushing once they parted for air.

“I love you.” Annabeth breathed, their foreheads softly touching.

“I love you too,” he muttered back with a grin.

“Now, get off of my bed and go put a shirt on.”