silver nugget

If you don’t think Stiles is going to text Derek,

“Guess who’s putting the BI in FBI?!”

Then I don’t know you.


Original Villager #5: Vic

- “Cranky” in name only


- Picks up lingo from his best friends like a sponge

- One of the original villagers to greet Effini at the train station

- “Smarter than he looks”

- Used to play an instrument but never had time to practice (and seems to regret it)

- Apparently the most popular guy in town–his neighbors LOVE HIM.

- Likes: Historical Clothing (so classy), his niece (who is just wild for butterflies), sass, repairing anything mechanical, pirates and vikings, the fine arts of the silver nugget and bunny shirt (his secret passions), instruments, impromptu songs/cheers, competition (and occasional trash talking), broadening his interests (currently into making playlists), and being everyone’s big brother and handy-man

- Dislikes: Secrets he’s not in on, rain, jealousy

Best Friend: Kevin (his best bud)

Neighbor and Possible Unrequited Crush: Timbra (there’s blushing and flattery; he thinks she is “SO classy” but she relentlessly ships him with the neighbors)

Like a Brother: Papi

Good Friends With: Pretty much everyone. Seriously, everyone sings his praises!

“He shut his eyes and fought to shut off his brain.

But Night was lodged within his head. Constellations shimmered and blinked. They were smeared across the seemingly endless curve of his calvaria, like his very own planetarium. Between and beyond the nuggets of silver light stretched the vacuum of dead space; still and lightless and seemingly silent…

Seemingly, for there was a grating, grinding sound; underlying and ever-present, like the gears of some unfathomable machine turning, slowly turning.

—  Richard Gavin, “the Rasping Absence”